The Best Wireless Caregiver Pager Alert system for Older Adults

We have researched verifiable evidence and practical, real-world experience to find the best wireless home emergency call for the elderly, ill, and disabled.

This modern home emergency call system for the elderly helps to reach us quickly at home or any other place without alarming other people.

As you know, a caregiver cannot always stay with a patient in a facility. So there would be a time when you would want to relieve yourself, go to the kitchen or go upstairs to get things.

But what happens when you, as a patient or disabled person, need urgent assistance? That’s where a wireless caregiver pager alert comes in.

Wireless pagers are a great relief for both caregivers and patients. This eliminates the chances of patients screaming across the room when they can actually summon the caregiver’s attention by simply pressing a button.

Amazing right? We respect seniors, we’ve acknowledged what they’ve done for us and the country, and so their safety is our number one concern at this time.

One of the best things you can do as a caregiver is to get a caregiver pager. This is one of the most effective home security tools.

This home alarm system for the elderly helps to promote a faster response time between a caregiver and a patient or senior at home.

What is a wireless caregiver pager, and how does it work?

A wireless care alert system is a device used as a call system for emergencies that allows patients or older adults to alert caregivers within the home or facility.

This device is usually equipped with a wireless caregiver call button that alerts caregivers at home when the older adult needs assistance.

As stated, when this alarm system is equipped with a call button and is pressed by the patient, it sends an alarm either in a visual format through flashing lights or in an audio format with a moderately loud voice.

How does a wireless caregiver pager alert system work?

The wireless care pager makes the work of elder care smooth. It makes communication between the nursing staff and the patients within a facility easy and fun.

How does it work?

A patient uses a wireless caregiver pager to send signals in the form of flashing lights or loud sounds to alert them. In addition, it has a caregiver button.

A quick press of this button sends a quick signal to the receiver (caregiver), which attracts the caregiver’s attention with either a visual light or an audible voice alert.

This drastically reduces the yelling and screaming within the home or facility where the older adult is cared for.

The wireless care alert system allows the elderly and disabled to call their caregiver for help in an emergency within a home or small facility without yelling.

If you still doubt the best wireless caregiver pager home alarm system to buy for your elderly, look no more.

This article has researched the best affordable wireless pagers for caregivers with real-life usage experiences and modern features suitable for both the elderly and the caregiver.

3 Best Wireless Caregiver Pager for Elderly (Tested and Trusted)

1. CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager

Our first choice is CallToU; this is, frankly, the best wireless care pager for the elderly and disabled.

With 3 pagers and 2 call buttons, CallToU gives both the caregiver and the patient a bit of freedom and security.

This is the best home alarm system for elderly, sick, pregnant, and disabled people.

This device is equipped with a vibration sensor and a loud siren. You will feel an alarm when the patient needs your help – and even check on them every 4 hours when they are sleeping.

This best wireless personal alarm system for elderly, disabled, or sick people is easy to use.

It comes with clear instructions, and it’s super convenient to change the pager’s batteries. When the pager detects vibration or noise, it sends a call request to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

The CallToU app can be easily installed on your smartphone, and you will control the lights, siren, and vibration.

CallToU’s pager has a built-in microphone and earpiece so you can hear the bad news in an emergency. If you need help, use the call button to activate the siren and get someone to come to you right away.

The CallToU app also lets you check on your loved ones, even when they’re sleeping. We like that it connects to both iOS and Android devices.

A caregiver can consider CallToU as an additional security source in their home, as they can control everything from anywhere in case of an emergency.

This best wireless personal alarm system is also useful for seniors who need help with daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

Key features of CallToU wireless pager

  • 2 Portable wireless attention buttons with necklaces
  • 3 pagers and transmitters
  • 55 melodious ringtones to choose from
  • Waterproof
  • Signal range of 500ft
  • 5 levels of adjustable volume
  • Plug for receiver
  • Brackets for transmitter


  • Receivers must be plugged into a power
  • Receivers cannot be carried around

How CallToU wireless caregiver pager work

This a video on how CalltoU works and how to use it to take care of your loved ones

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2. DAYTECH Wireless Caregiver Pager for Elderly

Our second pick is DATECH wireless caregiver pager. It is convenient for upstairs and downstairs because of its signal range of 800ft and comes lightweight and portable to hang around the neck or pocket.

This wireless paging system offers the best freedom and flexibility, including independent living. It is designed to simplify the lives of those who cannot hear or respond to a traditional bell or buzzer.

The pager is worn around the neck, where it is instantly available at all times. A simple push of a button sends an alarm to a caregiver waiting around the corner or in another room.

You can set up many different combinations of alarms and notification methods for multiple caregivers.

