Why does my Eufy camera keep going offline?

Yes, your Eufy camera can go offline for various reasons, such as WiFi connection issues, power supply problems, firmware updates, or incorrect camera settings. 

1. Introduction

You’re not alone if you are having trouble with your Eufy camera going offline. Unfortunately, this is a common issue many users face and can be frustrating when trying to keep your home secure.

In this article, I’ll explore the various reasons why your Eufy camera may be going offline and provide solutions to help you get it back online.

2. Power Issues

2.1 Battery Status

One of the most common reasons cameras go offline is low battery status. Ensure your camera is fully charged or connected to a power source.

2.1.1 Single Charge

Eufy cameras have long battery life, but they still need to be charged occasionally.

2.1.2 Adequate Power

Ensure that your power source provides adequate power for the camera.

2.1.3 Charge until Power Restoration

If there has been a power outage, wait until power is restored before charging your camera.

2.2 Power Supply

Ensure your Eufy camera is connected to a stable and consistent power supply to avoid any disruptions in its functioning.

2.2.1 Perfect Power Cycle

Try unplugging the power adapter from the outlet for about thirty seconds before plugging it back in again.

2.2.2 Power Extension Cord

Avoid connecting Eufy cameras through an extension cord, as this could lead to unstable connections.

2.3 Power Button

Ensure that the power button on the Eufy camera is turned on and receiving enough charge.

3 Network Connection

3.1 Insufficient Bandwidth

Ensure enough bandwidth is available for your Eufy security camera, as low bandwidth can cause connectivity issues.

3.1.1 Bands

Check whether your router supports both bands (5GHz and 2.4GHz) and use the right one for your Eufy camera.

3.1.2 WiFi Networks

Ensure you are connected to the correct WiFi network and functioning properly.

3.2 Wireless Interference

Ensure that there isn’t any interference in the area that can cause disruptions in the wireless signal of your Eufy camera.

3.2.1 Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause wireless interference; try moving your Eufy camera away from windows or direct light sources.

3.2.2 Baby Monitors

Other wireless devices, like baby monitors, could cause interference and disrupt the signal of your Eufy security camera.

3.3 Firewall

Check if a firewall is enabled on the router or modem, as this could block connectivity to your Eufy camera.

4 Software and Firmware Updates

Ensure that both the software and firmware of your Eufy security cameras are updated to their latest version for optimal performance.

4.1 App Versions

Ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest app versions compatible with your smartphone.

4.1.1 HomeKit

If you’re using an iOS device, ensure that HomeKit is updated along with other software updates.

4.2 Firmware Update

Check if a firmware update is available for your Eufy camera through its user manual or official website.

5 Hardware Configuration

5.1 Cable

Ensure that all cables are appropriately connected and not damaged.

5.1.1 Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables should be used instead of WiFi if possible because they provide a more stable connection.

5.1.2 Power Cord

Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into both ends without any physical damage.

5.2 Cards

Ensure that any memory cards used in your Eufy camera function correctly and have sufficient storage capacity.

5.3 Sync Button

Press the sync button on your Eufy camera and wait for it to synchronize with the Homebase.

6 Common Issues

6.1 Offline Issue

If your Eufy camera goes offline, try restarting it or unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in again.

6.1.1 Power Cycle

Try turning off and back on the router and modem if restarting the camera doesn’t work.

6.1.2 Power Outage

Wait until power is restored before attempting to restart your Eufy camera.

6.2 Connection Issue

Ensure you’re connected to a stable network that can support video streaming from your Eufy security camera.

6.2.1 Poor Internet Connection

If you have a slow internet connection, try reducing the quality of video streaming or upgrading to a faster plan.

6.2.2 WiFi Router

Ensure that the WiFi router is functioning properly without any physical damage.

7 Conclusion

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why your Eufy security camera may be going offline, but most of these issues can be resolved by following some simple steps at home.

Above all else, ensure that you keep your cameras up-to-date with software updates and maintain their hardware functionality regularly to ensure optimal performance.

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Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve the common issue of your Eufy camera going offline.

Follow simple steps to check power connections, network connectivity issues, firmware updates, hardware configurations, and common issues that may cause disruptions in your Eufy security camera’s functioning.

Ensure optimal performance by regularly maintaining your cameras with software updates and keeping their hardware functionality in check.