10 Ways to secure a door from being kicked in (reinforce your door)

Knowing how to secure a door against being kicked in is less about feeling secure and more about feeling safe. Depending on what type of security door you have, you may want to add a threshold, a door strut, or a door wedge under the door.

If you have a door with a deadbolt lock, you can install a door reinforcement kit.

All of these options are relatively inexpensive and will keep your door in good condition for a long time.

There are some common and some very uncommon (but highly effective) measures you can take to ensure your home is protected from criminals and intruders when it comes to home security.

While an alarm system, a security camera system, and a reliable home security plan will go a long way in keeping your home safe, there are also some extremely effective ways to prevent forced entry into your home.

Locks and deadbolts are the best way to secure your door, and if you install them properly, it will be nearly impossible for someone to break down your door.

Start by measuring the width of the door, including the frame (the wood around the edges). This is the width of the door you need to secure, which means you need to choose your lock accordingly.

For example, if your door is 80 inches wide (and you want to put the deadbolt on one side), you will need a deadbolt about two inches longer than the door.

Part of your security routine should be to secure our doors from being kicked in. If you don’t know how to secure a door from being kicked in, you are at the mercy of illegal entry or forced entry into your home.

To properly secure both your interior and front door against entry, you need to strengthen your door security, and one of the ways to do this is to replace worn deadbolts by using a standard strike plate lock, strengthen your door frames, and improve the security of your glass doors.

Reinforcing your door will help ward off intruders and burglars who are targeting your home and personal property.

Most doors give easily with a simple kick from the outside, allowing burglars to enter without stress. However, to protect your home from emergency break-ins, you need to strengthen the security of your door.

If this is the case, how do you strengthen the security of your door to prevent it from being kicked in?

As mentioned above, you need to reinforce your door frame, replace your worn door hinges and deadbolts, use the use of door wedges, use a Door Barricade or Security Bar.

Door SecurityBefore you do all of this, however, you must first figure out which areas of your door have weak spots. This is necessary because you don’t want to buy a door lock if you only had to replace the deadbolt or replace the door frame completely.

People don’t understand that a relatively cheap change to your door can either improve or destroy it. That is why your first door contractor should be notified about fixing your doors against the brute force from the outside.

It would help if you kept in mind that making your door kick-proof is a good deal, and it will give you peace of mind and a real sense of security in your home.

To make your door extra burglar-proof, here are proven tips and steps to help strengthen your door against entry.

How to Reinforce a Door for Security

We explain our 10 favorite steps to reinforce a door:

  1. Reinforce your Door frame
  2. Install a Glassdoor with a steel security grille
  3. Install a deadbolt
  4. Install a Door Amour
  5. Use a Security Bar to Secure Your Door from the Inside
  6. Use a Horizontal Door Security Barricade
  7. Install outdoor Motion-activated Cameras and lights
  8. Install Smart Locks
  9. Replace Bolt Strike Plate and Fortify the Hinges
  10. Install Sturdier Doors

Since your door is the main access point to your home, it is right to secure it against violent kicks and pressure, even if it costs you.

These are the steps you can take to make the doors in your home or business more secure to protect your property, you, and your loved ones.

1. Reinforce your Door frame

With a reinforced door frame, it will be tough for a burglar to break through it with a simple kick. However, with persistence, he could break down your door and gain entry. Therefore, you need to prevent this from happening by reinforcing your door frame.

There are several good door frame reinforcement kits available for purchase online.

These kits come with all the necessary steels, security plates, and hinges to protect your door from being kicked in.

Reinforcing your door jamb with these door frame reinforcement kits will greatly improve overall door security and reduce the likelihood of a footstep break-in.

Secure your front door, side door, and back doors from break-ins by reinforcing their door frames as well.

2. Install a Glassdoor with a steel security grille

Glass doors are the easiest for burglars to crack. But, of course, they cannot withstand any significant resistance. That’s why you should install glass doors with a reinforced steel security grille.

