5 Best Fireproof Document Bags with Lock

Nothing is as painful as losing important documents and other valuables at home or office. That is why you need the best fireproof document bag for the safety of your documents.

Everyone loves this bag that guarantees the safety of your documents to some extent, but what if we tell you the best fireproof document bag with a lock?

Improper handling and storage of sensitive documents, academic credentials, medical records, land records, credit cards, and cash can lead to huge losses. These great losses can be caused by fire or burglary.

Therefore, you must always protect these sensitive materials with a fireproof document bag with a lock.

Do the fireproof Document Bags work?

Yes, they work; fireproof document bags are a great tool to protect your important papers and cash from an inferno.

Fireproof document bags have been tested and proven to withstand a large amount of fire for some time, with the contents still intact. Each bag has its own temperature ratings that it can withstand.

As recommended in this article, a good fireproof bag should be able to withstand 30 – 120 minutes of an inferno.

The goal of a fireproof bag is to withstand this inferno until the fire is extinguished without damaging your documents.

Yes, they work; fireproof document bags are a great tool to protect your important papers and cash from an inferno.

You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of fireproof bags. Over time, they have proven to be a lifesaver… I mean a career saver.

But as much as you will rely on these fireproof bags for documents, you should not assume that it is impractical to think that your documents are safe even if your entire house is destroyed by fire.

There are some certain temperature points that a fireproof bag will reach and lose its strength.

Many people only think about safety when carrying money in a bag, but they often overlook safety when carrying documents. Any loss of important documents means a huge loss that cannot be compensated.

However, there are fireproof document bags available in the market that ensure the complete security of your documents. I am sure you have seen managers with thick, well-sealed money bags.

Not because they are filled with money, but to ensure the safety of the documents.

5 Best Waterproof and Fireproof Document Bag with Lock

We reviewed so many of them, of which we came up with these 3 fireproof bags. No doubt, they are the best you can get.

1. ROLLWAY Large (17 x 12 x 5.8 inches) Fireproof Bag

The current model of the waterproof and fireproof document bag ROLOWAY is equipped with double-layer fiberglass fabric.

Thanks to this material, this bag can withstand temperatures up to 2000 ° F. With the large interior volume, you can safely store more valuables.

For example, you can conveniently store your jewelry, money, passport, documents, birth certificate, laptop, etc.

Considering the ease of transportation, it is prepared in a foldable design. Therefore, you can easily place it in a fireproof document box or fireproof locker, or storage cabinet.

The inclusion of a wide Velcro closure and a lockable zipper provides great security. The high-quality zipper ensures that all your important things stay safely inside.

Using high-quality materials and advanced technology, this fireproof bag can withstand fires. Moreover, it can function safely in all weather conditions.

2. SafeHaven Lockable 17″x12″x5.5″ Fireproof Document Bag

This waterproof and fireproof bag made of high-quality silicone coated fireproof fiberglass fabric is extra large and has a spacious interior volume laminated with the fireproof fiberglass fabric made of three-layer fireproof material a special closure system.

What makes this briefcase unique is that it can withstand temperatures up to 2000 ℉. It is a cool fireproof briefcase for documents and accessories alike, durable, and does not itch. It is completely safe to use.

This fireproof document case with a combination lock system is uniquely coated with eco-friendly silicone.

This material can survive even in extreme environments like fires, hurricanes, floods, etc. You will be amazed by the extra-large capacity and enormous dimensions.

The interior volume is enough to store your valuables like documents, laptops, photos, cash, jewelry, etc.

3. Fireproof Bag with Lock (TSA Approved)

Are you looking for a sustainably built fire-resistant document bag, and then you can go for this extra-large safe bag. It comes with silicone-coated fiberglass material and a TSA-approved lock to go with.

You can safely store your valuables such as money, jewelry, files, laptops, etc.

This secure document bag can withstand temperatures up to 2192 ° F using three layers of fire-resistant materials.

The presence of a loop closure provides excellent protection.

