7 Best Security Cameras For Alexa – [2024]

A security camera is undoubtedly an essential device for your smart home.

A smart indoor security camera with Alexa voice control and other smart home services like Google Assistant not only makes it easier to keep an eye on your property and enhances your home security system.

Of course, there are plenty of home security cameras that will serve you well, but you should also know what features to look out for.

So in this article, we will go over the most important features and some of the best indoor and outdoor security cameras.

So let us take a look at some of the best security cameras for Alexa.

Best Security Camera For Amazon Alexa 

Let’s look at some specifications of the best security cameras compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Product Resolution Rating Check it out here
Ring Spotlight Cam 1080p 4.7 Link
Blink Mini 1080p 4.5 Link
Wyze Cam V3 1080p 4.5 Link
Ring Video Pro 1080p 4.5 Link
Zmodo Security Camera 1080p 4.3 Link
Eufy Cam 2 Pro 2K 4.6 Link
Arlo Pro 2 1080p 4.3 Link

Now that you have an overall idea of these products, it’s time we review them so that you can make an informed buying decision on the best security camera for your home.

Ring Spotlight Cam (Battery, two-way talk and siren alarm)

When you seek a highly augmented security camera that works perfectly well with Alexa and Echo Show, the Ring Spotlight Cam is a perfect match. This device ensures excellent privacy and easy setup. Moreover, Ring holds a reputation for dropping incredible products on the market, and this Ring indoor cam does not disappoint. 

Integrated with a 1080p HD solution and adjustable LED spotlight, this security camera delivers vivid clarity in images and videos.

The Ring Spotlight cam is enabled with robust motion detection sensors that detect intruders’ activity and alert you via the Alexa app or Echo Show.

It is also compatible with Google Assistant, or you can even receive these triggers on the Ring user application or any other device connected to the security camera. Along with this, the built-in siren warns you of any suspicious activities around your backyard or patio. 

This Ring Indoor Cam boosts your home security, delivers a neat minimal look, and comes in black/white color, going well with your decor. Also, the weather-resistant technology and scotopic vision allow you to monitor the field of view anytime. 

Key Features

  • Delivers HD resolution of 1080p 
  • Enabled Live Stream 
  • Features scotopic vision
  • Provides a field view of 140° horizontal, 78° vertical
  • Integrated with smart detect motion with customizable activity zones
  • It comes pre-installed with a two-way conversation attribute 
  • Activated noise cancellation and remote alarm 
  • Motion-activated LED Spotlights
  • Works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Powered by solar panel or rechargeable battery 
  • Integrated mounting base with adjustable angle

Blink Mini (Compact, night vision, motion detection)

Blink Mini Indoor Camera is an Amazon choice product that provides a seamless connection with Amazon Alexa. In addition, the blink indoor cam is incredibly budget-friendly and easy to set up in any part of your home.

In addition, it delivers an ultra HD video quality that allows you to capture every little detail. The chip technology integrated into the Blink Mini adds to its high-end functionality. This enables you to customize motion detection, which only alerts you when there is suspicious activity. 

The blink sync module 2 supports the extensive library of visuals available in local storage through the Blink app. In addition, the Blink app provides you with immediate alerts and augments your entire home security system. You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial of the Blink Mini cloud subscription and enjoy cloud storage and other exclusive features. 

Key Features

  • Delivers a field of view 110° diagonal
  • Record visuals in 1080p 
  • Live stream enabled 
  • Robust HD scotopic vision
  • Speaker output and 2-way audio recording
  • Pre-installed with chip technology to customize the motion detection 
  • Economical and easy setup


Wyze Cam v3 (Color Night Viewing, 2-Way Audio, AI Chip)



The second iteration of the Wyze Cam is jam-packed with various features. This is ideally used as an indoor security camera and works well in your backyard or near your existing doorbell. In addition, the Wyze cam offers 1080p live streaming and even allows a two-way conversation with people at your door.

The Wyze cam comes pre-installed with sensors that send motion-activated alerts and automatically capture a 12-second video clip of any activity that might be taking place. 

Avoid any irrelevant notifications by using the app so that you are only alerted if something suspicious is detected. Moreover, this is an all-in-one product that can cover your rooms, the precise movements of your children, and so much more. 

This camera system also comes with MicroSD cards that enable you to record all the trivial details. Although these cards are sold separately, they are an investment for your home security. In addition, the night vision of this camera has a coverage range of a whopping 30 feet.

The Wyze cam delivers explicit image quality and is easy to control with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.  

Key Features

  • Intelligent motion detection
  • 130-degree field of view
  • Time-lapse footage
  • Crisp, clear night vision
  • Playback at 20 fps
  • Sound detection
  • Instant alerts to your phone

Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Upgraded)

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is another Ring security camera on this list. It is the latest iteration of the security doorbell by the Ring. This device is integrated with many impressive features to take your home security system to another level. 

