3 Best Long Range Wireless Barn Cameras

To monitor your livestock and protect them from cattle rustling, you need the means to monitor their activities in real-time. This is why we will discuss the best long-range wireless barn cameras for small, medium, and large livestock farms.

Are you considering getting a wireless camera for your barn? I mean a good barn camera with night vision, long-range live view, and battery-operated with motion sensor, or you want to watch your livestock’s activities in real-time?

Wireless barn cameras help keep in control and update your farm’s activities in different seasons, even when you are over 100ft away from your livestock.

We love these long-range barn cameras to detect motion and send alerts straight to your phone.

A motion-activated text or alert helps you know on time when an unwanted movement is made in your barn, giving you the needed time to take prompt action.

It does not matter whether you need a general farm surveillance camera, foaling camera, or a calving camera. This wireless camera helps to protect and keep your livestock safe.

With these long-range cameras, you are sure to get periodic video recordings and alerts on your phone at any time.

3 Best Long Range Wireless Barn Cameras 

1. Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera

In our opinion, the Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera is the best long-range wireless barn camera we have tested.

Manufactured by Zmodo Technologies, this camera sends photos or video clips immediately after capture, giving you near real-time coverage of remote facilities and properties with excellent night vision capability at pre-configured time intervals.

Special features include solar and battery-powered with 24/7 uninterrupted operation, weatherproof, 4G camera with 3G / 4G / LTE connectivity, GPS location reporting, video transmission, high-resolution image transmission, and dual antennas for enhanced reception, and a 16 GB SD card for local storage.

Plus, photos or videos can be triggered by motion, timer, or remotely via the Barn Owl web app. The only issue you’ll have with this product is the price, but it’s worth it in the end.

2. Reolink Argus 3 Pro

The top model among barn cameras is the Reolink Argus 3 Pro, originally an outdoor security camera but very effective in farms and barns.

With a rechargeable battery and solar panel, this product is weatherproof for outdoor use and you do not have to worry about the battery running out.

With high resolution 1080p full HD and starlight night vision, you can watch your animals and see in detail if they are sick or pregnant from the barn cameras on your phone at night so you do not have to go into the barn or yard.

It has a Micro SD card slot where you can insert a memory card to store motion detection events without having a WiFi network on board, but also offers FREE 7 days encrypted cloud storage!

With a generous 2 year warranty, you can not go wrong with this solar powered Reolink camera!

3. Reolink Go

Third, on our list is the Reolink Go. It has similar functionality to the Reolink Argus 2 wireless barn camera, and only the Reolink Go works in areas without a wifi connection or power supply.

It is battery-powered and works over the 3G/4G cellular network without internet.

You can monitor your barn remotely or keep an eye on your animals through this barn camera on your smartphone, even without a WiFi network.

This wireless barn camera also offers both battery and solar power options.

In addition, it features 1080p full HD high resolution and starlight night vision so that you won’t miss any details even in complete darkness.

How to Choose a wireless Barn Security Cameras

As livestock producers take advantage of the latest security trends to protect their livestock, you need to know how these things work and how to choose the perfect barn camera for you.

Barn cameras are becoming increasingly important in the fight against livestock theft, theft, and burglaries.

In addition to keeping livestock safe, barn camera systems and farm security cameras can also be used to monitor your animals on your smartphones, laptops, and computers anytime, anywhere in the case which animal is sick, about to give birth, or needs attention.

The 6 things to consider when using a wireless barn camera are:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Clear night vision with motion detection
  3. Long-range recording
  4. Long-range viewing
  5. Weather Resistant
  6. Storage space

Easy installation

Always make sure that the long-range wireless barn cameras you buy are easy to install, with little or no wiring activities. If you are looking for flexibility and versatility, long-range wireless barn cameras may be a better choice for you.

Most of the barn cameras mentioned here come with an installation kit that allows you to complete the installation in minutes without the help of a professional, saving you some money.

Clear night vision with motion detection

Before you buy a camera for your livestock, make sure it records clear images at night. The barn cameras mentioned in this post have been tested and work very well in the absence of light.

The security cameras you choose for the barn must offer clear and the sharp night vision to capture images in true colors.

In the event of an intrusion, the barn wireless cameras can send an alarm immediately, and you will know exactly what is happening in your barn or farm through the live view.

The images can also serve as useful evidence to identify criminals and make claims later.

Long-range recording

Make sure that the barn camera you want to buy can record bright images at long range. This is made possible by its resolution. With long-range recording, you can see the various activities that take place more than 100 feet from the camera point.

Long-range viewing

Always make sure that your wireless barn camera has a wife and a mobile app so that you can monitor the activities in your barn even if you are miles away.

Barn security cameras should allow you to monitor your barn, farm, and livestock anytime, anywhere from your phone and computer.

Weather Resistant

We recommend cameras that feature weather resistance, durability, and tenacity. These features will withstand adverse weather changes such as dust, rain, wind, and ice without going bad.

In addition to installing sturdy security cameras inside your barn, you may also need to install security cameras outside the barn to monitor who enters and exits your barn.

At the very least, these barn camera systems need to be weatherproof to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially if winter temperatures at your location can reach -30 degrees or even higher.

Storage space

If you can’t pay a monthly subscription to have your footage stored in the cloud, always make sure the camera you buy has enough storage space for local storage.

We recommend the security cameras with an SD card (slot). They are the best option because if there is a Wi-Fi network in your barn or yard, you can remotely access and play the videos stored on the SD card.

However, the only disadvantage is that the older videos are automatically overwritten when the SD card memory is full.