Can you view the Eufy Camera Remotely?

Eufy cameras are a great way to keep your home safe from intruders and check what’s happening outside right from the comfort of your living room.

This article will answer a commonly searched question: can you view your Eufy camera remotely.

The simple answer is yes. You can view your Eufy camera remotely.

So now you know that you can look at them from a distance.

Next, I will share the 3 different ways you can remotely access your Eufy camera: via your computer, Android devices, and iOS devices. This article is part of our Eufy troubleshooting series.

We briefly touch on needing a Cloud Subscription, which you can read further in this article.

However, it is only required if you want to watch it via your computer. 

How to View Eufy Camera Remotely?

Viewing your EUFY cam on your Computer Browser

Follow the steps below to find out how to view the Eufy camera remotely on a computer browser.

A big head’s up: you can not view your HomeBase recorded videos via Eufy’s web portal computer browser – for security reasons, you have to use the dedicated apps for it.

In this article, we mainly cover how to view remotely.

Eufy web app login
Eufy web app login
  • Go to the Eufy Security webpage. Bookmark it. It’s going to save you time when you log in next time!
  • Enter the username and password for Eufy Security. This is the same password and username you use in your mobile app. If you do not know the credentials, you can always reset your password.
  • If you followed our other best security practices, you would have installed 2-factor authentication (2FA), and you will be prompted with a 2 Factor authentication window.
Eufy 2 Factor authentication
Eufy 2 Factor authentication
  • A successful login will bring you to the screen displaying all the cameras in your home. Here you can select the camera you want to view. It can’t get any easier than this:
eufy web app
eufy web app


  • You can click the desired camera. You can pause/play the stream, mute it so you don’t hear any sound. You can also make it full-screen by tapping the full-screen button on the bottom left corner of the camera stream.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will notice some tabs like cameras, events, subscription, settings.
  • Events allow you to view any recorded streams. Please note that recorded events are only available if you have subscribed to Eufy’s cloud storage via the computer.

This might seem not very clear and push you into their cloud subscription services, but it’s not. Why arent your HomeBase local clips available via the web portal? 

Here’s what Eufy says about this:

* It’s unavailable to play the clips stored in HomeBase local storage by web portal because they have been advanced encrypted. It’s recommended you to play them in the app or subscribe to the cloud recording service.

I don’t have cloud storage right now and would like to access your cameras specifically via the computer; you should get the cloud plan subscription; it’s quite affordable, as we explain here how to set it up.

  • After viewing the live stream, you can find a button to log out of this page in the top right corner.

How to View Eufy camera on Android Phones/Tablets

Eufy App on the Google Play store
Eufy App on the Google Play store

I will elaborate on all the steps you will need to perform to synch your Eufy cameras with your android phone.

  1. Download the Eufy Security app from the Google Play store. There are a couple of different Eufy apps but make sure you download the Eufy Security application for viewing cameras remotely.
  2. Enter username or password in the app after accepting terms and conditions.
  3. If you followed our other best security practices, you would have installed 2-factor authentication (2FA), and you will be prompted with a 2 Factor authentication window.
  4. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one by pressing the signup button. Then, verify the newly made account by checking the email and entering the verification code sent there.
  5. So now you need to go back to the home screen, enter the credentials, and press login.
  6. The next step is adding devices to your app. Select the relevant device you have. You can be using a HomeBase, HomeBase 2, Wi-Fi Doorbell Chime, or Wi-Fi Bridge.
  7. The application will guide you through a series of steps that include setting up the Homebase to your LAN port or router.
  8. After all the installation steps are complete, you will hear that HomeBase was added successfully.
  9. Give your device a proper name. Then, let the app check and install any firmware updates.
  10. Once the HomeBase is connected, click add device once again. It is now time to add a camera to the app. Scroll down to select and connect the camera you have with you.
  11. Follow the steps for installing the camera.
  12. Check the live stream on your phone for viewing the recently added camera.
  13. Logout from the device, log in again. You will notice the recently added on the app screen.

This is it. This is how you can set up and view your Eufy camera remotely on your android phone.

Viewing your Eufy camera on Apple Devices (iPhone and iPad)

Setting up your Eufy cameras remotely on your iPhone or iPad is pretty much similar to setting up the Eufy camera on Android Devices.

I will explain how you can set up Your Eufy cameras on iOS devices.

Eufy App on the Apple App Store
Eufy App on the Apple App Store
  • Install the Eufy Security from Apple’s App Store.
  • Login or signup to your account and complete the process by following the directions given in the app.
  • Allow relevant access to your iDevice.
  • Setup the camera by clicking adding device button and completing the mandatory steps.
  • Synch the device with your phone by scanning the QR code and pushing the sync button on the back.
  • Add the relevant camera to your app. Make sure that it is properly charged or plugged in.
  • Go to the main app screen and check the live stream.
  • Log out from the application and log in again to view the recently added camera.


What to do if your Eufy camera misses an event?

You need to check the installation position. I installed my Eufy camera on the corner of my porch (8 feet high) because it gives me a full vertical and horizontal view of my house.

Adjust the camera settings in the mobile app by changing the motion detection and sensitivity setting.

We cover this in-depth in our article: Eufy Video Doorbell Not Detecting Motion (or incorrectly) – Troubleshooting.

Why can not you see a live stream after setting up HomeBase and the camera in the mobile app?

Try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Connect your phone to a different Wi-Fi or Mobile data.
  2. Check your router’s firewall setting to remove any special restrictions for Eufy cameras. You can confirm this at your router’s website.
  3. Relocated cameras often get out of the range of Wi-Fi signals. Make sure it has ample Wi-Fi coverage by checking the signals on your phone while standing next to the camera.
  4. Try refreshing the camera feed.
  5. Try removing HomeBase and camera from your application and install them again.
  6. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact Eufy Customer Support for further assistance, it’s super easy via the app, and they are quite responsive!
Eufy Contact Customer Support
Eufy Contact Customer Support

What to do if the Eufy cameras go offline?

  1. Always firstly check the battery. I always troubleshoot an offline camera by checking the battery first.
  2. Press and release the sync button quickly to check if the camera has switched off or powered off. If the LED doesn’t light up, turn on the camera.
  3. Move the camera closer to HomeBase if you have recently relocated it.
  4. Remove the Eufy camera offline in the application and then add it again.

Can I view the Eufy doorbell camera remotely?

Yes, so as we illustrated above, you can view the Eufy doorbell camera remotely as well. The setup and viewing procedure is the same I have explained for setting up and viewing the standard Eufy cameras.

Can you view Eufy camera local storage without Internet?

No. You cannot view the local storage of the Eufy camera without the Internet. However, you can watch the live stream without the Internet only when the local Wi-Fi operates.

Also, you cannot watch live streams through your web browser without getting a subscription code.

How do I access Eufy videos?

Through the Eufy Security application, you can access, view, download, or delete your saved recordings.

Can Eufy connect to Google Home and Apple’s HomeKit?

Yes. Eufy security cameras can connect to Google Home and Apple’s HomeKit.