How to Put a Lock on a Door without Drilling

Wondering how to add a lock to a door without drilling and creating an extra hole?

We have a great suggestion for an additional lock or something similar that can be installed in your home without drilling.

Due to the need of parents and travelers to secure a door without having to install or drill anything permanently, several no-drill lock options are meant to be portable and temporary.

The idea of adding a lock to a door without creating additional holes still boils down to the fact that in some homes, people are not allowed to drill holes if they want to, but must either pay to have the holes drilled and the locks replaced.

This is not good because your door security is not guaranteed if you only have a doorknob and a deadbolt. Buying an additional lock for your doors is necessary to protect your property from illegal entry and burglary when you are not at home.

You can add a lock to a door without drilling holes using a doorknob with a key, a temporary or portable door lock, and a lock on top of the door.

These locks don’t require you to drill any holes, and you don’t need any expertise, just a screwdriver.

How to use Keyed-entry Door Knob on a door without drilling

One of the ideal ways to add an extra lock to your door without drilling any holes is to purchase turnkey doorknobs. Replace your older doorknob with a Keyed-Entry knob and secure your doors with a stronger lock without stress.

Most privacy doorknobs (keyed-entry knobs) usually have a twist lock on one side and a keyhole on the other side of your door, requiring only a key for one-way access. All you need is a screwdriver to tighten the screws and a good keyed entry knob.

Note that it is not advisable to use a keyless entry knob for the main entrance of your home. They are usually not safe for outside use, as someone with some skill and physical effort can gain access to your property.

However, using them on interior doors is safer because they allow you to install locks on your interior doors without drilling anywhere.

Another point to consider is that door knobs with keys can be accidentally locked by children, especially those with simple twist locks.

For this reason, it is a good idea that you always have unrestricted access to the key or spare key when using a doorknob with a key to childproof a home.

How to use a temporary or portable door lock without drilling

Another popular way to install locks on a door without drilling is to use a temporary or portable door lock. These locks are perfect for temporarily childproofing a home for guests.

Suppose you want to secure a room or area from unwanted intrusion, especially if you have unsupervised guests in your home. Portable door locks are effortless to install and do not require drilling out a door or anything like that.

Preferably, these locks are installed only on inward opening doors and have the effect of locking you inside the room. They provide additional security while you sleep or bathe when you are unsure if the room is safe.

It is also ideal for taking with you on a trip to add extra security to your hotel room or accommodation.

However, these locks cannot usually be used as an exterior lock when traveling or on doors that open to the outside.

This temporary or portable door locks usually work by locking the door from the inside, often blocking the latch and sometimes locking the hinge.

They can be installed and removed in seconds and can be easily carried from one place to another when traveling.

Wrapping up…

While these locks can help you secure yourself in an area for safety and privacy, they won’t always work to secure a room when you’re not around.

For the most security on interior doors, consider a keyed-entry doorknob with an access key, which allows you to lock and unlock the door with a key or the rotary knob without drilling.

We recommend you consider the Top-of-door locks and the temporal or portable door locks for lodgings and hotel door security for childproofing your space.