Are Doorbell Cameras Always Recording? [Answer + Solution]

Most people have this misconception about doorbell video cameras. While some people are dying to know if doorbell cameras always record, others want to know if doorbell cameras are motion activated.

The truth is that doorbell video cameras do not always record as they would have us believe. Rather, they rely on motion activation to record.

They are triggered by motion, which is the movement of people, objects, or pets, the ringing of the doorbell, and the live view.

Nevertheless, doorbell cameras can only record for a short period of time, which are also called events.

So doorbell cameras can only record when there is an event (a trigger) and stop recording when the event is over.

That is, video doorbell cameras do not always record. They follow a pattern and time that has already been configured into them.

Doorbells use IR sensors to determine motion detection and trigger events. The more IR sensors in a doorbell camera, the more accurate and sensitive it is to move.

Once motion is detected, a notification is sent to begin recording the event. At the same time, a notification is sent to the system server, which sends an automatic notification to your mobile device or desktop application.

Some video doorbells can adjust the sensitivity and distance of the motion detection function.

The higher the sensitivity, the more recorded events you get, the more false alarms, and the shorter the battery life.

Do doorbell cameras record all the time?

Most doorbell cameras don’t record all the time. They can only record when triggered by events within a certain time frame.

The events that can cause your camera to record all the time are often motion detected by the camera, live view, and the doorbell ringing. These recordings are stored either in cloud-based storage or on a local storage device.

However, only a few camera models record all the time.

For example, the Nest Hello Doorbell camera can record all the time and stores all audio and video in a cloud storage account that you can access and view anytime with a monthly subscription.

A live view event occurs when the homeowner opens the mobile app and looks live through the doorbell camera.

When the homeowner presses the live view option in his doorbell app, he sends a notification to the server that he wants to maintain an open connection between his device and the video doorbell.

This way, he can view and record live events for as long as he can. However, this option may drain the doorbell’s battery if it is battery-powered.

Do Doorbell Cameras Record Sound?

Yes, most doorbell cameras with 2-way recording and output also output audio. They are equipped with microphones to record sounds and noises while also recording videos.

With the recent breakthrough in home security, most modern doorbell cameras are often equipped with 2-way voice functionality, which means they can record audio and play it back through a speaker when a doorbell camera is listed with 2-way calling, which is an easy way to verify that it is recording audio and video.

PS: Not all doorbell cameras can record audio

Most doorbell manufacturers don’t openly state whether or not the camera they sell can record audio. So to take some of the uncertainty out of your mind, we’ve taken a look at the 5 most popular doorbell cameras that record sound.

  1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video

  2. SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell [wired]

  3. Honeywell SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

  4. August Doorbell Cam Pro

  5. Night Owl Security 1080p Smart Doorbell

Wrapping up…

We did not only clarify whether doorbells records continuously, but we also recommended the google Nest hello doorbell as the only doorbell that can record both visuals and audios for a long period of time nonstop as that this time.

While this is true, things are bound to change with the advancement in technology.