What to do if someone attacks you from behind


If you think that no one will ever sneak up behind you and attack you, think again. While it’s hard to imagine, there are certain situations where this could happen. For example, you could be mugged by a mugger on a night walk after your purse.

Perhaps you were in the middle of a busy street, and someone suddenly ran up behind you and tried to force you into the trunk of a car.

These situations can be scary and dangerous, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself in these situations.

If you are attacked from behind, you may not be able to defend yourself effectively. To protect yourself, you need to turn around and face the attacker. But what if you can’t do that?

If you are running away from an attacker and cannot turn around, you can still defend yourself. This is the best strategy to getaway if you are attacked from behind.

No one prays to be attacked. First, however, you need to be rightly educated on some of the latest emergency self-defense moves and tricks in case someone attacks you from behind.

Leg grab
Leg grab


There are two points to consider, namely, whether your attacker is armed or unarmed. If so, for ladies, a quick but effective kick to his foot with a quick head butt to the back can leave him dazed and confused for a brief moment.

If you have your hands free, a quick and accurate backward elbow against his ribs can disarm him. While doing all this, be smart, quick, and precise.

With men, in addition to the above, you should do the following. If your arms are free, you can quickly reach over your shoulder, grab your attacker’s collar (behind his neck), then drop a knee and quickly and forcefully pull him over your shoulder.

He will land on his back with a loud thud. This technique is very effective in disorganizing an attacker from behind because he is not expecting it. Again, remember to do all of this within a fraction of a second.

The 5 Essential things to remember when you find yourself in a situation when someone is attacking you from behind.

  1. Use your forearm muscles to turn your upper body to the side. This will allow you to see your attacker while deflecting their attack.
  2. Grab your attacker’s hand with your hands and push it away from you.
  3. Use your body weight to make the attacker fall to the ground.
  4. Make your escape as quickly as possible.

How to disarm an attacker from behind

If you are aware of the threat of attack or expect such an emergency, you should do so if someone attacks you from behind. Quickly evade your attacker by moving to the side, and give him a hard kick in the groin.

This should expose his guard, which you can quickly exploit to inflict further blows.

The best part is that you should always have good situational awareness to avoid being attacked from behind, especially if your attacker is armed with a knife or gun.

The good thing is that if you have a taser or stun gun with you, you can always taser it.

Most likely, you don’t have your taser with you, but these simple self-defense measures below will help.

Remember, if you are being bullied, kicked, punched, assaulted, and probably stabbed,ย you can do little or nothing in this case except carrying small defense weapons.

In this case, you should only buy time for a quick attack or escape from your attacker.

How to defend yourself if someone attacks you

These are quick self-defense tips to defend yourself from attackers, especially when the attack is from behind.

  1. Please don’t think your attacker is stupid…he is smart, but you need to be smart and think faster.
  2. Always be situationally aware and tactically alert not to be caught off guard in the first place.
  3. Don’t make any rash decisions or moves, as this may give away your plans too quickly.
  4. Don’t try to hit his nose with your hand when you can actually reach his knee or even his groin with a quick, lethal kick.
  5. Always make sure you are well balanced before attacking. For example, don’t fall while executing a kick.
  6. Do not allow an attacker to gain full control of you: you must do everything you can to disorient and injure him so that you can escape while retaining as much energy as possible. This is one of the best tips on how to defend yourself against an attacker.
  7. The head, nose, eyes, groin, and knees are the most vulnerable but exposed areas that can be hit if you are attacked. If you are attacked from behind or in front, blows to the nose or eyes can temporarily disorient your attacker.
  8. One of the safest self-defense techniques that have proven to be very effective is always to target the parts of your body where you can do the most damage, quickly and accurately, as mentioned above.
  9. Anything close to you is a weapon. Use anything you can get your hands on. Your pen, your perfume, your body spray, or even your keys could be a weapon in self-defense.
  10. Defending yourself against an attacker depends on what you can see. So it would help if you found a way to look behind you to see the size of the person you are dealing with. Make sure you do this correctly, or you could get hit in the face or the back of the head.

Quick Self-defense moves when attacked from behind

This summarizes some basic self-defense techniques if you are attacked from behind, taught by the best experts.

  • Place your elbows against his chest. You can also do this without turning.
  • Use elbow strikes to his face. First, raise your elbow above your shoulder level. You can do this effectively by quickly rotating your hip and making contact with the back of your elbow to his face.
  • Make sure you know where his face is.
  • Move-in quickly and create space to get out of the hug from behind.
  • Don’t aim for the chest; it’s pretty much useless
  • When you strike, you need to strike hard.
  • You can grab him by the collar and throw him off your shoulder
  • A violent toe kick is necessary to distract him
  • If he holds you, let your weight rest on him; this will allow you to strike him.
  • Look for an available weapon near you (in this case, your purse or pen is a weapon).
  • If your hands have been restricted from behind by your attacker, the best technique here is to move your hips to the side quickly; this will expose his groin so you can place a knee on it.
  • It would help if you were smart about all of these moves.
  • Practice the self-defense holds you’ve been taught
  • Apply chokeholds for self-defense; you can use them to put your attacker to sleep (only if you are stronger than him). Another resounding advantage of using a chokehold is that you can overpower and incapacitate your attacker with little or no damage to your hands.

What to do if assaulted on the Street

Most often, people are being assaulted on the streets, even in broad daylight. Therefore, you need first to determine whether your attacker is alone or not, armed or unarmed. This will give you a clearer view of what you are coming up against.

However, when you find yourself in a street dilemma, the chances that it will not end in a fight are very slim. This is why you need to learn some martial arts for self-defense.

If you can, run away from it, street attacks are most times very bloody as nobody will want to come to your aid for fear of being attacked.

However, with a decent knowledge of some self-defense moves, you can disorient your attacker while you either run or call for help.

The truth is this; never enter into a street you know you’ll be attacked alone or at night. Do not expose yourself to something you cannot handle.

Most cases of street assault involve defending yourself against people who are physically stronger than you. Therefore, you need to try and not involve any verbal alteration, which could worsen the whole issue.

So here are basic security tips if you are attacked on the street.

  1. Maintain absolute calmness. Show no fear or despair. I know you are anxious, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Do you realize that your composure alone can disorient your attacker? Yes, it does. Staying absolutely calm will buy you time to grasp the situation on the ground and exploit his loopholes… Fear betrays you too easily.
  2. Let your instincts be your guide. Your instinct cannot fail you in times of danger; it will give you a clearer picture of your chances of wriggling out of any situation. So let your common sense come into play here. Don’t give attackers easy opportunities … Use common sense to stay safe Common sense will tell you that it’s not safe to walk home drunk in a dark alley or a street known for gangs and robbers.
  3. Try to know the motive of your attacker. It would help if you knew the reason why you are being attacked. Does he want money? Is he out to harm you? Is he normal upstairs? If you know why you are being attacked, you will know how to handle the situation.
  4. Keep your eyes open. Before you make a move, make sure you are mentally alert. Your attacker could have a concealed weapon; he could have a backup on the ground. So be alert at all times.
  5. Choose your life over property. Do not fight an attacker for your property. If you can live through it, let go of the property. Fight him off if you can, but don’t lose your life over property that can be replaced at any time.

Finally, I’ve addressed some sensitive areas of your security routine in this post, particularly how to protect yourself if you are attacked from behind.

I also gave a clear answer to some other questions in this context, such as what to do if you are attacked on the street, etc.

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