HeimVision HM241 Security Camera Review 2023: Is it Worth it?

The HeimVision security camera system will improve the security of your home. Save the videos captured by your wireless cameras and watch them whenever you want.

This article will do a detailed review of the HeimVision HM241 Surveillance System.

So, if you are looking for a weatherproof security camera that works without Wi-Fi, has Night Vision, works flawlessly, and doesn’t cost the earth, read this HeimVision HM241 Wireless Security system review till the end.

Today we will review one of them, the HeimVision HM241 Monitoring System.

This is a powerful four-camera security system that can monitor your home 24/7.

Is the HeimVision security camera an excellent option? Or is the hype a scam?

We will now review all the features and benefits of the HeimVision HM241 security camera.

First, we’ll look at the overall design, the quality of the video, and how user-friendly it is. Then, when we’re done, we can pass judgment.

HeimVision HM241 Security System Review

If your home is not reachable via wired Ethernet, wireless IP cameras (other solutions) can be a good alternative.

For example, the HeimVision HM241 is an all-in-one surveillance kit with 4 wireless IP cameras and a compatible wireless NVR.

The interesting thing about this kit is that the cameras can be connected via Ethernet. So you can choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on the installation location.

This review will examine the HM241 surveillance camera design, video quality, connectivity, installation, and strength.

Heimvision HM241 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

Design & Features

The 8-channel NVR is compact and pre-installed with two 5dB antennas on the back. The front has no buttons, just the Heimvision logo and a row of indicator lights.

The top of the NVR also has the cloud ID and a QR code that the mobile app can scan for easy installation.

The three LEDs, RUN, HDD, and PWR, will flash in sequence in normal operation. At the same time, the NVR indicates that it supports an IR controller.

There are two antennas on the back of the NVR, one HDMI port, one VGA port, one USB port (for mouse/keyboard), one RJ-45 Ethernet port, and the 12V / 2A power connector.

On the bottom of the NVR is a sticker with the model number, FCC ID, and other details.

When the hard drive is installed, you will also see the heads of the screws that secure it.

When you open the NVR, you can see that most of the space in the NVR is unused and empty for the hard drive. The NVR is powered by the popular Hi3536DV100 H.265 / H.264 system-on-a-chip decoder and processor module.

This system uses an ARM Cortex A7 processor with a SATA hard disk interface. The NVR firmware identifies the NVR model as the K8204-W.

Features of HM241 NVR

  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for camera connections
  • 8 channels supported
  • Decoding: 4CH 1080P @ 20FPS or 8CH 720P @ 20FPS
  • Real-time playback (max. 8 channels)
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Email alerts
  • P2P for remote access

Camera Quality

The HM241 security camera takes four Wi-Fi IP cameras included in this NVR. In addition, the NVR supports 4 more channels, and you can add up to eight more cameras.

You can also purchase this camera (model # CA01) separately from the Heimvision website or Amazon, but note that they only work with certain Heimvision NVRs. Also, they do not have official ONVIF compatibility.

The IP camera has a metal housing and is IP66 weatherproof. In addition, each camera comes with a 5dB antenna, a 12V / 1A power supply, and screws for wall mounting.

The design seems to be inspired by the compact bullet style of the latest Hikvision and Dahua cameras. Overall, the camera makes a solid, high-quality impression.

The front of the camera features a fixed 3.6mm lens and three 850nm EXIR LEDs. We’re glad Heimvision chose the more powerful EXIR LEDs instead of the usual ring-shaped LED arrangement.

In addition, the daylight sensor is placed directly below the lens.

On the equipment side, the image sensor has a 1080p resolution. The 3.6 mm lens has a wide viewing angle of 110 °. You won’t find advanced image processing features like WDR here.

Simple motion detection is possible on the NVR side, but not by the camera.

The HM241 camera’s motion detector will trigger almost any action within about 30 meters. This can help save storage space that could be wasted by not recording.

In addition, it is necessary to enable phone notifications, which we will discuss later. Finally, you can install up to four additional cameras, bringing your system to a total of eight.

The camera mount is a 3-axis type to point the camera in almost any position. Although the camera does not support Power over Ethernet, it does have an Ethernet port.

The camera is factory paired wirelessly with the NVR, so it is ready to use in Wi-Fi mode. However, you can also use it as a wired camera via the Ethernet port if you have an Ethernet point near the installation site.

I recommend using wired Ethernet as often as possible and using Wi-Fi only for those in your home that are not connected to Ethernet. Another interesting feature is that the cameras can create a mesh network to increase the wireless range.

