AREBI Spy Camera Review 2021

I was watching TV one night and happened to see a commercial for AREBI spy cameras. I had never heard of them before and became interested. After doing some research, I discovered that these spy cameras don’t look like the typical cameras you would expect for a security camera system.

But they get the job done.

The AREBI spy camera is a great spy camera to have. It’s small and has a great picture. The AREBI spy camera works great, and the HD video that it can take is obvious.

Therefore, in this AREBI spy camera review (now known as AREBI spy camera A10 Plus), I will reveal why I think this is a great spy camera for your discreet recording.

As a homeowner and business owner, you’d agree that we love the idea of ​​being aware of what is happening on our properties. But, unfortunately, sometimes unexpected events or emergencies occur in our absence that can lead to financial or emotional loss.

We’ve all seen and heard the reports on the news about some horrific babysitters mistreating children in the absence of adults. We have also repeatedly seen employees of some companies steal from their employers.

However, there are a few ways that homeowners or business owners can protect themselves from such events.

A great way to help combat these problems is to purchase video surveillance equipment. It pays to invest in a security camera packed with features that are easy to hide from view. Let’s take a look at a camera that is small and discreet.

Let’s take a look at a covert mini spy camera like the AREBI Spy Camera.

Before we get into the features of this camera, let’s take a look at some background information about AREBI first. AREBI appears to be relatively new to the video surveillance market, and for that reason, there is limited information available about the company.

AREBI Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Review

AREBI specializes in making video surveillance equipment, and their main focus is making discreet cameras and can be easily placed out of direct view.

Key Features

  • HD 1080P Video 150° Wide Angle Lens
  • Motion Detection Push Alarms
  • IR night vision
  • Recording while charging
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • One App Multiple cameras
  • One Camera Multiple users
  • Playback/snapshot/record remotely
  • FREE APP without Monthly Charges iOS and Android/ only 2.4GHz Wifi compatible
  • Loop recording from max 128GB Micro SD card (NOT Included)

AREBI WiFi Hidden Camera is designed for your home security. For security reasons, each unit comes with a unique hotspot (UID – Unit’s Identity), and no one can access the camera without your permission.

Despite its small size, the hidden camera contains all the useful functions you need for a WiFi camera.

With WiFi connectivity to the room’s 2.4GHz router, you can watch live video feed or playbacks wherever you are by opening the APP.

This security camera works great as a housekeeper or nanny camera that continuously monitors your home or office 24/7 by connecting it to a USB charger.

What I love about AREBI Spy Camera A10 Plus (AREBI Spy Camera)


Installing the AREBI Spy Camera is quite simple. It has a magnetic back that allows the user to place it on surfaces made of metal.

Users who wish to place the camera on a non-metallic surface should use some tape and have a power outlet nearby, as the camera will need to be charged after 1 hour of operation.


This camera is packed with great features. The AREBI Spy Camera is tiny, so it can easily be placed in a hidden location that is not clearly visible to the naked eye.

AREBI does not give the exact dimensions of the camera, but from the photos, you can see that the camera is about the size of a half-dollar coin.

Video resolution

This camera is capable of recording video in 1080p HD with a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees. AREBI users can zoom in up to 6x, which allows for detailed images. The camera’s tripod is connected to the actual camera, allowing it to be rotated 180 degrees.

The camera itself connects to a Wi-Fi network and runs on batteries.


The AREBI Spy Camera battery is rechargeable, and the camera can record video even while charging. Since the camera is battery operated, some users of this camera also use the camera to monitor and protect their vehicles.

When the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 1 hour without being recharged. The camera charges via USB and users can purchase battery packs that can power the camera for up to 30 hours.

Motion detection

The AREBI Spy Camera has smart motion detectors that allow users to adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity.

In addition, the camera has 6 infrared light-emitting diodes that allow the user to see images up to 5 meters in the dark.

Video storage

The AREBI spy camera has several different ways to access the videos. First, users can download the free AREBI app and access the live video through the app. The video can also be stored via a micro SD card, which users must purchase separately.

The AREBI spy camera’s motion sensors trigger recording when it detects motion, which sends an alert to the user’s smartphone.

The live video streaming feature is free, but AREBI does not specify a fee to access the recorded videos.

According to this camera, it appears that recorded video can be accessed via a micro SD card or saved to a phone or computer.


The AREBI app is free to download and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to turn on the camera ON and OFF remotely. Users can also live stream video while on the go.

When a motion alarm occurs, a push notification is sent to the user to let them know that the camera has detected an event. Push notifications can be set to timers so that app users only receive alerts for the time they have set for their camera.

How to set up AREBI Spy Camera

Kindly watch this AREBI Spy Camera Unboxing video to get the full details on installing and using the spy camera.


Wrapping Up… 

Today, we looked at one of the smallest cameras on the market, the AREBI Spy Camera A10 Plus Review. Like Wyze’s indoor cameras, this camera is designed for those looking for a compact security camera that doesn’t take up a lot of space and isn’t easily detectable.

What makes this camera stand out, in our opinion, is its size. The AREBI Spy Camera is unique in its kind because of the size and the number of features that this camera has to offer, despite being so small. Anyone interested in this camera should buy it online.