Does ADT work with Google Home?

ADT (American District Telegraph) is a revolutionary home security system that integrates set automation and effective monitoring tools to establish a completely secure smart home. A rise in popularity of smart home systems has led more traditional security companies like AT to collaborate and be compatible with the more modern and trendy smart products, like Google Home and Google Assistant products.

ADT systems are compatible with Google Home via their Home Automation feature, but it will cost you a higher fee.

First things first: ADT Home Automation Costs

ADT’s Home Automation feature comes at a price and is not included in the Secure Plan, or we can say it’s the basic plan.

The Secure Plan ($27,99/month) as a starter plan has some great features, such as intrusion detection, basic voice control integration, environmental protection, fire, CO & flood monitoring.

However, it lacks the Smart Home Automation feature discussed in this article.

It would help if you had the Smart Home Plan or the complete Video And Smart Home Plan package, which costs $36.99 and $52.99 per month. With all plans, you can use the ADT Command Touchpad control.

The table below illustrates it quite clearly: you need the Smart Home or the Video and Smart Home plan to work with Google Home for the ADT system.

Feature Secure Plan Smart  Home Plan Video and Smart home Plan
Intrusion detection
Fire, CO & flood monitoring
Touchscreen control panel
Voice control
Remote access the mobile app  
Smart home automation  
Video security    
Stored video clips    
Pricing / Cost $27,99/m $36,99/m $52,99/m

What ADT systems are compatible with Google Home

To check whether a particular ADT device connects to Google Home, you must install the ADT Pulse App (ADT Pulse store).

This pocket-friendly application virtually allows ADT users to control their homes from anywhere.

The ADT Pulse App automatically connects to Google Home and Amazon Alexa to perform actions through voice commands.

In addition, the ADT Pulse system is connected with Google Nest products which give users access to a variety of set automations.

The ADT Pulse App is like the main dashboard for controlling all your devices. Some devices that ADT offers include: 

  • Live Video (Doorbell, Indoor, and Outdoor cameras)
  • Touchscreen Control Panel 
  • Smart Light Bulbs 
  • Smart Switches 
  • Smoke Detectors 
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Locks 

If you are not sure whether your ADT system is compatible with the app, you can go through their website to learn more. Generally, ADT devices and systems installed in the last few years can connect to Google Home.

Through its adept user interface and quick-to-action voice commands, the amalgamation of these two systems creates a reliable and dynamic ambiance for users.

With this deep collaboration between Google and ADT, you can get the best of both worlds!

Does Google Assistant work with the ADT system?

Google Assistant can be integrated with the ADT Pulse system, which seamlessly directs ADT Command & Control to numerous Google Nest devices and ensures utmost security. Home Automation directly connects to Google Nest devices and ADT security systems to quickly integrate a set of commands into feasible actions.

You can now install a Google Assistant-enabled device and control, for example your lights, adjust the thermostat, set alarms, and of course, connect to your home security system.

ADT users can now quickly access their security cameras and even lock their front door and windows with “Hey Google.”

How the ADT security system works with Google Home 

Before we get into how Google Assistant works with ADT Smart Home, let’s look at how the ADT security system is set up.

ADT enlists a DIY system that works flawlessly with Google Nest hub, thanks to easy-to-use equipment and professional instruction.

In addition, the ADT control app allows you to use voice control and automation to access the system’s advanced capabilities.

For example, you may use Hey Google to arm and disarm your security system and manage the thermostat and lights.

Hey, Google commands with ADT devices. 

Like video doorbell cameras, ADT devices provide alarm monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are equipped with motion sensors that connect with your Nest devices and deliver alerts via the ADT app.

With Google Assistant, you can use an ADT command to speak directly with voice-controlled Home Automation devices.

Some commands include: 

  • “Hey Google, lock the front door.”
  • “Hey Google, set the alarm system away.” 
  • “Ok, Google, turn my lights to 40%”. 
  • “Hey Google, set the thermostat to 60 degrees”.

ADT is also collaborating with Google to expand the number of set commands.

ADT is concurrently working with Google to increase the set of commands, so hopefully, you’ll be able to use more commands in the future. This condensed approach creates an autonomous interaction network between the user and the system. 

How to link Google Nest to the ADT Control App

The ADT Security Network is completely trustworthy and vouches for your safety. Pairing your Google Nest devices with the ADT app is quick and effortless. Pairing your Google Nest devices with the ADT app is quick and effortless.

Pairing the ADT App to Google Home 

  • Step 1: Install the Google Home App on your smartphone. 
  • Step 2: Pair your Google Assistant App with the Google Home hardware. 
  • Step 3: Open the Google Assistant App and select “add devices.” 
  • Step 4: Next, add the ADT Pulse System under this section. 
  • Step 5: Test the system with Google commands once everything is paired up. 
  • Step 6: If the commands work, you know that both systems are linked. 

After pairing the two devices, test your ADT system by launching a set of commands. Once your Google home setup and ADT security system have merged, you can access your smart home through android or iOS phone and tablet.

Benefits of linking Google Home to the ADT security network 

Benefits Of The ADT-Google Home integration

The benefits of the individual systems increase when they are combined. When your ADT account and Google Home setup are integrated, their combined systems create an indispensable network. Here are some of the benefits of this integration:

Receive Alerts 

In case of forced intrusions or robberies, you will be immediately notified on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can promptly launch commands through voice or touch control through the ADT Pulse App. 

Remotely Control Your Home

The most useful feature of the ADT-Google setup is the liberty to control your home from anywhere. Yes, you heard that correctly. In case of intrusion or suspicious activity, ADT sends you instant alerts. In addition, you now have the arm option or disarm your system from miles away via voice commands, making it even more user-friendly. 

Get Access To Live Video Footage 

You can monitor your home with live video footage and personalized time stamps as an informed user. You can easily skim through the important footage and alert emergency services in case of suspicious activity. 

This seamless automation and quick-to-action security integration make the ADT-Google Home Integration an unrivaled giant in the home security arena.

How secure is the ADT network?

The ADT Pulse App has an in-built security function that immediately dispatches emergency services if the alarms are set off for more than three seconds. This feature ensures that you are safe and even wards off thefts in the long run. 

ADT even offers a six-month refund policy if the ADT home security is not up to the customer’s expectations. Since ADT uses infrared technology to detect motion sensors, the entire network is protected. With the additional encryption of Google Home services, your security system becomes unbeatable.

Your security system gets an additional layer with the added encryption provided by Google Home services.

Closing words

The ADT network is an integration that prioritizes the user’s safety and subsequently promises product satisfaction. Google Assistant is a powerful tool that safeguards your security system from burglary and theft. 

You will have a hassle-free and secure service that is only a phone call away if the need arises as long as your two systems–Google Home and ADT equipment–are coupled.

Therefore, ADT and Google Home are two of the most reliable security integrations that elevate your Smart Home ecosystem. It is a valuable investment that distinguishes itself from competitors and creates a safe environment for your family.