Why does my Ring Video Doorbell Flash Blue? Solved: 4 reasons.

Do you see your Video Doorbell flashing blue light?

The Ring Video Doorbells have a doorbell and a camera with a circular LED flashlight under the camera. This LED light flashes to give you an idea of happenings inside the ring doorbells.

But not everyone is aware of these signals, and to save you some time, we researched the topic and summarized everything for you – as we know it can be confusing to understand them.

Here are 4 reasons why your doorbell might flash blue.

1. Patterns of Ring Doorbell Flashing:

Ring doorbell flashes in different patterns to communicate status or error messages.

These messages differ based on 3 types

  1. Speed of blinking light
  2. Whether the light is blinking or solid
  3. A portion of the circulated light is lighted.

There is no solid documentation around it, but it’s good to know the following things;

  1. Solid Blue Circle Flashlight: This shows that the speaker of your Video Doorbell device is turned on and someone is connected and listening to you. This will appear while answering or connecting to a call. A solid blue light may also indicate a full battery and this solid blue light may flash up to 4-5 minutes then it will go off
  2. 4 Blue LEDs Flashing four times: On successful set up of your doorbell device, you will see this type of flashing.
  3. Spinning Blue Light Flashing: This is the blue light that appears during a call. The doorbell light will spin to indicate a doorbell button is pushed.
  1. Upward Moving Flash Light: This kind of flash is usually only shown during setup and it’s an indication that your device is trying to connect to the WiFi network. It also could be a sign that the Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi connection is poor.
  2. Upper half flashing blue: If you notice only the top portion of the doorbell flashing blue then it might be indicating a bad password during the setup process. If you see this type of flash after the initial setup then your device is on charging.
  3. Flashing Blue light: Flashing blue light with an interval of 1 second indicates that the device is starting or booting. If your Video Doorbell continues to flash then there must be something wrong with the doorbell or it may be stuck in the booting phase.
  1. Blue LED light flashing turns into a white light: While resetting your Ring Doorbell to its factory settings with the dedicated reset button, your doorbell suddenly flashes blue and then gives a white flash. It actually indicates the completion of the factory reset process.


2. Reasons for your Ring to show a Blue Flash

As you have already read the pattern of the Video Doorbell light Flashing blue, you might already understand the reason for flashing the blue light on your doorbell device.

There are these 4 reasons why the blue light might be flashing:

  1. The device might be (stuck) in setup mode.
  2. The device might be rebooting.
  3. An automatic installation of an update might be in progress.
  4. The device might be trying to reconnect to the WiFi network

3. Blue LED Light Flash during charging

There are 2 ways to charge the doorbell battery i.e. hanging the video doorbell on any surface and charging it according to your own convenience or secondly you can hardwire your doorbell to the electric circuit of your home and your doorbell will charge automatically after that.

You will notice a blue light whenever your device will start charging.

NOTE: The blue light should only flash when the battery is charging otherwise there might be an issue with your doorbell.

You need not worry if this blue flash stays visible for a while after charging and then automatically turns off.

4. What to do if the Ring video doorbell light flashes longer than 3-4 hours?

If Your Doorbell Light Flashes longer than 3-4 hours then that might be some underlying issue with the device that might need to be addressed.

Try this troubleshooting to turn off the flashing:

  • Trigger an alert: There might be something wrong with the software or some unknown error. So try to trigger alerts using the orange button of the doorbell or mobile application of your Ring doorbell to make it work.
  • Check Ring Doorbell’s connection to the Wi-Fi Network: If your WiFi connection does not have a solid internet connection then your doorbell’s charging might not display properly. So you need to double-check your internet connection so that your doorbell can update the system when it’s fully charged.
  • Be sure to do a firmware update if possible.
  • Call the Ring doorbell support for further help: If the issue is still unresolved then consider contacting the support center for further assistance in fixing your doorbell’s flash because there is a chance that some error in the hardware part of your doorbell.
  • Make sure the doorbell receives sufficient power.

Final words

I hope I was able to answer all your questions regarding the blue flashing lights of your Ring video doorbell. Please feel free to ask in the comments below if you have anything else related to this topic. Thank you!


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