5 Best Wooden Box with Lock and Key

Gone are the days when you have to walk around with a padlock to lock up your belongings. The box with lock and key is the best thing to happen to you if you want to keep your belongings safe.

You can even take them anywhere and use them to transport your valuable items. These boxes are also beautiful and make your belongings look more classy and elegant.

Most people prefer metal boxes more than wooden boxes.

Therefore, although a wooden box is nicer to look at than a metal box, we want to show you the best wooden box with a lock and key that will keep your valuables safe but will not compete with metal boxes.

One of the best ways to keep some of your valuables safe is to use a safe. Unfortunately, most safes have been made of either metal, wood, or a combination of both. While they are both similar in functions, there are still differences.

Wooden boxes are pretty good for storing jewelry and cards for easy access and future use.

However, to protect them from thieves and burglars, they come with locks and keys to make them hard to crack or steal.

For this reason, it is also highly recommended to install doorbell cameras and window cameras to capture the faces of burglars and intruders.

A wooden storage box can be well used as a jewelry box, gift box, photo box, letterbox, etc. Perfect for organizing letter, photo, ring, watch, Christmas gift.

Some of these decorative wooden boxes with locks are more convenient to present than metal boxes.

While it could serve as a good antique, a wooden box is also one of the best ways to keep valuable safe and secure from burglars.

A wooden box with a lock comes in different sizes and shapes with different designs. As they differ, they are also meant to serve different purposes.

For example, if you are looking for a more spacious wooden box with a lock and key to store large items, you should go for a large wooden box.

However, if you are looking for a more portable box to store things like trinkets, you should go for a smaller wooden box with a lock and key.

While the wooden box is a pretty good storage option, I have to warn you that itโ€™s not ideal for storing important documents in, as itโ€™s not burnt or waterproof and reasonably secure.

If you want to keep important documents like paperwork and passports, you need a better fireproof safe.

So, I have compiled a list of the best wooden boxes for various purposes that I would share with you.

These are the best personalized wooden box with lock and key, including a wooden keepsake box with a lock and some wooden boxes with lock and slot of different sizes.

Best Large and Small Wooden Box with Lock and Key

1. Stash Box Kit with Rolling Tray Airtight Wood Box Bundle for Premium Home Storage with Lock & Key.


Made from a blend of walnut and bamboo wood, this box is one of the modern wooden boxes for collecting and storing beauty accessories and cash, and ehhh other precious things.

If you want a beautiful decorative wooden box that will blend well with any interior style, this large storage box is for you. It is unique, durable, and secured with a lock and key.

2. SLPR Alexander Wooden Storage Trunk

If you want a wooden box with a mix of ruggedness and masculinity, buy this one. If you are a fan of vintage designs and features, then this chest brings vintage style. This wooden chest adds an antique look to any room.

Moreover, with decorative straps and antique-style hardware, this Wooden Trunk Chest adds a charming touch to any home or office.

This is the perfect wooden travel chest gift for any man or boy. Very ideal for storing gifts, yo-yo, baseball cards, and puzzle pieces.

3. Vlando Retro Lockable Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

A wooden box with the most beautiful feminine touch and security. This is the perfect casket for jewelry with security in mind.

It comes with a moderately sized mirror in the lid for easy makeup and dress-up when opening the jewelry box daily with multiple removable compartments to sort all your jewelry items such as necklaces, clips, earrings, rings, watches, brooch, and other small items.

This is probably one of the best gifts for the ladies.

4. Locking Stash Box with Rolling Tray โ€“ Stash Box with Lock and Key

Another perfect safe to keep your small items safe. Perfectly designed with locks and keys and multiple compartments to organize your things in smaller compartments.

The locks are very convenient if you want to lock the box easily to protect your valuables from kids, roommates, and burglars.

If you are a lover of simple but elegant things, then you should know that this wooden box is made of 100% Premium Pine Wood and expertly crafted with a Cherry Satin finish.

5. SICOHOME Wooden Keepsake Box

This simple but beautiful wooden box is the best classic wooden box, perfect for many arts, crafts, hobby projects, organizing, home decor, and storage.

Featuring a gold lock and key, this box will give you a vintage feel while blending well with any decor.

What is the best wooden keepsake box with a lock?

Our recommended wooden storage box with lock and key is a Locking Stash Box with Rolling Tray. We recommend it because it has enough storage space to keep many keepsakes, coins, cash, and adventurous antiques that you want to preserve.

Also, this is the best wooden box for storing various treasure collections and valuable items such as graduation souvenirs, birthday gifts, and family pictures. It also just looks really cool, like it comes out of a pirate movie.

Is the wooden box waterproof?

YES, although most wooden boxes are made from woods and as such may not be water-resistant. However, there are some hybrid wooden boxes with water resistance ability.

A typical example is the NOVICA Colonial Wood and Leather Jewelry Box, Brown โ€˜Colonial Treasureโ€™.

You can check it out if you want a waterproof safe with a cool look.