Nooie Baby Monitor WIFI Camera 2024 Review (Nooie Cam 360)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to home security planet (your home security advisor).

Today is a great day because we get to test the new Nooie Cam 360. Is it the best baby monitor with wifi?

Let’s find out.

It’s no secret that we love newer security cameras. They’re just fun to play with and experiment with.

But first and foremost, it comes in a really nice minimal package, pretty lightweight, but you’re not here to see the box, so let’s see what’s inside.

Nooie Baby Monitor Wifi Camera with App Review

The nooie baby phone package contains the following: Screws for the mount, a Nooie Babyphone installation guide, the mount itself, a power cord, and finally, the Nooie Cam 360 itself, along with a power adapter.

Now, the camera itself is pretty dope. The plastic body feels light and durable but strong, so it can take a beating if you drop it.

Build quality

Overall, looking at the camera, we could see that the lens has a nice little sticker on it, which is a nice touch, a nice little logo. It has a microphone right below the lens. There’s a status light on the front.

You can see there’s a speaker on the side. There’s a micro USB port here and a reset button. And on the bottom, you can see that this fits onto the wall mount.

Now I’m interested in the main features, not the overall installation. I can tell you that the installation itself, from installing the app on your device to set it up, is super easy.


Just follow the instructions and prompts, create your credentials as you normally would, and finally scan the QR code with the camera, and you’re done. Now let’s take a look at the main features, the things that excite me the most.

The first thing you’ll notice is the 360-degree pan and tilt. It’s in the name, so what does it look like? How does it work?

When you’re looking at your phone, all you have to do is swipe up, down, left, right, and the camera will adjust to your swipes.

Now the 360 is a great thing, but what impressed me the most about this feature was the quality of its produced videos. For example, a lot of times, there are security cameras.

So when it moves, there could be some pixelation, there could be a lot of judders, and you can’t really see what you’re looking at.


Overall the 1080p was very smooth, and I’m very impressed.

With this nooie 360 cam baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your kids no matter what angle. So I want to know when they’re trying to escape or leave the house, or if someone’s trying to come in or drop a package or whatever.

So motion and noise detection is a must, and I’m personally very impressed with the response time.

You go into the app, select a day and time, and if there’s any motion or noise, it records it and sends a notification right to the device, and then you can look at the notification.

Picture quality

The night vision is pretty good, too. That’s great if you’re using it for outdoor security or keeping an eye on your sleeping child.

A lot of these cameras today have night vision.

With some, the white is so bright, and there’s not a lot of contrast, but with this one, you can see the details pretty well.

So now let’s go ahead and take a look at the two-way audio because that’s another thing that’s important if you want to talk to your kids or if you want to leave a note for maybe someone coming to bring a package and you can yell at them when they leave it falling super hard.

Sound quality

Either way, two-way audio is important, so let’s take a look at that. Hey, how are you doing? This is an audio test for the Nooie Cam 360 baby monitor cam. Great, it was pretty clear.

It sounds like I’m ordering food at a restaurant, a drive-thru, but it actually sounds pretty clear, and it doesn’t cut in and out or have the distortion that you can have with some audio, but I’m very impressed.


The last point I want to highlight is memory. I’m pretty impressed with the storage capacity. I know I said I’m pretty impressed with many things, but I mean, these features are pretty great for the price of the camera itself.

For other cameras, for example, you’re paying $ 200, $300.


This one is pretty inexpensive for every feature that you get. So you can shoot in the app, and it’s saved to your phone’s photo album, which is your phone’s memory or your device.

You can record locally to an SD card, and you can also create an account, which means you can subscribe to secure cloud storage.


Now they use Amazon Web Services, which is pretty impressive, and to get 24/7 video recording in the cloud, it’s only $5 a month, which is cool because, I mean, there are other security cameras that I’ve tried.

So it’s pretty expensive actually to get that, or you get blips of a cloud recording.

But having it 24/7 is pretty cool, and it’s pretty cheap. So when you look at the other companies and think about what the other offerings are and compare it to what Nooie 360 Cam actually offers, man, five stars from me.

I really enjoy this camera. I hope this helps you in your buying decisions or your general search for security cameras.

FAQ: Nooie 360 Cam Baby Monitor

Does the new camera support share a video with my friend?

Yes, your friends and family can see what they want to see by installing the same app. The app is also quite easy to use.

Can I mount this nooie baby monitor camera on a wall or ceiling?

Yes, of course. You can attach the wall mount to the bottom of the camera.

Can it insert SD card in Nooie cam?

Nooie Cam supports a Micro SD card of class 6 or higher, from 4G to 128G. this is better If you don’t want to use cloud storage.

Will this device still allow me to talk to someone from my cell phone?

The Nooie camera is equipped with a TWO-WAY AUDIO feature: Listen and talk to your family or pets directly from your phone, anytime, anywhere through the built-in microphone and speaker of the indoor camera (with anti-noise technology).

Overall, this is a good buy if you really need a super baby monitor that is affordable.

I didn’t hide anything in this nooie baby monitor review.

What you read is an honest review and nothing but the truth.