This wired doorbell is enabled with Pre-Roll video previews and bi-directional communication, which allows you to greet anyone at the front door camera. You can even customize or adjust the privacy settings to suit your needs. 

Furthermore, the Ring app prompts you with proximity alerts to notify your connected device of any danger. Enjoy all other excellent features like built-in Alexa Greeting, Ring Protect Plan, and more with the Ring cloud subscription. Connect with the Alexa app and enable this tech if you want to receive the triggers or alarms on your echo show. 

Key Features

  • Dual-band wi-fi for reliable connections 
  • 1080p HD video with color night vision 
  • Pre-Roll video previews 
  • Two-way talk and quick replies 
  • Advanced motion detection with Customizable Motion Zones
  • Real-time notifications and Live View
  • Security and privacy controls

Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera (Wireless, Smart Home)

The outdoor security camera by Zmodo is incorporated with all the essential features like any outdoor camera. The explicit HD visual and adaptive night vision of the Zmodo security camera helps you capture every minor detail. Furthermore, you can look at all the activities on your smartphone or other smart devices. 

This outdoor camera is integrated with IP66 water resistance technology and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C. This feature also ensures the weather does not damage your security camera. 

Also, the device is equipped with 20 Infra-Red LEDs that support night vision of up to 65ft and let you view objects even in low light. Moreover, the Zmodo camera comes pre-installed with futuristic AI technology, guaranteeing extreme security. 

This camera helps prevent false alarms for irrelevant things, so you avoid unnecessary panic. The motion detection feature sends you alerts only when there is an activity in a specific parameter. Moreover, you can be assured of being protected in all seasons without damaging your security camera. 

In addition, if any motion is captured in the footage, you will be notified immediately via the Zmodo App. The trigger warning is given to you via a 15-second long recorded video rather than just snapshots.

These playbacks are stored in the cloud storage, and the company provides you with 30-day free cloud storage, which will help further reduce false warnings. 

Key Features

  • Robust design with antennas and outer metal cast 
  • Enhanced night vision 
  • 1080p HD video streaming 
  • Timely motion alerts 
  • IP66 weatherproof technology 
  • AI-powered technology to accurately detect different objects 
  • 30-day free cloud storage
  • Compatible with Echo Show for voice control 

eufyCam 2 Pro (Wireless, 365-Day Battery Life, 2K Resolution)

The second iteration of the EufyCam Pro may come off as an expensive option, but it is a one-time investment and a great pick as it doesn’t require any monthly fees.

Also, it is incorporated with incredible features from 2K video resolution to seamless compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit. Finally, this device’s smart image enhancement and detection enable you to render visuals explicitly. 

The Eufycam Pro device also lets you configure activity zones to strengthen the home security system. In addition, this device boasts 100% wireless operation with a battery life of almost 365-day.

In addition, the next-generation night vision provides clean-cut images that give you an increased resolution designed for all weathers and has an IR for a better experience. 

This outdoor stored in local storage, but you can solely access it via 256-bit encrypted transmission. 

Key Features 

  • Provides a 365-day battery life
  • Advanced night vision with smart image enhancement
  • IP67 waterproof-rating
  • Smart integration & Human detection technology
  • Real-Time Response
  • Military-Grade Encryption

Arlo Pro 2 (Wire-Free, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio)

This is the second iteration of Netgear’s Arlo Pro lineup, which is feature-rich and provides you with remarkable home security. In addition, this camera system is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces; it captures extremely detailed HD images of 1080p resolution. 

Moreover, the Arlo Pro 2 is designed dynamically to provide a minimalist look to match your decor. In addition, this device offers an extensive field view and provides you with a 3-second lookback feature for extreme safety.

This security camera comes pre-installed with essential spotlight surveillance in case of suspicious activity, ensuring privacy with smarter alerts through the echo show or Amazon Alexa. 

The two-way audio and fully wireless configuration make this security camera work efficiently. It is easy to install and works like a medium of communication between the user and the person in the front door camera. 

This rugged outdoor security camera is certified for its outstanding weather resistance. It is also an advanced device as it features an app through sirens that can be triggered.

If you are fine with stretching your dollar, you must consider buying the Arlo secure cloud subscription after a 3-month free trial. This plan includes various additional features like AI-based smart detection, extreme proximity alerts, cloud storage, etc.  

