How To Use Echo Show As A Security Camera? [2024 GUIDE]

Did you know that the Amazon Echo Show device can also function as a security camera? The device is not specifically designed for security; however, it can do a great job!

The Amazon Echo Show is not designed as a security camera, however, it can do a great job!

Amazon is even selling the Echo Show together with the Ring Video Doorbell in a special discounted bundle.

This article will show you exactly how you can set up your Echo Show device as a security camera. 

Recap: What Is Echo Show?

If you’re not familiar with the product, the Echo Show device is quite comparable to any other Amazon Echo brand product in terms of design and functionality. However, the device’s unique feature is its touchscreen and front-facing camera. In addition, thanks to its video calling functionality, it can act as a security camera.

Aside from that, you may use this gadget to access calendars, music, recipes, and many other applications such as Hulu. Essentially, it’s a combo of a smart speaker and a smart TV packaged together with the bonus of being a security camera

How To Use Echo Show As A Security Camera

Setting up the security camera correctly may be accomplished with a few simple do-it-yourself solutions.

Here are some tips to help you decide where to place the Echo Show:

  1. Consider keeping the structure at ground level whenever feasible. The Echo Show is intended to be used as a video calling device. As a result, the camera is positioned at a regular height. 
  2. You may double-check that everything is in the proper place by connecting the gadget to your smartphone and ensuring you receive the best possible view of that particular space.

Points to bear in mind when it comes to audio:

  1. Since the Echo Show depends on many microphones, the proper placement is also essential.
  2. When you are not at home, the Smart Alert System uses the microphone to identify any unexpected audio activity and sends you a notification.
  3. You will need to configure your system to not generate any false alerts in the future.

The following suggestions will assist you in determining the most appropriate location for the Echo Show in your room:

  1. Please make sure that an item does not obstruct the gadget as it may block the sound. 
  2. Make sure you place the Echo Show properly. If it’s too high, you’ll only be able to see the ceiling; if it’s too low, the furniture and other things in the room will block the sound.

Making Use Of The “Drop-In” Feature

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If you understand this feature, you will know its actual meaning. But, if you don’t, you might take it as something that could be a breach of your privacy. 

With the Echo Show’s drop-in function, you may allow certain contacts to initiate video calls without accepting or answering them. 

Anyone on your drop-in white list may see your Echo Show’s camera video stream. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how it works and why it exists.

Contacts with drop-in access to your Echo Show may see whether you’ve been “recently active.” It’s unclear what “recently active” means, but it likely shows you’ve previously used or are presently using your Echo Show to stream music. 

Your recently active contacts will appear on the Echo Show’s idle screen. This helps visitors know you are there, so they don’t keep ringing into an empty house/room.

How To Start A Call With The “Drop-In” Feature 

A drop-in call is initiated by saying “Alexa, drop in on [name]” rather than “Alexa, call [name].” If the person you’re calling has expressly granted you drop-in access, you’ll get a hazy view of their device’s camera. If the receiver does nothing for 10 seconds, the camera’s blurry picture will be replaced with a normal one.

Upon getting a dropped call, the Echo Show displays a clean video feed of the caller and a brief preview of the hazy camera feed that the receiver’s camera is now broadcasting. Unfortunately, this means the caller may now see them after 10 seconds.

It takes 10 seconds for a dropped call to be ended, disabled for a voice-only call, or left unattended to accept the video call. Remember that the recipient of a drop-in call must have authorized the caller to begin an auto-answer drop-in call ahead of time.

Other Cases Of Use Of The “Drop-In” Feature

This function is also useful for elderly or non-technical users. If you have an elderly relative with health issues, having the ability to compel their Echo Show to respond in case, they can’t be contacted is a good idea. You may use the drop-in option to push your way through if your family members have problems answering a standard video call.

Drop-in is also beneficial if you have many units in your house. You could then utilize one Echo Show to communicate with the other, creating a great video intercom system in your home.

Compatible With Traditional Security Cameras

It’s also worth noting that Echo Show is compatible with traditional security cameras. A camera connection will allow you to use voice commands to enable any video streams you’ve set up. 

