Best camouflage skins for your Eufy video camera [2024 GUIDE]

Camouflage is a technique used to conceal an object or person from the view of others. Various types of materials and methods can be used for this purpose.

The most common type of camouflage is called “natural” camouflage because it uses natural objects found in nature. Natural camouflage usually involves some coloring, but sometimes other things like texture.

For example, you can hide your camera between rocks or tree branches.

Another form of camouflage is called ‘artificial’ or ‘disruptive’ camouflage because it does not use natural objects.

Instead, artificial camouflage relies on artificial techniques to make objects look like they belong there.

This type of camouflage is often used when you want to hide an object, in this case, a video camera, from the eyes of the possible intruder; meaning it works best when the intruder expects it or looks for it.

In this article, we will deal with two types of skins: to change the color of your Eufy camera (to make it fit better, so it’s less visible) and to really hide it.

Disguising and camouflaging your camera is the opposite of using dummy cameras!

Tip: You can also trick possible thieves and intruders into thinking they have discovered the dummy camera, but your is watching the dummy camera, so the Eufy camera is well hidden and cannot be detected.

And you are so creating an extra layer of security, and a false sense of safety for the intruders.

Our best and favorite skins

Birdhouse – Silicone Skin for eufyCam 2C and eufyCam 2C Pro

This silicone case is a stylish and practical option when protecting your eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro from the elements.

It makes your camera look like a real birdhouse, so intruders can not see it.

Two brands are making almost the exact same casing (or are being rebranded): Holoca and AoBelieve.

It is designed to enclose your camera tightly and securely but still allows access to all ports, so you can attach a solar panel, for example, if you wish.

The original eufyCams are white and stand out. However, they are now much less visible with this cover in black.

It provides extra weather (like rain and snow) and UV protection for your camera.

Attaching and removing the Aobelieve silicone cover is a breeze. It is made of flexible and durable silicone and can be worn on your camera’s front, back, or side, depending on your preference.

Camouflaging your camera with this skin technique only takes a few minutes (you just have to pull it over the camera) to easily adapt to the environment.

Key benefits: 

  • Turns a white camera into a black birdhouse
  • It offers extra protection against weather like snow, rain but also the sun
  • Very affordable


Eufy – Black Protective Silicone Case from Eufy for eufyCam 2C & 2C Pro, Eufycam E

The eufyCam 2C Skin (2-pack) is ideal for keeping your eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro safe and protected. These skins are custom made for your eufyCam and are designed to fit snugly against the camera without interfering with its operation.

They are manufactured by Eufy itself and are made of high-quality materials.

Therefore, you can be sure that these skins will blend seamlessly into the environment and effectively hide your eufyCam from prying eyes. 

They are designed to protect your camera from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and rain. Applying and removing the skins is also a simple process.

Key benefits: 

  • Turns a white camera into a black, less noticeable object
  • High-quality material by Eufy themselves
  • Very affordable


Eufy – Black Protective Silicone Case from Eufy for Security eufyCam 1 & 2

The skin for eufyCam’s own security camera makes protecting your home security camera easier. When applied to the front and back of eufyCam cameras, they can blend in with any decor or make the camera less noticeable from a distance.

The cover is scratch-resistant silicone and has a built-in rubber grip to keep your camera securely in place.

EufyCam 1, EufyCam 1 Pro, EufyCam 2, and EufyCam 2 Pro are the cameras the skins are designed for, and Eufy manufactures these skins themselves.

Protects the surface of your eufyCam from scratches and other damage and increases the device’s resistance to adverse weather conditions such as rain and dust. In addition, it is easy to use and can be applied and removed from the device in seconds.


HOLACA – Weatherproof Silicone Skin for SoloCam E20 and SoloCam E40

Protect your eufy Security SoloCam E20 or SoloCam E40 from damage by the elements with these protective covers. Made of silicone, the cover is weatherproof, and IP65 rated, meaning it protects the eufyCam from water, dust, and accidental drops.

The silicone case is designed to fit securely over the eufy Security SoloCam E20 E40 and all its ports and sensors and is completely waterproof. Moreover, it will not scratch or damage the device.

Key benefits

  • Precise hole position
  • Rustproof
  • Simple installation

Wasserstein – Silicone Skins Compatible with eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro

The replaceable silicone sleeves protect your eufyCam 2C or 2C Pro from the harsh elements.

Made specifically for the eufyCam 2C or 2C Pro, these cases feature a clear opening for easy access to the charging port and mount and a clear cutout on the bottom for superior audio quality.

In addition, the slip-on design ensures ease of use.

The openings that allow easy access to the charging port and cradle offer a secure fit. In addition, the Wasserstein Skin is water and UV-resistant, protecting your camera.

The Wasserstein Skin is perfect for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its four color options (black, brown, beige, and white).

Key benefits:

  • Wasserstein is a respectable brand, and high quality is ensured
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor camouflage


Toughest camouflage duct tape: Gorilla Duct Tape

Have you thought about camouflage duct tape? A tough camouflage duct tape should be lying around in your garage anyway. It’s great for tree stands, tent repairs, and in our case: video cameras!

It’s cheap and versatile, and the same properties that make Gorilla Tape a household staple also make Camo Gorilla Tape a staple in the field.

conceal eufy video camera gorilla duct tape
conceal eufy video camera gorilla duct tape

The tape has the clarity of pattern, depth, and matte finish. Just tear off Gorilla Tape Camo by hand or cut it to the size of the Eufy video camera, then simply smooth out pockets or rolls with the tape.

Also when the tape freezes, it thaws perfectly.

Note: Gorilla Tape can be removed, although it may leave a residue.



Camouflage is a great feature to have on your indoor and outdoor video camera, as they help the normally white camera blend in with the background, making it less noticeable.

On top of that, it also protects the camera from bad weather conditions and only costs about $ 10 to $20.

This is a real steal and a great investment for anyone looking to make their home more secure!