The Best Home Security Fence Ideas

Do you enjoy spending time on your patio or backyard but do not like neighbors and passersby prying on your private moments? Then installing a security or privacy fence is a step in the right direction.

A security fence protects your premises from intruders and offers you unwanted attention. This article is a compilation of privacy fence ideas that will protect without creating an eyesore.

Why Do You Need a Privacy Fence?

Why Do You Need a Privacy Fence?
Why Do You Need a Privacy Fence?

A fence is not just about restricting your land. Instead, it is an added aesthetic to your home, emitting security and an aura of grandeur. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a perimeter security fence:

  • A fence keeps away trespassers who may intrude upon your private space to cause harm.
  • A fence deters thieves and other anti-socials from attempting to break in as there’s an added line of defense.
  • A charming privacy fence guarantees you the exclusive use of your outdoor living spaces.
  • Privacy fence gates will create a barrier that allows you to choose who you want to let in.
  • A good fence also lets the children and pets at home run about freely in the courtyard without fear of them stepping onto a road or being in danger of getting lost.
  • Keep your premises safe from loitering stray animals and pests.

Things to Look For in a Perimeter Security Fence

While installing a fence around your house is the need of the hour, you must not forget to keep certain considerations in mind when looking for privacy fence ideas.

  1. Visibility
  2. Height
  3. Flat Tops
  4. Extra Entry Points
  5. Material
  6. Good Looking
  7. Zoning Regulations


You don’t build a house only for yourself to enjoy. Everyone takes pride in that their house is one that people would want to look at. Hence, closing it off completely and putting up jailhouse-sized walls may not be a step in the right aesthetic direction.

Additionally, building a fence with low visibility also allows intruders to break in unnoticed by anyone. This potential threat is enough to reduce all the advantages of a privacy fence.


This is an important aspect when considering building a home security fence. As mentioned above, the height of your fence should not be so high that it diminishes visibility.

Nevertheless, a fence must be high enough to deter anyone from trying to scale it. Various residential areas have a policy about perimeter fence height, and you should consult your local body before making any investments in this regard.

The ideal height for a security fence would be 6-8 feet, depending on the permissible height set by the local governing body.

Flat Tops

No matter how high a wall, some daredevils may still attempt to climb it. We need to make sure that we make it as difficult as possible.

Ensuring that your security fence does not sport a flat top is essential. A flat surface allows an intruder to scale its height easily and even take a break. Hence, it is advisable to use some spikes on top of the fence.

Extra Entry Points

When selecting the design for your perfectly charming privacy fence, make sure that it goes completely around the property. Any gates or entry points must be in areas with full view.

This will deter any trespassers from trying to force their way in through the weak spots on the fence.


If you live in an area prone to crime, it is best to choose fence materials that are difficult to cut through or bend.

This will buy you precious time, but it will also discourage unwanted outsiders from ransacking the fence to break in.

Good Looking

The chance of any criminal activity happening in your home might be lower, but the chance of a bad-looking fence stealing the beauty of your premises is very high.

To avoid such unpleasantness, it is best to go through various designs, materials, and paints (if any) before making an informed decision.

Zoning Regulations

Depending on where you live, you should select a fence that suits your needs and follows the zoning regulations of your area. You wouldn’t want to pull it all down later if it doesn’t comply with the area laws, right?

It is best to get an assessment done by a professional about your fence options before making a decision. Even if you choose to DIY, you should ideally seek a second opinion and talk to local authorities before starting.

Five Materials Used for Privacy Fences

A home with a white picket fence is something right out of fantasy dreams. But that’s not the only option for a contemporary privacy fence. Various materials are available in the market to either go with traditional ideas or modern fences.

  1. Wood Privacy Fence
  2. Wrought Iron Fencing
  3. Chain Links
  4. Stone Masonry Wall
  5. Vinyl Fences

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fence
Wood Privacy Fence

Wooden fences are traditional, and wood has been used as a fencing material for a long time. They are classy to look at, and their beauty is enhanced by the natural texture and color of the wood.

Nevertheless, wood fences are not very good for security since they can easily be cut through. Wood panel designs even allow a peeking space that you (or someone else) may use to assess the outside or inside.

Using horizontal wood panels is an affordable choice and will give you the cheapest privacy fence option.

On the other hand, wooden fences are not as durable as those made from iron or any other metal, but they get the job done if it is only privacy you are concerned about. If you are for natural fence ideas, using protective sealing agents and primers will make wooden fences more durable.

Traditional wooden fences are:

  • Pressure-treated pine wood fences
  • Spruce wood fences
  • Redwood fences
  • Cypress wood fences
  • Cedarwood fences

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought Iron Fencing
Wrought Iron Fencing

These are the most popular among fence ideas as they are highly durable and often ornamental. So whether you are taking cues from gothic romances or stately buildings like the White House, an ornamental iron fence is your best bet.

Made of iron, it is essentially tamper-free and yet looks grand. More importantly, climbing over an iron-wrought fence is extremely difficult without hurting yourself.

One disadvantage is that, unlike wooden panel fences, an iron fence has enough space between panels to give passersby a good view of your home and yard.

There are subcategories of traditional iron-wrought fences and ornamental iron fencing. The main difference is that an ornamental fence is more affordable. It is also much easier to install and maintain than a traditional iron metal fence.

