Are baby monitors with WIFI safe? The best wireless baby monitors

Are baby monitors with WIFI safe?

Please read on as I reveal the safest WIFI baby monitor with audio, video, and night vision for multiple rooms for home security.

With a multi-room baby monitor with 2 or more cameras, you can monitor your children in different rooms at the same time without stress in real-time and be alerted by a beep when motion is detected.

The best WiFi baby monitor for multiple rooms is Babysense Baby Monitor – 720P 5″ HD display, Video Baby Monitor with camera and audio.

It is equipped with top-notch video and audio capabilities with a playback system; this means that it can also record your child’s video for future reference.

You can zoom, rotate and tilt this video baby monitor camera effortlessly with remote control. It also supports night vision. So even if there is a power outage, you can see your baby crystal clear thanks to the night vision feature.

In my capacity as a safety professional, I recommend Babysense Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio– 720P 5″ HD display, Video Baby Monitor with camera and audio.

It is the safest Baby Monitor with a camera and audio.

In addition, it is ideal for multiple rooms, has a remote control no matter where you are in the house, and has a strong and longer battery life in case of a power outage.

As a parent, the feeling of watching your child sleep is very nice. However, before the advent of technology, it is very common for parents to physically watch over their sleeping children to ensure they are safe and secure, right?

It is one of how mother and child are connected, and it has proven effective to date. However, you can effortlessly monitor your child with a baby security camera without breaking a sweat.

Most of these high-tech wireless baby monitors have audio and video features that make it easy for you to see, hear and respond to your baby even when you are deep in sleep.

They can detect when your baby makes a move and beep at you to check and respond immediately. The beauty of this is that you can watch your children sleep peacefully and giggle as they sleep. 

Best WIFI Baby Monitor with Multiple Cameras – BabySense

After thorough research, I have only one great and effective WIFI baby monitor in mind.

The best 2 camera WIFI baby monitor I can vouch for is Babysense Baby Monitor – 720P 5″ HD display, Video Baby Monitor with camera and audio.

For this reason, I love and recommend this product if you are not on a tight budget.

  • Portability: Very portable and lightweight with a sleek design.
  • Hacker proof: this device is hacker-free, highly secure, and encrypted with the latest security.
  • It comes with 2 HD cameras to connect more security cameras with remote control.
  • WIFI coverage from a distance of 960ft range.
  • Quality two-way audio. You can hear your child and talk to your child through the Babysense Baby monitor. In addition, the two-way audio system allows you to select and play melodious lullabies to lull your child back to sleep.
  • This baby camera has a night vision feature.
  • It is internet-free and has Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology; therefore, it cannot be hacked.


Factors to consider when purchasing a wireless baby monitor with audio and camera?

Before buying a product online, ask questions like “What to consider before buying this device?” or “Does it work as suspected?”

There are some important factors you need to consider. In this case, if you want to buy a baby monitor, the following are the most important factors that you should consider.

However, I have made it easier for you because all the baby safety cameras reviewed here have passed the entire test.

  1. Audio and camera feature:  It’s pretty useless if your baby monitor can’t capture sounds or detect motion. Therefore, you should always know what you want and go for it. Don’t settle for an audio-only baby monitor even though it can give both audio and video recording.
  2. Night vision: Night vision is simply the ability of a camera to detect and recognize moving objects in the dark. The baby monitoring products mentioned here usually can record even in a power failure.
  3. Remote Control: A baby monitor with 2 cameras and a remote control feature is necessary. With the remote control, you can wirelessly rotate the cameras to see all angles of the room where your baby is, even when you are not there.
  4. Multiple cameras: As I mentioned earlier, you can monitor your kids’ activities in different places with multiple cameras. The most common WiFi baby monitors come with 2 cameras, at least with an option to expand to more. 2-camera, multiple room baby monitors have the advantage over single cameras.
  5. Camera quality:  This is also very important. Sharp and clear video quality should also be your first consideration. The good thing is that your work has been simplified here because the baby monitors mentioned here are of high video quality and offer ultra HD images and audio quality.
  6. Longer battery life:  It would help if not neglect this factor. A power outage doesn’t happen often, but when it does, your wireless child monitor needs to be able to work for hours without direct power.

Best Baby Monitor Under $50 – ANMEATE

Quality comes at a cost most times, but if you are looking for a good baby monitor under $50 that is still great for starters, I recommend EANMATE 1080P FHD Baby Monitor with Smart Motion Tracking Sound Detection 2.4G.

It is the best baby monitor under 50 dollars to buy with great functions.


Can you hack into Baby Monitors?

Here on Home Security Planet, we have to consider several things: the security of your kid. But also the security of the camera itself.

Baby monitors, are they safe? Unfortunately, no. They are often hacked into, especially when connected to the internet, which can be a real nightmare for parents.

But Wait! 

The truth is, there are many inferior WiFi baby monitors out there that don’t offer users top-notch security. Unfortunately, these devices are usually cheap, and because they are relatively cheap, you would be forced to buy one.

If you want a quality and more secure monitoring device that cannot be hacked, you will have to spend a little more. The good thing is that all the baby monitors mentioned in this article have been tested for their security.

Therefore, they are hard to hack, and your kids will be fine.

They are made with your child’s safety in mind and use high-tech measures for enhanced home security with a top-notch regular security update to outsmart the bad guys.

These video baby monitors are internet-free and provide a secure connection to your baby. Moreover, it has an enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology. Therefore, it cannot be hacked.

Most baby monitor manufacturers now equip their baby cameras with top-notch security, including passwords.

This allows them to protect and preserve your child from cyber hackers or trespassers.

How to Protect Your WIFI Baby Monitor from Hackers

Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

That’s why we don’t pray for your baby monitor to get hacked; that’s why you need to follow these 5 simple steps to protect your WIFI baby monitors from hackers.

  1. Change the default password: The default password comes with the baby monitor when you buy a new one. It is best to change it to something stronger. Preferably, the password for your baby monitor should be a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. This would make it extremely difficult for hackers to guess or crack.
  2. Please do not share the password with everyone: It is against the common practice to share passwords. Don’t be reckless enough to give out your baby monitor’s password.
  3. Always update the software on your devices: If you need to protect your baby monitor from hackers, take this advice seriously. Hackers are always looking for loopholes that they can exploit, whereas product manufacturers always block these holes. For this reason, you should always check for software updates for your wireless baby monitor and update accordingly.
  4. Turn on automatic updates: As mentioned earlier, this is highly necessary. You will then receive updates automatically to protect your device and your family.
  5. Restrict external access: This is very important; you should limit the number of accesses and rights to your baby security camera. Preferably, always use a remote control to control your wireless baby camera.