Is It Possible to Use the Eufy Camera Without Homebase?

Eufy specializes in IP-based security cameras that work with a base station called HomeBase. This base station acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, amplifying Internet signals to increase your Wi-Fi network range.

By default, most Eufy security cameras are set up to connect and communicate directly with the HomeBase 2 (the most recent version) to record and store video.

But can you use the Eufy camera without Homebase?

This article answers that question and helps you understand whether or not you need a HomeBase for your Eufy camera.

Eufy Camera Homebase Compatibility List

Product HomeBase E/1/2
eufyCam  Yes
eufyCam E  Yes
eufyCam 2  Yes
eufyCam 2C  Yes
eufyCam 2 Pro  Yes
eufyCam 2C Pro  Yes
eufy Solo IndoorCam P24 No/Not yet
eufy Solo IndoorCam C22 No/Not yet
eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 No/Not yet
eufy SoloCam S40 No/Not yet
eufy SoloCam S20 No/Not yet
eufy SoloCam E40 No/Not yet
eufy SoloCam E20 No/Not yet
SoloCams Yes
2K Battery Doorbell Yes
Video Doorbell Dual Yes
1080P Battery Doorbell  Yes
Battery Doorbell Slim Yes
Motion Sensor Yes
Entry Sensor Yes
Keypad No
Smart Lock Front Door No
Smart Lock Touch No

What is the purpose of the Eufy HomeBase Station?

The Eufy HomeBase Station is essentially the central processor of any Eufy system.

There are several types of HomeBase units, including HomeBase, HomeBase 2, and HomeBase E. Most Eufy cameras are compatible with these units, except for SoloCams (however, Eufy states they are working on integration).

This base unit amplifies the Wi-Fi signal coming from your Wi-Fi router for your Eufy camera.

It also supports a micro SD card where you can store your video recordings. It is the first device you need to connect directly to your Internet connection for your cameras to receive the network signals.

You can use Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable to connect your HomeBase unit to the Internet.

Your Eufy camera will continue to record as long as it is connected to the HomeBase station, provided your internet connection is working properly.

In addition, you can use the Eufy app on your phone to access the videos stored on the microcard of your HomeBase SD.

Can Eufy security cameras work without HomeBase?

Most EufySecurity devices can only work when connected to the HomeBase station: eufyCam/eufyCam E/eufyCam 2/eufyCam 2C/eufyCam 2 Pro/eufyCam 2C Pro.

However, the company offers standalone cameras called the “SoloCam” series: such as the Solocam E20, SoloCam L20, and Solar Powered S40, to record video without HomeBase.

These models have a shorter battery life than those that work with HomeBase, like the Eufy Cam 2 Pro.

You can connect these standalone cameras directly to your WIFI system via the Eufy Security app.

These devices have a built-in local memory chip for recording and storing video footage in the camera. They also offer a micro SD card slot to increase local storage capacity.

Are There Any Advantages of Using a Standalone “Solo” Eufy Camera?

Using standalone Eufy security cameras that work without a HomeBase system gives you the following benefits:

No separate base station required

If you have a Eufy camera that does not have a standalone feature, you need to ensure your HomeBase is always connected to a power source.

This is because it does not come with a built-in battery.

You will need to connect the HomeBase to power via a power adapter. If the power adapter can not amplify the WIFI signals, all your Eufy cameras that depend on the HomeBase will stop working.

On the other hand, you do not need to go through this trouble using a standalone Eufy camera.

Save money

Installing a security system that depends on the Eufy HomeBase station comes at a higher cost. Using a standalone Eufy camera is convenient if you have a tight budget because then you will not have to spend extra money on the HomeBase.

The option to buy a single camera

In most cases, Eufy security devices are sold together with the HomeBase as a package. You cannot buy a single Eufy camera, which requires the base unit to record and store videos.

However, this is not the case with a standalone camera, as you can buy and install it without the HomeBase. This saves money and time and allows you to choose the camera that best suits your use case.

Are there any disadvantages with a standalone Eufy camera?

In addition to the advantages, Eufy cameras that work without a base unit also have some disadvantages, including the following.

Less good battery life

Eufy’s standalone cameras offer about half the battery life compared to the standard options. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of these cameras, as changing the battery after two or three months is nothing less than a nuisance. In contrast, the Eufy Cam 2 Pro, which works with HomeBase, can last 6 to 12 months.

Less Storage Space

Eufy cameras can record at 2K resolution, which means that the video files are very large. The Eufy system also applies encryption to these video files, making them larger.

Depending on your location and security needs, you may need to keep these video files, which can contain revealing details, safe.

The standalone cameras offer less storage space than the standard Eufy devices, as they rely on MicroSD and SD cards.

As a result, you will need to transfer your data regularly to your computer or laptop to keep it safe or connect them to Eufy Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Eufy Cameras Work Without HomeBase?

Yes, a range of Eufy cameras such as Solo P24, Solo C24, Solo P22, and Solo C22 can work without HomeBase. In addition, these devices can directly connect to your WIFI system to start recording and storing videos without a HomeBase.

What Is the Purpose of Eufy HomeBase?

The primary function of Eufy HomeBase is to boost Wi-Fi signal strength for your cameras. It also connects your security system to Eufy’s servers to authenticate your account and allow cameras to record and save videos.

Does EufyCam 2-C Work without HomeBase?

No, EufyCam 2C doesn’t work without HomeBase. However, some users pointed out that you can pair it with Eufy’s Doorbell Chime if you want to use it without a base station.

The Eufy Chime device uses a Wi-Fi connection to interface the router and doorbell. This way, it works as a mini-HomeBase that can support a couple of Eufy devices. So, for example, you can connect your EufyCam 2C and doorbell to this system, and both can work effectively.

Do Eufy Cameras Support Any Home Automation Platform?

Currently, Eufy cameras don’t support any home automation platform like Blue Iris and Home Assistant.

Final Words

Most Eufy cameras require the HomeBase to work, but the company also offers Solo cams that can work without the base station. We hope this article helps you choose the Eufy camera that best suits your needs.

Just make sure you know the pros and cons of standalone security cameras before making your final decision.