Key Features 

  • Delivers vivid images 1080p with a 130° viewing angle
  • Easy to setup & 100% wireless configuration
  • Designed to withstand all weathers 
  • Smarter alert and quicker action
  • With an Arlo Secure plan, receive notifications easily 
  • It comes with an extensive battery life & colored night vision 
  • Enabled with Bi-directional communication 
  • Cloud storage 
  • It comes with an extensive battery life 

Buyer’s Guide to Pick the Best Security Camera

When buying a home security camera, there are a few things that you should consider. From smart home compatibility to color scotopic vision, you must ensure your ideal security camera has all the features to meet your needs. 

Here is an extensive guide that will help you know all the essential factors of a home security camera that work with Alexa

Compatibility With Amazon Alexa & Other Smart Home Services 

This is a no-brainer when looking for a smart security camera. With virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, or Google Assistant, it is easier for you to access all the security updates and get a live stream of all the activities. In addition, with these smart assistants, you can adjust all the triggers, alerts, and notifications for better accessibility. 

This is hands down the most innovative way to keep an eye on your valuables. These smart home security systems allow you to manage your security camera with a simple voice command. In addition, advanced smart home integrations like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are prevalent and easy to use. 

IP Rating 

The IP rating is a number that determines the durability of security cameras in various weather conditions. Therefore, you must always check the IP rating, especially when looking for outdoor cameras. In addition, the single camera installed must be dust-proof and able to survive low-pressure water jets, which would protect the device from extreme weather conditions.

AI Capabilities 

It would help if you made certain that your camera is enabled with AI technology to distinguish between known individuals from the rest. Moreover, if you don’t have this feature, you will get false alarms or notifications.

Artificial intelligence gives you specific warnings whenever facial recognition detects any suspicious activity or individual; This feature saves you unnecessary panic.

Motion Detection 

The activity sensor of your security camera detects motion and alerts you if there are any suspicious movements. With this feature, you can get a 24*7 live stream right on your smartphone. So whether it is an intruder or a car, you will be notified in no time.

Further, it saves cloud storage of your security cameras as it minimizes the footage taken—the saving of data and storage results in the better overall functionality of the front door camera. 

Field of View 

It is ideal for getting a security camera with a wide range as this gives an extensive-angle that covers a large area. Remember, the camera placement is also essential with the broad vision of the home security camera.

Moreover, an expanded field of view also eliminates the need to regularly rotate or adjust your security camera.

Video Restoration 

A high-quality video restoration provides a clear recorded video with refined image quality, seamless streaming, and exceptional color precision. To get the image with absolute clarity, opt for a resolution of at least 720p and preferably 1080p, which is required for optimum video quality. 

In addition, allowing you a fantastic HD security camera with Alexa requires a robust wi-fi range for smooth connection. 

Cloud Storage 

Almost every modern urban home security system includes a companion app that allows you to control the device to varying degrees with remote access. It gives you complete control over how and where you use your home security system and the opportunity to keep an eye on your residence while you’re away.

You can also use security systems to store data in the cloud, create backups, and archive footage for later use.

Two-way Audio 

You may enhance your security by selecting a camera with two-way audio. A home security camera with this function allows you to communicate with any stranger, even if you are away from home. The built-in speaker enables a two-way conversation between the person monitoring the live stream and the one on the front door camera.

Night Vision 

To get clarity in the recorded video and images, even in low light or at night, ensure your camera is integrated with night vision. It is better to get colored scotopic adaptations as it makes the videos sharper and gives you a precise live stream even during lights out. 

Alexa Security Camera FAQs

Should I choose a wired or wireless camera?

Security cameras are available in two basic configurations: wired and wireless.

A wired camera will only work if it is connected to a physical network. For example, you need to install an electrical outlet or drill holes in the wall to use wired cameras.

Wireless cameras do not need a physical connection to work. Instead, they can run on batteries or solar power and send footage over your WiFi network.

Wireless cameras are easier to set up, but their batteries need to be recharged or replaced every few months, which can be time-consuming.

What is an Alexa security camera?

An Alexa security camera is an internet-connected camera that you can control with your voice through an Echo device.

With an Alexa-enabled camera, you can view live video on your Echo Show or Fire TV and even pan and zoom the camera with your voice.

How do I set up an Alexa security camera?

First, you need to connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network in your home. Once connected, you can use the Amazon Echo app to view the live image from the camera. You can also use the app to control the motion detection and night vision features.

Final Thoughts 

Security cameras are becoming a vital part of any smart home security system. Select a camera system integrated with features like motion-activated alerts, extensive cloud repository, Amazon Alexa voice commands, integration with Apple Homekit or Google Assistant, 1080p HD video resolution, and some of the other things mentioned above as required for your home.

All the recommended home security cameras in this list are incorporated with these features. But do assess your needs before making a buying decision. Rest assured, these security cameras have been deeply researched, and we can confirm they’ll do as they state. Happy monitoring!