Not only will this improve your glass door’s resistance to being kicked, but it will also prevent intruders from seeing the inside of your home.

Although, people overlook glass doors with steel security grilles because they are not aesthetically pleasing.

3. Install a deadbolt

Front doors with only a cheap cylinder lock and nothing else are an easy target for criminals and home burglars. You need to replace the Deadbolt Strike Plate and reinforce the hinges, and if you have to do this, opt for a Class 1 door deadbolt with a reliable strike plate installed on your door jamb as soon as possible (this is one of the most secure ways to protect your door from break-ins, based on the ANSI classification).

4. Install a Door Amour

Another way to secure your front door to prevent burglars from entering is to reinforce the door with a Door Armour. Door amour is a unique product that focuses on the weak point of your door to fix it.

This weak point includes the jamb, hinges, and locks.

A typical Door Armour set consists of 1 Door Armour Jamb Shield, 2 Mini Door Shields, and 2 Hinge Shields. Door locks are always weak points on a door.

When the lock is kicked, the force pushes on the door, which can split it, but with a mini door shield in the lock area, your doors are far from splitting.

5. Use a Security Bar to Secure Your Door from the Inside

The security strip is another useful tool to protect your door from break-ins. They are usually placed on the inside of your door, either vertically or horizontally on the floor.

One of the benefits of this doorstop is that it relies on the strength of your floor to protect your door from being kicked rather than the sturdiness of your door.

In addition, most security strips come with an alarm system.

6. Use a Horizontal Door Security Barricade

Just like the security bar, reinforcing your door with a horizontal door guard is a benefit against burglars and trespassers.

They extend across the entire width of your door to keep it safe from burglars.

A steel horizontal security bar is extremely durable and can withstand great forces. So, it is one of the right tools to reinforce your door against outside kicks.

7. Install outdoor Motion-activated Cameras and lights

Burglars are always afraid of three things, namely:

  • Lights
  • Alarms
  • Cameras

Installing a home alarm system in your home and a doorbell alarm system will help deter home invaders and capture their faces.

IIn addition, it is essential you have a motion-activated lighting system and a motion-activated camera system both in the front door and in the back door of your house.

These home security systems will automatically detect a moving object in the dark.

8. Install Smart Locks

This is very important if you always forget to lock your doors.

If you install a smart lock system on your doors, the door will automatically lock with a code that is unique to you and will never allow itself to be opened. Locking your door is another security measure that you should adopt, and installing a smart lock makes this task easy.

9. Replace Bolt Strike Plate and Fortify the Hinges

Replace worn latch strike plates and make sure your door hinges are sturdy and durable. Both strike plates and regular door chains share some similarities, but strike plates are more durable and pose a major threat to burglars.

Install a strike plate lock instead of a regular door chain for door security.

10. Install Sturdier Doors

This is very important if you live in an area with a high burglary rate. Sturdy doors are not as easy to break into. If you must use a wooden door, do not use hollow chambers for your front and back doors.

Always use hardwoods for your doors or steel doors made of metal for more security. There are affordable steel doors that you can get for your front and back doors.

Final words

Having your doors reinforced for security and to protect against a break-in is the right thing to do for any home. However, if you cannot do it yourself, the right thing is to get a professional to help you reinforce your door with the right locks. The professional can recommend you a more secure and stable door that has strong, unbreakable locks.

If you are on a budget, a door barricade and a security bar will help you a lot. Most door barricades will prevent your door from opening if it is kicked in from the outside.

While this is a great relief, security bars can help even more in preventing the door from opening. Security strips extend the entire width of your door frame.

Always protect your hinges. Your door hinges should never be out in the open. Do not place your windows close to your door lock.

This makes it easy for a burglar to break in through the window instead of the door.

With a proper alarm system, outdoor lighting, and outdoor motion detection camera, it is easier to capture and track the faces of home burglars and even scare them away.