Here’s how it works

A camera that is too far from the NVR can connect to the NVR through another within range camera.

So the intervening camera that is within range of the NVR works as a repeater.

However, this does not happen automatically; it needs to be set manually in the GUI.

Overall, the wireless camera feels very solid and is built to last. The essential features are there, and some innovative features help set it apart from similar offerings on the market.


HeimVision HM241 Security Camera Review

Connectivity and storage

We liked most about the HeimVision HM241 Surveillance System because of its completely wireless design.

The cameras themselves connect to the control center via an RF signal, so you don’t have to run any wires. They are instantly paired with your emergency call center.

Just plug everything in, and the control room connects to your network via Wi-Fi as well.

Alternatively, you can use your control center offline. Note, however, that you cannot use smartphone functions in this mode.

Of course, there are also situations in which you prefer an Ethernet connection.

For example, if you are concerned about the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi, an Ethernet connection is more difficult to hack.

In this case, consider the HeimVision HM243. It is similar to the HM241 but works over Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

The HM241 cameras can record when motion is detected or in 24/7 mode. 24/7 mode is exactly what it sounds like. The cameras record non-stop as long as they are powered on.

Alternatively, the camera only records when it detects motion in motion sensor mode. In this case, it runs for 30 seconds every time something moves.

In either case, you’ll have to come up with your storage solution. There is no onboard memory included in the box.

Instead, you’ll need to install a 3.5-inch hard drive SATA in the surveillance center to store your videos.

There is also no online storage.

However, online storage usually costs a monthly fee.

Therefore, a physical hard drive is cheaper to pay for than an online subscription over time.

If you want online storage, the Heimvision HM205 is an excellent choice. It is designed for indoor use only.

However, it can be rotated 360 degrees and comes with 72 hours of free cloud storage.

You can also view the live feed on the control center or your phone. This makes it useful for both on-site security and homeowners on the go. However, you can do a little more by installing the smartphone app.

The HeimVision app is available for free for iOS and Android and installs in just a minute.

Installation and configuration

The user manual provided is easy to understand and implement. There are no grammatical errors, the language is professional and natural, the illustrations are clear, and the booklet is printed in color.

The producers have done a good job.

How do I install Heimvision hm241 wireless security camera system?

  1. Choose an installation location that is not too far from the NVR. However, do not install the camera immediately.
  2. For wireless cameras, make sure you have a strong connection to the NVR before permanently installing the camera.
  3. Screw the supplied antenna onto each IP camera.
  4. Plugin the included 12V/1A power adapter and turned on the power.
  5. Plugin the NVR and turn it on, and you’ll see your camera on the screen within minutes. But without installing a hard drive, you won’t be able to record or playback.
  6. So before you turn it on, the first thing you need to do is install a hard drive in the NVR. Unfortunately, Heimvision doesn’t offer one. However, you can buy this recommended hard drive for your Heimvision security camera here.
  7. Unscrew the 4 screws on the top and sides of the NVR and slide off the black NVR cover.
  8. The SATA data and power cables are already connected to the motherboard. Connect them to your hard drive
  9. Screw the hard drive onto the NVR – align the screw holes of the hard drive with the NVR socket. Then, screw the provided screws into each hole in turn from the other side.
  10. I highly recommend connecting the NVR via the HDMI or VGA port to install. Most of the settings can only be done through the NVR’s built-in user interface.
  11. Connect a mouse to the USB port.
  12. Turn on the NVR with the hard drive installed; it will automatically connect to all wireless IP cameras and continuously record all channels at 1080p.
  13. After a few minutes, you should see the message “Format Success.” Now your cameras are stored on the hard drive.

Wrapping Up: Final Verdict

As you can see from this HeimVision HM241 Surveillance System review, the camera is one of the better-designed security camera systems on the market.

All four cameras are well designed and have a sturdy aluminum frame. The video and camera quality is also excellent regardless of the time.

The HeimVision HM241 Surveillance security camera is considered one of the best security cameras that work without Wi-Fi.

It is also very water-resistant, so you can easily mount it outdoors. Moreover, they are powered by AC adapters, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries.

In addition, they connect to the base unit via RF. This means that you don’t have to run wires through your home or business. All that needs to be permanently installed are the camera mounts.

The motion detection feature helps alert you when something suspicious happens around your house.

Unfortunately, it does not have a built-in hard drive for local storage.

However, you can get this for little money with the HM241 security camera (up to 6TB storage). And if the hard drive is built-in, you can even activate recording directly from your smartphone.

An upgraded version of the HM241 is the Heimvision HM243 security camera.

Overall, you’re going to love this product!