Key features of DAYTECH wireless pager

  • Signal range of 800ft
  • 2 portable attention buttons and 2 pagers
  • Waterproof
  • Plugs for receivers
  • Adjustable volumes


  • Receivers must be plugged into a power
  • Receivers cannot be carried about

3. Smart Wireless Caregiver -Caregiver Personal Pager 

Finally, among the most used and sought-after wireless care pagers for the elderly is the smart care personal pager.

Just like the two mentioned above, this device works for the same purpose, but as a plus, it uses 16-bit coding to eliminate interference from other wireless devices, which helps it work anywhere in your home with a range of over 180 feet.

Secondly, unlike CallToU and DAYTECH wireless care receivers which depend on power supply AC, smart wireless care receivers work on battery but are not rechargeable.

Also, you can use it for seven days on a single charge without having to recharge it. The device has a compact size, which makes it easy to carry around.

The medical alert device also has an emergency button that can sound an alarm if the user feels they are in danger at home or while traveling.

The Smart Wireless Caregiver is ideal for those who want to ensure the safety of their family members, even when they are at work. Both caregivers and family members can use the device.

In addition, it comes with a special paging service that helps you track the whereabouts of your family members so you can have peace of mind wherever they are in your home.

If you want to use your Smart Wireless Caregiver, it is advisable to pair it with a walkie-talkie or any other device that supports the FRS channel to enable communication.

The Smart Wireless Caregiver has proven to be one of the most reliable devices because it is easy to use and can be deployed within a short period of time. Moreover, it has a battery backup that allows its operation for up to seven days.

The product has a fair price and is among the few wireless care pagers that are easy to install.

When you receive your package, you will find useful user guides and manuals that can help you set up your device more easily without having any difficulties along the way.

Key features of CallToU wireless pager

  • 1 wireless button and 2 transmitters
  • Waterproof
  • 500ft of signal range
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries
  • 3 level adjustable volume
  • 36 melody sounds and 9 alarm sounds


  • Only one call button

Are wireless caregiver pagers waterproof?

Yes, they’re waterproof. Keeping in mind that some patients may not have a steady grip, wireless caregiver pagers are water-resistant. This means that they can still work perfectly even after coming in contact with water.

Wireless Caregiver Alert System Guide: What you should look out for before getting one

Certain features need to be considered before purchasing a care alert system for your patient or elderly parent.

You should see them below:

Portability: When buying a pager for your caregiver or patient, always make sure that it is lightweight and one can carry it around, hang it as a pendant on the neck or wear it somewhere in the clothing without dropping it.

Battery Life: The device’s battery life is very crucial, especially if the alarms are going to go off every hour and they have to go to find out where you might be. When buying a grooming system, make sure it has a battery life of at least 30 days.

Signal strength: always get a wireless caregiver pager with good signal strength over some distance. I recommend you always look for pagers with a signal distance of 500ft and above.

Ease of use: Ensure that all the buttons are easy to reach in case of an emergency. This will help you in a situation where you are about to fall or have already fallen. Also, ensure that the wireless pager you are about to purchase is easy to set up and operate without any technical know-how.

Monitoring system: make sure that your monitoring center has trained personnel who know how to handle the system’s alarms and know when emergencies occur to people using their devices. Always make sure your monitoring system has a backup battery if there is no power or to recharge.

Waterproof: You can’t always be there to watch over your patients; that’s where a caregiver alert system comes in. Some patients can easily drop their pagers in the water. For this reason, all of the devices mentioned here are waterproof.

Self-Monitoring: If you can’t always be around to check on your patients, a caregiver alert system comes in handy. It can alert you if your patient leaves the house when they shouldn’t or falls and can’t get up by themselves.

The number of receivers: always opt for nurse pagers with 2 or more receivers. These receivers are installed in strategic locations in your home or facility for faster response.

Adjustable volume: pagers are equipped with an alarm system that combines light and sound. Sometimes, this sound can be loud or soft. Therefore, use your wireless pager that has an adjustable volume button to adjust the sounds.

Maintenance: some pagers are easy to maintain. Others require a little more care and maintenance. If your pager has a non-replaceable battery, make sure you keep the battery level in good condition. Always buy a maintenance system where the batteries can be easily replaced, requiring too much maintenance.

Final thoughts…

To some old folks, gifting them a pager may seem insulting and awkward, and as you know, they can be stubborn at times; this is why we recommend you talk to them about the benefits of using a caregiver pager alert system before purchasing.

Make them understand those caregiver pagers allows them much more freedom and security within the facility during emergencies.

All the major works you need about getting the best wireless caregiver pager for senior citizens have been simplified here.

At home security planet, we care for your safety.