Best non lethal self defense tools for home security

Do you always feel unsafe at home or on the road?

Then if you are looking for the best non-lethal self-defense gadgets for home protection that will save lives rather than one, this well-detailed and unbiased article from Home Security Planet is for you.

Having proven non-lethal weapons for your home security is important for strong protection, especially for those who have decided against carrying defensive weapons.

There are non-lethal weapons for every security purpose. These are less-lethal weapons for self-defense.

The primary function of a non-lethal weapon for protecting your home is to inflict great pain and distraction on your attacker without causing death or serious injury, as is the case with firearms, knives, and clubs.

To protect your home from dangerous intruders effectively, you need strong home monitoring and security systems.

With a good home monitoring system, you will know in time when an attacker is in range.

The most common less-lethal self-defense tools include pepper spray, batons, alarms, etc. These weapons are disguised, but many people are not aware of them.

So you can have some of these self-defense tools in your pockets or purse without anyone noticing.

Before I get into why you are on this site, below is a list of my favorite home surveillance systems for you to check out…

The question now is: what is the best non-lethal self-defense weapon for personal protection?

12 Best non-lethal Home Security Weapons for Self defense

There are lists of effective, less-lethal weapons for your protection at home or anywhere for home security and personal safety, and I will list them below.

The list of non-lethal weapons for home protection includes, but is not limited to.

1. Pepper sprays

Pepper sprays are a popular self-defense weapon often used for personal protection. You need to know that this is one of the non-lethal weapons that everyone must have, regardless of gender and size.

Pepper spray is one of the most effective weapons for self-defense. It can stop any intruder right in their tracks by temporarily blinding and disorienting them.

It does a great job of stopping your attacker at arm’s length and disorients your attacker so you can either run or call for help.

A pepper spray is portable and concealable; you can carry it with you without anyone noticing. One of the best pepper sprays for personal protection that I have seen is …

I recommend you have one for your safety (and kids’ safety).

It’s not a bad idea if you have one. However, using pepper spray requires you to be closer to the attacker.

How to use pepper spray for home protection

Watch the video below on how to use pepper spray for your protection.

Stun guns

Stun guns are another non-lethal home security weapon you need for protection. Stun guns work by sending shockwaves to your attacker’s body, disorienting them for a few minutes, and giving you a way to escape, except it requires physical contact to work. But don’t worry, some of these stun guns look like your cell phone. So your attacker won’t know what hit him.

Most stun guns produce more than 50 million volts of charge in a single shot to bring even the heaviest intruder to the ground. Their electrodes are sharp enough to penetrate your attacker’s clothing and produce a sharp electric shock in their body.

If you’re confused about the best non-lethal stun guns for your home protection, I recommend the VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight.

Keychain knuckle

This particular personal protection tool is mainly for guys, although ladies can use them too. The brass knuckles are metallic objects worn over the ankle to inflict great pain on the attacker with the fists or ankle.

With just a single swing of your arms, you can take down the giant in front of you… No kidding. It will help if you get a brass knuckles keychain that fits in your fingers.


Tasers are another concealable non-lethal self-defense device you need. It works just like stun guns, except it doesn’t require physical contact with your attacker.

You can taser your attacker from a distance. Tasers deliver more powerful shockwaves than stun guns. As a result, they can temporarily paralyze your attacker, giving you enough time to call for help.

Several products are available on the internet; I recommend … Tasers. It is one of the best tasers on the market to buy.

Steel Baseball bat

In layman’s terms, these baseball bats are meant for sporting activities, but in some ways, they could be the perfect weapon you need to protect yourself from attack. It would be helpful to have a baseball bat in your home in case of intruders. Always have a steel baseball bat in strategic places in your home. Also, in most states, it’s legal to leave them in the trunk of your car at any time.

When using a baseball bat against an intruder, remember not to aim for the head as this could be deadly. We’re talking about non-lethal home security weapons here, and also, remember not to destroy your property while fending off an intruder.

Tactical pen

One of the best disguised non-lethal self-defense weapons you would love is a tactical pen.

Of course, a tactical pen can be used for writing, just like any other pen. But I’m sure you’re not getting one to write a novel. Certainly, this tool is primarily for self-defense purposes. Portable and concealable, you can take it anywhere.

Tactical pens have a sharp end that can inflict damage on an attacker and a blunt edge that can be used to cut through hard surfaces. In addition, it can cause minor injuries that are capable of slowing down your attacker.

The sharp edge of a tactical pen like… They are made of high-quality steel or aluminum and can incapacitate your attacker if used properly. So, a tactical pen provides you with self-defense solutions, but you can also use it to write your notes.

You need to know how to use a tactical pen properly to avoid putting your life in danger.

Safety Alarms

An alarm system is very effective and is often used to ward off intruders. You need to install cellular alarm dialers in your homes for home security. This is necessary because it can either send or call you if your home security systems are tampered with.

In addition, some mobile key fob alarms are specifically made to deter attackers. With just a single push of a button, they emit loud sounds to scare off an attacker. This is highly recommended for women to ward off rapists and kidnappers.

Windows and Door alarms

Another self-defense device that cannot cause physical harm to an attacker is window and door alarms.

These devices help curb illegal entry into your home even when you are not home. Moreover, they protect you from burglary and robbery.

Tactical flashlight

The list would be incomplete without a tactical flashlight.

If you want the best device to distract an attacker from a distance, tactical flashlights are the real deal.

From a distance, they can confuse an attacker by temporarily blinding them. However, the lights are so bright that they can penetrate through the darkness and expose your attacker.

As a homeowner with children and property, this is one of the most important less-lethal home security weapons you should have.

My favorite tactical flashlight is the ThruNite TC15 2300 High Lumens Ultra-Bright Flashlight.

Heavy-duty Security door bar

Security door bars are used to block door entrances from inside your home forcibly. These heavy-duty security door bars help keep intruders from entering your home while you call the police. Check here…

Best nonlethal guns for home security

As mentioned earlier, some non-lethal self-defense weapons for home security; come in the form of a handgun, although they are not designed to kill but disperse and disable your attacker.

Paintball gun

The paintball gun is your best bet if you love gun-like non-lethal personal defense tools. Originally made for military training, these non-lethal pistols are perfect for driving off attackers from a distance.

Pepper, paint, and rubber bullets can be fired with this .43 training pistol. In addition, the Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson is a great non-lethal gun that you can get to protect yourself from attackers.

Pepper Spray Gun

These pepper spray guns can incapacitate an attacker for 45 minutes from a small distance.

Most of them look like actual pistols, with a pistol grip capable of shooting peppers directly at an attacker at a speed of 90 mph. You don’t need to come close to your assailant.

Instead, you can temporarily take him out with a good aim without taking his life.

How to choose the best non-lethal weapons for your home protection

  • Ease of use: always make sure that the product you buy is easy to use.
  • Portability: your defense devices should be lightweight, portable, and concealable.
  • Reliability: can they deliver? Always make sure you are buying from the right source.
  • Rugged: I always encourage you to buy very strong products that withstand drops.

The good thing is that most of the stress of finding quality non-lethal self-defense products has been simplified and researched for you here by us!

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