EUFY Solo OutdoorCam Mounting Guide

Best mounting location for Eufy cameras

The EUFY OutdoorCam is IP67 weatherproof, making it more resistant to the elements than any of its competitors. When relevant motion is detected, the built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding area.

With no monthly fees, storage on the device ensures maximum security and worry-free monitoring.

It simply is a great value for money camera. This article is part of our Eufy troubleshooting series.

We received questions about perfectly mounting the EUFY OutdoorCam camera (models C22 and C24) and wrote this guide.

Good mounting of your camera is essential for your home security!

The LED status meanings

Before getting started, it’s a good reminder of what the LED statuses are for Eufy outdoor cameras:

LED statuses are for Eufy outdoor cameras
Solid shade of blue Connected successfully; Proper operation
The color blue is flashing slowly Prepared for installation; Working properly with a viewer of the Livestream or a recorder of the event.
The color red is flashing slowly The camera was not added to the device list; Cut off from the Internet.
Solid shade of bluish violet The system is undergoing initialization


EUFY Outdoor Mounting Guide

Choose a Mounting Location and HeightΒ 

The Eufy outdoor cameras are suitable to be mounted on a table, shelf, or wall. Actually as well outdoors as indoors!

Before mounting the OutdoorCam, choose a location and height to provide the desired view and allow easy access to a power outlet.

Ascertain that the camera has a strong Wi-Fi connection in the location where it will be mounted for it to stream video to your eufy Security app.

Before mounting, disconnect the OutdoorCam from the power outlet.

Mounting the Eufy camera

Eufy table mount
Eufy table mount

1. When placing the OutdoorCam on a table, keep it at least 0.7 ft / 20 cm away from walls or other obstructions to the view. This is to avoid infrared reflection, which can impair night vision performance. Next, attach the bottom of your camera to the magnetic base and place it on the table.

Eufy wall mount
Eufy wall mount

2. When mounting the OutdoorCam on a wall, keep it no higher than 10 ft / 3 m above the ground. This height maximizes the detection range of your camera’s motion sensor.

Step 1: Utilize a power drill to drill a pilot hole. Utilize the provided anchors (optional) and screws to secure the metallic plate. Anchors are required for brick or concrete walls. Before tightening the screws, ensure that there is sufficient space for the charging cable to pass through.

Eufy Connect the magnetic base
Eufy Connect the magnetic base.

Step 2: Connect the magnetic base to the metallic plate using the included screws. Attach the Outdoor Cam Pro / Outdoor Cam to the magnetic base using the included screws.

Eufy Rotate the camera
Eufy Rotate the camera.

Step 3: Rotate the camera to adjust the view and monitor it via the eufy Security app’s live stream.

For those who do not wish to drill holes in the wall, a 3M adhesive strip is included. After securing the charging cable beneath the metallic plate’s hook, adhere to the metallic plate with the 3M adhesive strip.

Restore Electrical Power

Connect the camera to the power outlet via the USB cable and adapter included. The camera will be connected to the system once it is powered on. When it is connected successfully, the status LED will illuminate solid blue.

Camera Reset

For ten seconds, press and hold the SETUP/SYNC button until two beeps are heard. After that, the camera’s default settings will be restored.

After you connect your cameras to your app, you can assign them a location.

There are several excellent locations to mount your Eufy cameras, but ultimately it depends on where you need them most.

Eufy outdoor cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors. However, if you are sure you’ll never use them outdoors, you can stick with the cheaper indoor models.

Enjoy using your EUFY OutdoorCam camera in the best way!