The overall size is made large enough to store your files, laptops, and other essentials. You can easily fold it and store it in a safe or a fire-resistant lockbox.

The availability of non-itchy silicone finished fireproof fiberglass eliminates the need to use gloves to remove your valuables.

4. JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags

If you need a fireproof bag that looks more like a purse than a pocket, I recommend the Jundun fireproof document bag. It’s very portable, lightweight, yet powerful. It comes with a zippered handle for easy carrying.

It is very effective in storing small documents like cash and passport, credit cards, and jewelry.

5. BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bags

This High quality fireproof safe bag helps protect, store & secure your important documents, binders, files, folders, trust wills, and pieces of jewelry against fires.

It is portable, weighing just 1kg, and very easy to carry about with a TSA lock. It comes with three exterior pockets, with enough internal space to accommodate even a laptop.

Important Considerations when choosing a Fireproof Document Bag

Yes, I think you should get a good fireproof document case, but before you do, consider these factors. They are necessary so that you don’t make mistakes when choosing a fireproof document bag.

  1. Storage Capacity
  2. Sizes
  3. Closure Style
  4. Materials and construction
  5. Pocket compartments
  6. Warranty
  7. Price

Storage Capacity

Fireproof document bags are great for storing documents that are difficult or impossible to replace. These include passports, birth and marriage certificates, report cards, money, or photographs.

Legal documents are also often stored in fireproof bags, as are some electronic devices. So always make sure that the bag you want to buy has enough storage space for other valuables.


Fireproof document bags come in different sizes. While envelope-style bags store small valuables and identification documents as they are about the size of a bank deposit bag, you can only store papers if they have been folded several times.

Folder pockets are best for storing papers and can hold anywhere from 100 to 500 sheets of paper, depending on the size. If you want to store legal papers in them, make sure the pocket is large enough for oversized documents.

Other larger fireproof document bags offer maximum storage capacity for up to 500 sheets of paper or more. You can also store laptops, tablets, and many other valuables in it, which is considered a wise investment for a home or business owner.

Closure Style

Most fireproof document bags have zippers or Velcro closures to seal the contents completely. High-quality bags usually have multiple closure styles because redundancy ensures maximum protection.

For this reason, we highlight the best fireproof document bags with locks and explain why you should buy them. Bags with locks provide maximum security for your documents.

Materials and construction

Many popular fireproof document bags are made of multiple layers of plastic, especially fire retardant, silicone-coated fiberglass. Most bags also have an interior or lining of aluminum foil.

This helps maintain the internal temperature and protects your documents from heat damage. The stronger the material, the more durable and fire-resistant your bag will be.

Pocket compartments

Most fireproof briefcases usually have one pocket, although certain models may have additional slots, pockets, or compartments.

These are often called organizer pockets and are perfect if you want to optimize space and keep your valuables accessible.


Always make sure that the manufacturer of your fireproof document bag offers a warranty. However, you will find that all of the fireproof document bags mentioned in this post offer warranties.

If the bag fails to protect your valuables in the event of a fire, the manufacturer can only replace the bag; therefore, they will not cover hardship or damage.

If you find a manufacturing defect with the bag, the warranty will usually cover replacement.


Price is another determining factor when buying the best fireproof document bag with locks.

While small, envelope-style fireproof document bags may cost less, a larger fireproof bag with a large space may cost more if you want to store basic paper, electronics, or other valuables, and so on.

When you figure out what size you need for maximum storage and protection, you can spend more.

Are fireproof document bags also waterproof?

Yes, all fireproof document bags are water-resistant. You know that in the case of infernos, water is required to quench the fire, right?

A fireproof document bag does a good job of protecting your documents from that water.

Wrapping up…

As you can see, we have made our own choices on the best fireproof document bags to store irreplaceable documents.

While we may recommend ROLOWAY waterproof and fireproof document bag as the idea fireproof document bag with lock for large documents and accessories, there are other smaller options for you to choose from depending on your preference from our list above.