Eufy Cloud Storage – explained

When EUFY launched its security products, it solved many people’s annoyances by offering a non-subscription-based service (compared to the market leader Ring).

It does this by offering a Eufy HomeBase in its products, which functions as a hard drive to store your videos locally.

In addition, the HomeBase acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, amplifying the signal to the cameras and thus increasing the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network.

EUFY’s selling point is:

Zero Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, Eufy Cameras are a one-time purchase that combines security with convenience.

However, they did introduce “Cloud Storage” to their product line in 2020, causing mixed feelings in their loyal fanbase, who were expecting EUFY to lure them into Cloud Storage only slowly.

EUFY mentioned they received many requests of users of at least having the possibility of having Cloud Storage at least available; as an option.

And now, at the moment of writing, they seem to be true to keeping their word. Of course, everything remains local-storage-focused, but – if you’d like the convenience of Cloud Storage, it is at least possible.

Or as they write on their site:

Cloud storage allows you to store data so that it may be accessed “anytime, anywhere” through the Internet from any device.

As everything is becoming subscription-based (and many of us want to avoid subscriptions, hello Netflix, Hulu, Disney!), there certainly is a market for folks that would rather prefer a Cloud Storage option:

For example:

  • the not so tech-savvy user, who doesn’t want to be busy managing a HomeBase?
  • or what if your HomeBase or MicroSD camera gets stolen during a break-in?

We try to avoid subscriptions a much as possible yourselves too! But understand why EUFY started offering them.

We’re okay with that as long as they don’t push it or make it the primary storage function. This article is part of our Eufy troubleshooting series.

Benefits of EUFY Cloud Storage

  • No more running out of disk space on your HomeBase or SD card
  • Videos accessible anytime, anywhere
  • It’s in the Cloud, so after a burglary (and they’d steal your EUFY equipment), your videos are still available.
  • EUFY promises all film and data are encrypted to military standards.

Disadvantages of EUFY Cloud Storage

  • What, another, another subscription???
  • The pricing is not that competitive (more about that below)
  • A feeling of less self-control and relying on “the privacy of the cloud.”

Steps: How to enable EUFY Cloud Storage

You have to enable Cloud Storage from within the app itself.

Step 1: Go to “Additional services”

You might have the instinct to go “My Services,” but you should go to “Additional Services” as shown below:

Eufy Cloud Storage - Step 0
Eufy Cloud Storage – Step 1


Step 2: Select “Cloud Storage” from the Service Center

Eufy Cloud Storage - Step 2
Eufy Cloud Storage – Step 2



Step 3: Select the right plan for you

Eufy recommends the “Plus plan” by default, but this, of course, only makes sense if you have more than 3 devices connected to their system.

Otherwise, you can stick with the “Basic plan.” There are no other features or benefits to choosing the “Plus Plan” instead.

Eufy Cloud Storage - Step 3
Eufy Cloud Storage – Step 3



Step 4: Receive the email and follow the instructions

This will basically send you to your Eufy online account.

Eufy Cloud Storage - Step 4
Eufy Cloud Storage – Step 4

Step 5: Complete your selection

Eufy price selection
Next, they let you choose which cameras you want to connect, and that’s it!


Which items are compatible with Cloud Storage subscriptions?

Eufy Cloud storage is available for the EufyCam series, 1080P Battery Doorbell and Battery Doorbell Slim, Indoor Cam series, and Floodlight, the full list:

So at the moment of writing, it is important to know following devices will not work:

The most notable of this list is that the Video Doorbell (Wired) and 2K (Battery-Powered) are not compatible if you were looking for that (!).

Pricing, how much are the EUFY monthly subscriptions?

There are 4 service plans for cloud storage:

Basic Cloud Service (per camera)

  • Monthly – $2.99/camera – with a rolling 30-day video history
  • Yearly – $29.99/camera – with a rolling 30-day video history (basically that’s 2 months for “free”)

Premier Cloud Service (up to 10 cameras)

  • Monthly – $9.99 – with a rolling 30-day video history
  • Yearly – $99.99 – with a rolling 30-day video history (basically that’s 2 months for “free”)

It boils down to that if you have more than 3 cameras, the “Premier” plan is the way to go. Otherwise, stick with the “Basic” plan.

These prices are almost identical to’s prices with the following noteworthy things:

  • First, offers 60 days of video history compared to Eufy’s 30 days.
  • The “Ring Plus” plan is comparable with the Eufy Premier plan. You get it for “all your devices” while Eufy’s offering says “up to 10 cameras”“. However, from our own experience, Ring does not guarantees what they’re promising at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the EUFY app?

The EUFY app is free to download and download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Via this link:

Does EUFY require a subscription?

No. It’s not needed at all. It might be of convenience to some users and in some cases.

Does the Eufy camera have free cloud storage?

No, there is no free Eufy Cloud Storage available. However, Eufy’s local storage options (SmartHub, SD Cards) are free.

Where are Eufy videos stored?

If you opt to save the clips in the Cloud, EUFY uses TLS and SRTP to encrypt data between eufy devices and Amazon AWS (Secure Real-Time Protocol). AWS will also encrypt the clips it stores to provide additional data safety.

Can members of the Eufy team access my live stream? 

No, members of the eufy staff cannot activate or view live broadcasts from your eufy devices.

Who has access to my recordings? 

You have complete control over who receives video access. You can add Shared Users to your account, who will be able to view and download recorded videos.

Additionally, you can download the clip file to your phone and then share it with family and acquaintances via your preferred messenger program.