Can Airbnbs Have Outside Cameras?

The Airbnb community is often concerned about the area of video surveillance.

Whether you are an Airbnb host worried about installing security cameras in public spaces or a guest who wants to protect yourself from intentionally hidden recording devices, the Airbnb arena is a daunting experience for many.

So you might be wondering, does Airbnb allow owners to put cameras outside? Yes, but it comes with certain restrictions. 

This article will learn more about Airbnb’s policies regarding security cameras and why you should install one.

Can Airbnbs Have Cameras? 

Depending on the location, a vacation rental or hotel room may have a surveillance camera in the periphery.

Most Airbnbs have a security camera near the door or even near the parking lot for damage or liability reasons.

Having a device that can monitor the immediate area benefits both hosts and guests. In addition, video evidence can prove useful in the event of theft or destruction of property.

Open areas such as the living room or kitchen can be equipped with surveillance equipment, as long as it is mentioned in the listing description prior to booking.

Outdoor areas such as driveways, main entrances, or backyards are within parameters and allowed.

In most cases, images or videos transmitting audio through a security camera are allowed in outdoor areas.

Airbnb’s Policy About Security Cameras 

According to the rules established in 2014, Airbnb clearly specifies its policy on using cameras and recording devices on its official page

Airbnb states that security devices and noise-monitoring devices are permitted as long as hosts disclose this information in their listing to protect both parties. It does not infringe upon the privacy of the Airbnb guest. 

What Airbnb Allows

  • Disclosed surveillance devices in public spaces and common areas. Common areas do not include bedrooms or bathrooms. 
  • These devices are permitted in public areas such as hallways, front doors, and driveways. 
  • However, it should be disclosed or revealed ahead of reservation.

What Airbnb Doesn’t Allow

What Airbnb Considers A Smart Camera 

Most hosts are under the impression that a smart camera only includes wireless surveillance devices or security cameras. If you do not know the difference, you might still break Airbnb’s rules. 

Airbnb’s definition of a smart camera includes any device capable of capturing audio, video, or still images. The list includes WiFi cameras, web cameras in laptops and desktops, and even smartphones or tablets with a camera or a mic. 

So, if you have any of these devices in your rooms, you need to disclose this to your guest. 

Why Should You Install A Security Camera? 

A security camera is a valuable device for many reasons. First, it is an excellent way to monitor any theft or damage to your property. Let us look at some of the benefits of installing a security camera outside your Airbnb. 

Safeguard Your Property 

With vandalism and embezzlement on the rise, Airbnb owners are at risk of destroying their property. However, with the inclusion of surveillance cameras and other recording devices, you can protect yourself from rampant criminal activity and file a complaint with video evidence if the need arises. 

There is a lower probability of guests committing crimes if they know the security system will monitor them. It also saves you from confronting people who have violated the house rules. 

Record Evidence 

Whether recording criminal activity in your neighborhood or having video evidence of theft or destruction, security cameras are a boon in solidifying your case. You can easily aid the police in preventing burglaries or thefts and even help them catch the culprit faster. 

Deter Criminals

It is a known fact that if criminals spot outdoor cameras near your Airbnb, they are more likely to abort the mission.

The mere presence of a security camera installed by a professional alarm system is guaranteed to deter them from engaging in any criminal activity near that neighborhood.Β 

Protect Your Guests 

If you notice any suspicious activity near your Airbnb, you can inform the police beforehand. This alerts the authorities and protects your guests from criminals. 

Insurance Benefits 

The Airbnb Host Protection Insurance Program ensures that you will automatically be covered if your property is listed under Airbnb. If you possess solid video evidence during a time of theft or destruction, you can easily avail of this insurance as mandated by the policy agreement. 

Ditch The Hidden Camera 

Property owners’ fear of damage to their property is deeply rooted. Therefore, installing cameras outside your Airbnb to record evidence or even cameras in common areas inside is understandable.

However, installing hidden cameras in rooms or private spaces is not good.
Hidden cameras inside the room violate the privacy of the person. In addition, there are cases of live streaming or unsolicited observation by these cameras, which can make people feel attacked.

Most guests understand that it is essential for property owners to install surveillance cameras.

Transparency with your guests is important. It would help if you always were honest about the number of cameras inside and outside the property.

If guests are uncomfortable with cameras inside the property, you can assure them that these devices are installed for their safety. Make sure you list each camera in the description to avoid discrepancies in the future.

Closing Words

Airbnbs are becoming the accommodation of choice for many people, leading to a spate of scams on both sides of the spectrum. Before booking, guests should be concerned, and hosts inevitably have to worry about property damage.

Therefore, a transparent process of video proofing is beneficial to both parties and provides peace of mind at all times. We hope this article has answered your question and helped you make an informed decision!