What are the Best Cool self defense stun guns for women?

So, today I’m going to talk about some of the best cool self-defense stun guns for women. These are amazing safety gadgets for non-techie women protection used to zap intruders… it is arguably one of the best non-lethal defense products on the market for women. So you don’t have to be afraid anymore when you are walking on a lonely path.

If you don’t know, a stun gun is a high voltage non-lethal self-defense device that comes in different sizes and shapes.

These home security devices use high voltage and low amperage to painfully affecting your attacker’s muscular and neural systems.

In doing so, your attacker’s muscles begin to contract as soon as they come into contact with your attacker’s muscles. This causes a loss of energy, which in quick succession reduces the muscles needed for blood sugar.

Although some others have mentioned and reviewed, my best pick and recommended stun gun for women’s safety is the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 – Aluminum Series 59 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight, Pink and Smart Cell Phone STUN Gun with Flashlight and Loud Alarm. While one is a little bulkier, the other is as light as your cell phone.

However, before you decide which stun gun to go with, I want to tell you a list of what you should look for in a stun gun before buying.

The Cell Phone Stun Gun is an unobtrusive and smart solution to be protected at all times

Don’t be confused by tasers and stun guns…

they are the same thing, except that while tasers can reach an attacker from some distance, stun guns require more direct contact with the attacker.

Using a stun gun for self-defense will take down your attacker quickly and efficiently with less stress. Nothing brings an attacker down more.

Although stun guns don’t have long-range capabilities, stun batons offer a way to expand your security devices with a longer range if you’re interested in a direct contact stun gun.

What you should look out for when purchasing a stun gun for self-defense

These are the important things to look out for when buying your stun gun. This will further make your selection easier and more fun.

  1. Portability: is it concealable? This is one of the important questions you should ask when buying a stun gun. While some stun guns look like a lipstick tube, others look way too big… the good thing is that all the products recommended here are portable. So you can carry it around without anyone knowing what it is.
  2. Voltage capacity: stun guns have different voltages. The higher the voltage of your self-defense whip, the more effective it will be in taking down your attacker.
  3. Size of a stun gun: stun guns have different sizes like handheld, flashlights, batons, Knuckle Grip, Stun Canes, Covert Cell Phone styles, rechargeable, etc. So you must know what you want and how to get it.
  4. Are they rechargeable? Most stun guns come with rechargeable batteries. This is good because you will always have access to your device that is fully charged. Others come with batteries that you will need to replace. However, please do not opt for non-rechargeable stun guns.
    They cost less: stun guns are cheap compared to tasers. They are very cost-effective. Therefore, you can get yourself a protective toy with a few dollars. You don’t need to break the bank.
  5. Safety system: make sure that the stun gun comes with some safety mechanisms like flashlights and alarm systems waking up the whole neighborhood (which now is a good thing!).
  6. Restriction: although stun guns are non-lethal and are used solely for self-defense, you should find out if your state allows it. Most states in the US allow it, while only a few have set restrictions on the use of stun guns.

Best cool self-defense stun guns for women 

This section will show you the best cool stun guns for self-defense that are good for you. With these, you can always defend yourself and scare the thug!

This pink little beast is, without a doubt, my stun gun of choice for self-defense. Disguised at night as a tactical LED flashlight, no one will suspect it’s a weapon.

But for a 53 billion volt safety device, it’s capable of sending your attacker to the ground in a split second.

Not to mention the fact that it comes with a charged battery that lasts a long time and has a lifetime warranty.

Need I say that it is a portable and safe stun gun for women to carry around?


Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million volts- Stun Gun World

Are you surprised? Don’t worry, this not actually a cell phone per se, but it’s a cell phone-like stun gun. Equipped with 12 million volts, this security device is strong enough to zap out any attacker.

One of the unique features of this safety device is that it looks like your typical android phone… only that this time, it protects you rather than makes calls for you. The attacker won’t recognize what hit him.

Guard Dog Security Elektra Lipstick Stun Gun for Women

I’m almost positive you’re going to love this one because it’s arguably the best lipstick stun gun for women. A lipstick-like stun gun for maximally protective women… this safety device doesn’t take an inch away from fashion or beauty.

An attacker won’t have the slightest clue what’s coming until you unleash that force but a tiny piece of a stun gun on them.

Esthetically equipped with a powerful 100-lumen flashlight that can be seen from a distance, this lipstick stun gun for women serves as an ideal flashlight and a self-defense weapon for women.

One of the joys of this self-defense tool is that it is portable and fits into a key holder, so you have quick access in times of danger.

And guess what? It’s rechargeable.

SABRE Dual Capacitor Stun Gun & LED Flashlight

This is another reliable stun gun for women, armed with a super LED flashlight capable of disorienting your attacker from a distance. Unfortunately, this safety tool has the ability to cause great pain when it comes to contact with your attacker.

This stun gun delivers a 1,600 µC charge that will make your intruder curse the day he was born. It comes with a rugged and reliable belt holster for quick deployment.

It also has its own safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and a battery with a built-in plug.

How to charge a Stun gun

For your self-defense to be in perfect shape, you need to make sure it’s charged. Charging a stun gun is as easy as charging your phone.

Plug the charging cord into a power supply and then plug it into the designated spot on the stun gun, make sure it shows charging, and you’re ready to go.

You can do this with the charger with the particular stun gun or purchase a universal stun gun charger.

How to use self-defense stun guns for your safety

When used properly, stun guns and tasers are very effective self-defense weapons. They can disorient your attacker in seconds.
These are simple ways you can use stun guns for self-defense.

  1. Make sure your self-defense device is fully charged
  2. Turn off the safety mechanism as soon as you are ready for an attack or about to go outside
  3. Ensure the nodes of your stun guns are in contact with your attacker’s skin (the effects of stun guns can pass through clothing).
  4. Most of the products mentioned in this post have very sharp electrodes that penetrate through clothing and inflict pain on your attacker.
  5. Press the stun gun firmly into any part of your attacker’s body, especially the neck, armpit, groin, and abdomen, or between the hips and ribs
  6. With tasers, make sure you aim properly from a distance and pull the trigger.
  7. Trigger your stun gun as soon as your attacker falls to the ground. This is your chance to run or call for help or run away!

What is the required voltage for a stun gun?

Many stun gun manufacturers boast of producing stun guns with millions and billions of volts, which we cannot verify at this time. Nevertheless, the required voltage of a stun gun to work better is between 10 million volts upwards.

Until then, it causes extreme pain and shock to your attacker. Then, you’re good to go.

Can stun guns kill?

Stun guns are not meant to kill. Instead, stun guns are used to destabilize your attacker, causing them to go into electric shock for a few minutes, giving you the time you need to make your escape quickly.

However, a stun gun can kill if:

  1. it comes into direct contact with the area of the heart
  2. if the attacker has some medical problems
  3. if you use it continuously on your attacker
  4. if the victim suffers from high blood pressure.

But none of these should be really of your concerns if you’re about to get violated, right?

Finally, one of the best parts of stun guns is that you have your self-defense right in your pocket. If you want to use your self-defense weapons extremely discreetly, I recommend the cell phone stun gun or the lipstick stun gun.

Finally, one of the best parts of stun guns is that it makes you get your self-defense right inside your bag. If you want to get extremely discrete about your self-defense weapons, I recommend the cell phone stun gun or the lipstick stun gun.

If you want something more daring and practical, especially at night, the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 is very effective, and the Smart Cell Phone STUN Gun with Flashlight and Loud Alarm very discrete and compelling.

While one is a little bulkier, the other is as light as your cell phone.