How long does it take to charge a Eufy video camera?

The battery life of Eufy security cameras differs from product to product, and the charging time also varies.

Unless you have a wired video camera or have a solar panel connected to your wireless battery-powered security cameras, the dreaded moment will come…. when you actually need to charge your camera.

Eufy solved our problems of monthly subscriptions and additional costs, but we still need to charge the cameras!

At least once or a few times a year, depending on your camera model, how active your camera is, and how you set it up, you will need to charge your Eufy camera.

So how long does it take?  We have done thorough research and will tell you all about it in this quick guide.

We also made a guide on the best tips on how to extend your Eufy camera’s battery life.

How long does it take to charge a eufy security camera

How long it takes for each battery-powered eufy camera to recharge is listed here below:

Eufy Battery Life Video Cameras Comparison

Camera Model Charging time Battery Life Lithium-Ion Size
eufyCam 2 12 hours 365 days 13400mAh
eufyCam 2 Pro 12 hours 365 days 13400mAh
eufyCam 2C 5 hours 180 days 6700mAh
eufyCam 2C Pro 5 hours 180 days 6700mAh
eufy SoloCam S40 8-10 hours 120 days 13400mAh
eufy SoloCam L20 8-10 hours 120 days 13400mAh
eufy SoloCam L40 8-10 hours 120 days 13400mAh
eufy SoloCam E20 4-5 hours 120 days 6700mAh
eufy SoloCam E40 4-5 hours 120 days 6700mAh

As you can see above, the charging period wildly varies greatly depending on the camera.

For example, the eufyCam 2 takes a whopping 12 hours to fully charge, the eufyCam 2C takes 5 hours, while the newest eufy Solocam E40 only takes 4-5 hours to charge fully.

We can see 3 types of battery life types: 120-day battery life, 180-day battery life, and 365-day battery life.

The above battery life advertised numbers are Eufy’s official ones, based on 10 detections per day and a recording time of 30 seconds per recorded event.

However, several users on Reddit and ourselves have confirmed that these numbers are correct if you follow the best practices to extend the life of your Eufy camera.

Eufy’s duration tests took place under the following “normal” or “average” conditions:

  • 68°F (20°C) temperature surrounding temperature
  • 10 motion detections per day and a recording of 30 seconds for each detected motion
  • Power consumption in standby mode is included in usage time.

In general, all batteries are less efficient in temperatures lower than about 45°F (7°C) and will lose capacity faster.

Additionally, the battery life fluctuates and is dependent on the number of times motion is detected, the length of time the recording, and the temperature of the area, all of which can be configured in the app’s Settings and eufyCam’s Working Mode where the video quality and motion detection settings can get tweaked into detail.

How to charge Eufy Battery-powered cameras?

The charging method for all Eufy battery-powered cameras is the same, and that is by using the micro USB charging port.

Eufy recommends charging the battery-operated camera’s via their HomeBase station, as it’s optimized for it and charges faster (and 100% safe).

But of course, you can also attach it to a regular 5V USB power source with a USB cable, which will work fine too (just slower).

Eufy writes in their documentation that charging via the HomeBase “Fast Charging” and a regular 5V USB adapter “Normal Charging.”


If your camera is attached in a hard-to-reach location, you can also use a portable battery [link] from Anker to charge it, and the only caveat is that it will charge very slowly. But it might be more convenient than detaching the camera altogether.

You can, of course, also add a solar panel to your battery-powered cam, which will, under the right circumstances, enhance the battery’s lifetime tremendously.

When is my Eufy camera fully charged?

Answer: Your camera is fully charged when the LED turns off.

How can I see that my Eufy camera is charging?

Answer: The LED charging indication is in solid blue during charging. If the LED is red or another color you have other troubleshooting to do.

Do I get a notification from the Eufy app when the battery is low?

Yes, you will receive a notification in the Eufy app about your camera’s battery level when it drops below 20%.

When should you charge your eufy camera battery?

We advise you to never let the battery level drop below 30%. This is our daily experience, having used Eufy devices for 3 years now,

Regularly check the EufySecurity app and do not wait until the last moment or rely on the app’s notification to charge it, as it may suddenly unexpectedly run out of power due to unexpected circumstances.

For example, the battery level is 15%, it’s cold outside,  you leave the house for a long weekend, and your neighbor’s cats decide to have a party and play in your garden. This might make the drop unexpectedly to 0%, and then suddenly you are left without security.

So it’s like filling up your car: check it regularly and do not drive around in “reserve mode” until you run out of gas.

It’s a good habit to regularly check your camera’s battery level, for example, every time you leave the house for an extended period of time. Just make it a good habit.

Does the battery life display in Apple HomeKit?

Yes. The battery life of your Eufy cameras is also displayed in Homekit.

eufy homekit battery level
eufy homekit battery level

How can I check my eufycam battery level myself?

You can check the battery level of your cameras manually in the EufySecurity app as well, and don’t wait for the notification – which is what we recommend regularly doing.

On the image below, you see that on the left, you have a battery status indicator, but not with the exact percentage.

And if you want to go into detail, you have to:

1) Press the 3 dots on the right of the camera you want to check:

eufy check battery level step 1
eufy check battery level step 1

2) Click on the settings round-wheel:

eufy check battery level step 2
eufy check battery level step 2

3) Here, you are now on the device’s settings. Now click on “Power Manager” to see the exact details (the percentage) of the battery’s charge.

eufy check battery level step 3
eufy check battery level step 3
eufy check battery level step 4
eufy check battery level step 4

Do Eufy cameras come fully charged?

No. Eufy ships the cameras partially charged, somewhere around 60% to 80%. The reason why many manufacturers do this is to protect the battery from damage during transportation.

It’s always a good idea to charge it fully before using it for the first time.

How many times can you charge the Eufy camera battery?

Eufy uses lithium-Ion batteries, which typically stay very good for about 500 cycles or recharges.