When you say, “Alexa, show me the front door,” the footage captured by the front door camera will be shown on the Show’s screen. However, you must be physically present at your house to do so.

How To Make The Echo Show Even Better

You can do a few things to improve the Echo Show and make it even better than you imagined.

The first step is to make it portable, which means that you can take your device outside with you or move it about the house, not having to worry about it being plugged into a set area of your home all the time.

You will need a power bank to do this or a mobile battery case. Various power banks explicitly designed for use with the Echo Show are available today.

Add-Ons For Alexa Guard/Guard Plus Are Available

Alexa customers can enable Alexa Guard, a security feature that functions similarly to that of a home security system. 

Alexa Guard is available for purchase separately. When it detects a sound, such as smoke alarms or glass breaking, it will deliver a text message on your phone to notify you of the event.

You may use this warning on your Show device to determine whether or not it is necessary to inform the authorities. If you’re traveling away from home, something like this is helpful as a security measure. 

The Best Way To Link An Echo Show To The Alexa App

Install the Alexa app on your phone and link the Echo Show by connecting it to the phone’s USB port, turning it on, and entering your Amazon account credentials.

When you’re logged into the same account as the Echo Show, the device will immediately link with the Alexa app on your phone. Select settings and go to devices > Echo & Alexa and look for Echo Show in the list of available devices on your phone screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch the camera on my Echo Show from my mobile device?

With the drop-in function on your mobile or any other Alexa-enabled device, you can connect to the Echo Show camera from anywhere in the world.

The drop-in function makes it simple to drop in unexpectedly without even having the call picked up. To speak with your contact, you will be able to communicate through voice and video right away.

Is wi-fi required for the usage of the Echo Show?

For the most part, Alexa and Echo devices are meant to be used via wi-fi exclusively, which means that they must be connected to the internet to function effectively. So, for example, utilizing voice commands for smart technology around your home, streaming any music, or asking Alexa questions will be unavailable if you do not have an internet connection.

What is the best way to utilize the camera on my Echo Show?

Just open the Alexa app or ask Alexa to open it for you to utilize the camera. Alexa will start the camera app, which includes several settings that you can choose from by pressing different keys on the screen, or you can instruct Alexa to do it for you.

What is the function of home monitoring on the Echo Show?

Using the Alexa app or any device linked to your Amazon account, such as Echo Show, you can access and observe a live feed. This feature is handy for home monitoring.

Is there a fee for using Echo every month?

The usage of an Echo device is entirely free, but if you want to listen to certain songs or artists, you may be encouraged to sign up for an Amazon Music membership.

Is it possible to spy on someone with Alexa?

This is not recommended and may even be against the law in certain jurisdictions. However, even though the function is very ethically gray, it has specific applications, such as checking on your children or someone elderly and unwell. It may even be used to check on your nanny while away from home.

Is there a camera on the Echo Show?

The Echo Show has a camera on the front that may be used for video calls. In addition, some versions come with a cover that you may use to conceal the camera while not in use, which is beneficial for protection purposes.

Is it necessary to have Amazon Prime for using Alexa?

You must have an Amazon account, but you do not need a Prime account to use this service. On the other hand, Prime may get you access to other benefits or services.

Is it possible to use an Echo Show equipped with a motion sensor as a security camera?

When you pair an Echo Show with a suitable motion sensor, you can create a routine that will stream video from the Echo Show or give you a notification when motion alerts are detected. However, you will need to purchase the Alexa Guard Plus to use these functions.

What is the maximum number of speakers connected to the Alexa app?

The Amazon Alexa app can connect to many Echo speakers simultaneously. You can use these speakers to control all smart home devices incorporated into the app.


So there you have it, an easy way to use your phone to connect to Echo Show from afar. The ability to “Drop-In” to the Amazon Echo show is available in most Alexa-enabled devices; the only condition is that you must grant permission to the device in question before dropping in.

In many situations, the drop-in function may be incredibly beneficial. For example, parents can use the drop-in option to check on their children periodically or to see that everything is well with them.

We hope all your queries were answered in this article.