Can security cameras read license plates at night?

There are many types of security cameras available today, most of which can read license plates.

However, for normal security cameras, reading license plates is difficult, sometimes impossible, because it depends on the distance between the license plate and the camera and a combination of other features.

Yes, you can buy security cameras that can read license places for extra security. These are slightly more for professional markets oriented and are slightly higher priced, but have become affordable.

Some surveillance cameras can read license plates at night because they are designed for high-resolution license plate recognition and equipped with night vision.

You can achieve this by simply opting for high-resolution IP cameras with enough resolution to capture and read license plates clearly. Security cameras can read license plates at night, but most cameras with poor resolution on the market won’t read them properly.

It would help if you had a dedicated camera to make sure it correctly reads the license plate.

Installing a license plate recognition camera in your residential or commercial area is highly recommended. Still, if the money isn’t there, a high-resolution IP camera with night vision will help you capture license plates without any issues.

Although there are specialized security cameras for license plate capture, these cameras are mainly used for traffic surveillance.

However, when it comes to home and even business cameras, a simple camera with good features should capture images pretty well.

This is mainly because, in such situations, the vehicles are either driving slowly or are packed so that the camera can easily read the license plates.

A camera with features like a high viewing angle would work well in capturing the license plates.

The viewing angle usually increases the chances of the camera capturing the license plate; another significant factor is night vision. The night vision helps in capturing the license plates in different lighting conditions.

Since the camera is located in your home or commercial buildings, you may not need to consider costly cameras to capture the recordings of vehicles traveling at high speeds like 70 MPH.

One of the many reasons people get security cameras is to identify intruders in their homes or business premises.

Although the biggest risk of someone intruding is usually someone, it is always sad when you cannot see an intruder stealing your valuables and leaving the person without seeing their face.

Usually, it is easy to spot criminals by their face or car and describe them to the police in some situations. However, there is a major stumbling block when the perpetrators put on masks.

In such scary situations, license plate recognition becomes the only key to identifying these criminals.

If you have a license plate recognition camera at home, you have a better chance of tracking down and catching an intruder on your property, especially if they come in a car.

So, if the perpetrators used a vehicle, chances are they drove past your home or business or parked their vehicle in front of your building while they carried out the crime. This usually allows you to take down the license plate number.

Are there any wireless license plate capture cameras?

From our research, there are currently no wireless security cameras with license plate recognition.

They have to be hardwired into the home security system.

However, there might be a walk around this: you need to convert your wired IP security camera into a wireless license plate detector camera.

It is easy to convert IP cameras to wireless by using a power supply and a wireless bridge with POE. If the bridge does not support POE, you can use the injector POE.

Just remember that anything that is not a direct connection may have issues that were not previously captured. Do this at your own risk. I would never use a wireless camera as a primary line of defense, only as a supplement.

I.e., use a wired IP camera to cover the entire protected area and a wireless camera that you use for close-ups or data collection.

Best license plate recognition security camera: Lorex Smart Active System

If you are not going for a traditional license plate recognition camera (LPR), we recommend Lorex Smart 4K UHD Active Deterrence Indoor/Outdoor Security System as the best security camera for license plate recognition at night.

This device can capture plate numbers even at night with an Ultra HD resolution, night vision, two-way audio, and smart motion detection.