My Eufy Detaching Tool / Pin is Lost (troubleshooting)

To detach some of Eufy’s video doorbell’s battery, you need to have the Eufy “Detaching Tool,” or “Doorbell Detaching Pin,” more precisely on the: Β Wired Video Doorbell 2K, Wired Video Doorbell 1080p, Battery Video Doorbell 2K, and the Battery Video Doorbell 1080p.

It comes in the box upon arrival, but it’s just one of these little things that might get lost or bent or your kids thought it was.

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We noticed we are not the only ones with this problem! So wrote up this quick guide to help you out.

eufy doorbell detaching pin
eufy doorbell detaching pin

You could order a direct replacement on Eufy for about $7 – but there are better alternatives!

Solution 1. Get a jewelers screwdriver (set)

It’s a good idea to have these tools in your toolkit:

A jewelers screwdriver or precision screwdrivers are inexpensive and will help you out with fixing the Eufy Video Doorbell as well.

They’re great for replacing batteries on watches too!

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for unexpected events. And if you’re anything like me, then DIY-ing your home repair projects has become second nature over time, and now I can’t imagine living without the right tools!

A jewelers screwdriver or precision set costs very little on Amazon–perfect for family members who want to fix things themselves at home (and save money).

And while they may not work as well against someone else’s mistake like an over-tightening lid joint-they can still get jobs done when all else fails.

As a result, you’ll find yourself using them more than ever before because no matter what problem arises!

You can use them too when replacing batteries on watches which would otherwise cost way more than they’re worth at any electronics store (because who likes paying high prices?).

Solution 2. Use an iPhone SIM card removal tool

If you’re careful while being forceful enough, your iPhone SIM card removal tool that’s been sitting on a shelf for months without the use… might just come in handy. The trick is to be fast and decisive (or else the metal will bend). If not, you can order new ones for a few bucks online.

Solution 3. The paperclip method

If you want to spend no real money on it, use a big strong paperclip. Just bend open the clip, and voila! You will be good too.

Solution 4. Contact Eufy

Are you still under warranty for your product? Maybe the detaching tool never came with it to start with? The Kind people at Eufy might send you a free replacement if you ask for it!

You can contact them here.


With these four methods, you’ll be able to remove your battery without having to purchase an official “detaching” tool from Eufy.

They are all cheaper and just as effective!