How Many Days Do Security Cameras Record?

The correct response is that every camera and security system is unique. In most cases, the footage from security cameras is stored for thirty to ninety days (1 to 3 months at the most). Because each location and security system is unique, there is no one correct response to the question, “how long does the typical security camera store footage?”

To get the most out of your security camera system, it’s important to install and maintain them correctly so they work properly and capture every moment you want them to.

Here we answer common questions about how many days video cameras record at different sensitivities settings so you can get the right answers for your situation.

How Many Days Does a Camera Take Video?

Your settings will determine what happens. It will only take 12 to 15 seconds per clip if your camera is configured to capture 30-second video clips and you use high sensitivity. This implies that a camera records 12–15 videos per day.

However, the likelihood of the camera capturing shorter footage increases with sensitivity level. With a low sensitivity and a camera configured to record 15-minute video clips, a day’s worth of recording will require roughly four hours.

What is the Best Sensitivity Setting for Security Cameras?

Depending on the camera’s intended function, an individual choice will determine the appropriate sensitivity level for security cameras. High sensitivity is the greatest setting to use while hoping to catch someone in the act.

However, a lower sensitivity level would be suitable if you’re trying to record a moment that you know will endure longer than 10 seconds.

If your camera records video continually, it will keep recording until the memory card is full, which typically takes around two weeks.

When Should You Set Your Security Camera Sensitivity?

The first thing you must do is determine the sensitivity of your security camera. The sensitivity level should then be ascertained from the camera’s settings.

With this knowledge, you can determine if the video recording will be excellent or low quality.

Ensure your security cameras’ sensitivity is adjusted to a level comparable to the recording quality you want for the best results. If you are recording video for commercial purposes, you most likely want as clear and crisp footage as possible.

You should adjust your camera’s sensitivity to a high level to achieve this. But a lower sensitivity level would be more appropriate if you only require a film of decent enough quality, and this isn’t what you’re after.

How Many Different Views Should You Get From a Security Camera System?

Let’s start by considering the variety of views a security camera system should provide. Security camera systems that are both interior and outdoor are included.

A typical indoor system will record three to five views, whereas a typical outdoor system will record six to ten views.

A security camera system is excellent for organizations with high risk of theft, vandalism, or other potential crimes.

Employees can monitor the property in real-time and report any illegal activity so that the business owner can take appropriate action.

By letting them know they are constantly being observed, a security camera system can also aid in fostering client trust.

What About Audio Recording on a Surveillance System?

Only a few cameras are equipped with microphones for audio recording. As a result, before you buy a camera, inquire about its sensitivity and microphone.

How Often Should You Adjust Your Camera Settings?

It’s crucial to adjust your camera settings to work best for your company. By changing your security cameras as needed, you can get the most out of them. You should opt for a resolution of 720p or greater for the best definition.

The less grit and grime you can see, the greater the resolution. Due to grain, perceiving minute details in front of the camera at lower resolutions may be more difficult.

The frame rate should be set for motion detection sensitivity to 30 frames per second. Currently, the norm is 30 frames per second.

However, you can think about lowering that sensitivity if there is a lot of light in the vicinity of where customers enter and exit your restaurant.


Although camera systems are there to protect your home or place of business, you still need to understand how they operate and how they may be of use to you.

This blog post will be useful if you want to learn how long a camera can record video for, how sensitive it is, and what the ideal settings are.