Chain Links

Chain Links
Chain Links

Chain link fences are the cheapest privacy fence that also requires minimal maintenance. You must all be familiar with the chain-link security fencing that usually adorns most public buildings.

It is made of steel wire that is usually a 9 or 11-gauge. Chain link fences offer no privacy as one can easily see through them.

They are the easiest to climb, with their diamond-shaped holes being a perfect toe-hold in terms of security. Yet, chain links are in demand due to their easy maintenance among security fences.

Stone Masonry Wall

Stone Masonry Wall
Stone Masonry Wall

This wall is classic and great for privacy and security, giving major GOT vibes. It is practically impenetrable because it is made with a mixture of stone and mortar. However, it requires weeks of construction and is not a viable option for someone on a limited budget.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences
Vinyl Fences

Among contemporary privacy fence ideas, vinyl fences are much more durable than wooden ones because they are not prone to rotting or blistering. As a result, they can last decades without much upkeep on your part.

They are extremely attractive and can be customized because they come in different colors. Although largely durable, vinyl is known to contract and expand with temperature changes.

Vinyl is also expensive upfront, though it won’t cost much to maintain it. It can also be installed easily.

Which One Should You Choose?

Selecting residential fences is not taken lightly and must be done only after thorough research. When selecting a security fence, in addition to the materials and practical needs, you should remember a few other things to end up with a beautiful outdoor space:

  • The first is your style. Your home and outdoor living spaces are a reflection of your individuality. This means that you cannot completely ignore your style and must make concessions to accommodate this.
  • Secondly, the type of home you own is another major factor. You cannot pick a small picket fence for a grand Victorian home that begs for a stone masonry wall or a wrought iron fence with hanging potted plants.
  • The accessories that you wish to add are also important. Unfortunately, not all fences take accessories well, and the kinds that go with different fences vary.
  • Finally, you must consider the kind of maintenance the fence may require and how much effort you are prepared to put into it.
  • Additionally, learn about the zoning regulations of your area before zeroing in on a fence design.

Six Privacy Fence Ideas

Are you confused? Don’t fret. We have compiled popular and contemporary fencing ideas for a more beautiful and secure home.

  1. Privacy Fences Made of Wood
  2. Natural Fence Ideas
  3. DIY Fence Ideas
  4. The Classic White Picket Fence
  5. Recycled Fences
  6. Gabion Fence Ideas
Privacy Fences Made of Wood
Privacy Fences Made of Wood

Wood comes in different types. Be sure to select one that goes with your design aesthetics. Here are a few wooden fence ideas you can choose fromΒ 


  • Horizontal wood panel designs can be customized to have small gaps between them.
  • Vertical wood panel designs.
  • Customize criss-cross logs of wood (either factory or handcrafted).
  • Modernize a traditional wooden fence by making it chic.
  • Choose a design that complements your garden. Even experiment a little and choose a bamboo wood design.

Natural Fence Ideas

If you have no security concerns, a natural fence is a great option to make your life greener. These fences are made of shrubs and flowering trees. They attract butterflies and birds and make your garden an eco-friendly haven.

Here are some natural fence ideas

Natural Fence Ideas
Natural Fence Ideas

Yet, if you do not welcome any unwanted outsiders, you can build a natural fence with prickly plants like cactus that act as a natural deterrent.

Lilacs, boxwood plants, willows, and spotted laurel plants are among some natural plants and different shrubs that are great for creating a natural privacy fence or, better, a living wall.

DIY Fence Ideas

DIY Fence Ideas
DIY Fence Ideas

For a more hands-on approach and as a great bonding activity (not to mention the exercise you will get), you can go the DIY way and either use recycled items or buy fencing materials.

If you have the will, no wall is too difficult to build. There are many contemporary and natural fences that can easily be done on your own with a little patience and skill.

You will also save some money if you choose this route. Getting pre-built panels may be advisable if you have no prior carpentry experience.

Also, be prepared for literal blood, sweat, and tears. Even if it costs you much more than what a contractor would have charged you, you will have earned experience.

The Classic White Picket Fence

The Classic White Picket Fence
The Classic White Picket Fence

These are easy to construct and can even be done as a parent-child activity. Though not contributing much towards either privacy or security, they make for charming privacy fences.

The white picket fence is best put along with a garden and is much easier to install and maintain than many metal fences. In addition, it adds a certain aura to your outdoor living spaces and makes them more welcoming.

Recycled Fences

Recycled Fences
Recycled Fences

Many cool metal designs and perimeter security fence ideas can be found at the dump lands and recycled to create beautiful fences. The best things to use for this are old window shutters, unwanted plastic or wooden pieces of furniture, and even leftover floor tiles.

These can be modified to look better than masonry fences if you have an artistic eye.

Gabion Fence Ideas

Gabion Fence Ideas
Gabion Fence Ideas

An affordable and sustainable option is wired structures filled with rock or crushed concrete. Eco-friendly and yet highly durable, these can even withstand natural disasters.

Closing words

Whether you choose the cheapest privacy fence or masonry or wooden ones, you should remember why you need a fence in the first place. It is often natural to get carried away when presented with many options.

However, understanding and clearly stating your needs, accessing your plot, and setting a budget will help you cross the hurdle of choosing when many choices throw themselves at you.Β