How To Hide a Camera in A Bedroom?

If you want to monitor your bedroom when you’re not home for security reasons, buying and hiding a camera is the best way to secure what’s happening in your bedroom. Let’s discuss a detailed step-by-step guide that you can use to hide a camera in your bedroom.

Hiding Your Spy Cam in the Bedroom – Easy Steps

Hiding a small security camera in your bedroom is easy because plenty of hiding places don’t draw attention. Use the following steps to set up and install a hidden camera properly.

Step One: Choose the Right Spy Camera

The first step is to choose the right spy camera that you can easily hide in your bedroom. Spy cameras are available in different sizes and shapes of cell phones, pens, lighters, glasses, and even coffee mugs. You want to choose a disguised camera with a small form factor.

In addition, if your bedroom has light walls, consider investing in a light-colored camera that comes with the same color wire. It’ll allow you to hide it easily in your desired location. The following are the most important factors you must consider while buying a hidden camera.


The video quality is the first thing that you should consider. There is no point in buying a hidden camera with a poor resolution because it’ll record bad quality footage. Instead, we recommend investing in a spy camera that can record video with at least 1080p resolution.

Viewing Angle

If your bedroom is small, you can go with a fixed camera. However, if you have a medium or large bedroom, consider looking for spy cameras that can cover at least 180 degrees of viewing angle. Some security cameras available in the market even offer 360-degree lenses. So, choose the one that suits your bedroom’s size the best.


Your bedroom is not the most luminous place in your room. It’ll also be dark at times because it’s made for sleeping. That’s why it’s important to choose a hidden camera that can perform seamlessly in a dark environment.

Step Two: Install and Hide a Camera in the Bedroom

Ensuring that no one can notice your spy camera is the most important thing regarding the installation process. Choosing the right spot can be a little tricky if you’re installing a security camera for the first time. Use the following creative ways to install a hidden camera in your bedroom.

Tv Set

Having a TV set in the bedroom is very common, and it makes for a great place to hide the camera in plain sight. You can install a tiny camera on your TV set or near it and place some ornaments around to conceal it. Make sure that you use a hidden wireless camera to don’t need to deal with the messy wiring.


Installing a spy camera near your computer is the best way to hide your surveillance device. For example, most PC owners use a webcam for video calls, and using a hidden camera in place of a webcam will ensure that no one notices it. You can also buy a stereo speaker with a built-in tiny spy camera to replace the current speakers you use with your PC. This way, no one will pay attention to them or suspect that you have installed a spy camera.


The bookshelf in your bedroom also makes a great place to place a spy camera. All you need to do is pick up a book and place a spy camera inside. Make sure that you choose the book no one reads and position it carefully to have a great viewing angle. You can also use a book related to your job or studies to ensure no one touches it.


Using plush toys like a teddy bear is another clever way to set up a hidden camera. While you can use other toys such as toy cars, using something with a face is advisable. For example, you can use one of the eyes of a teddy bear to place your spy camera and position it somewhere high as a decoration piece for a better viewing angle.

This way, no one will suspect that a small teddy bear is monitoring them. If you don’t usually have toys in your bedroom, consider using other objects, such as a flower pot, to place a small camera inside. That’s because


You can use a specially designed two-sided mirror to hide a small camera without noticing. Using this method will be difficult if you don’t already have such a mirror in your room. But if you do, this method to set up a security camera is worth considering.

Light Bulbs

If you have a chandelier in your bedroom, remove one light bulb from it and screw back the one that has a spy camera. It’s a simple and easy process as you only need to buy a light bulb with a hidden security camera. Just make sure that you buy a bulb with a similar color and size to other bulbs installed in the chandelier.

Curtain Rod

A curtain rod is also a great place to install a small spy camera. It will conceal the camera, but it’ll also provide a great viewing angle. It’s almost impossible for anyone to notice small spy cameras at such a height.


Bedrooms usually have a nightstand, and it’s one of the safest spots to mount a security camera. You can buy a common object such as a radio or clock that comes with a built-in hidden camera and place it as it is on your nightstand.


It’s possible to mount small cameras in light switches. But make sure that your light fixtures offer some covering that can hide the lenses of your surveillance camera.

Tissue Box

Using a tall, dark-colored tissue to hide your security camera is another creative idea. First, punch or drill a small hole in your tissue box and place your camera inside in the correct position. Then, add some tissues to the box to hide your surveillance setup. In your bedroom, you can also use this trick to hide cameras in any other area of your house to monitor your property while you’re away.

Step Three: Test Your Setup

Once you have installed your hidden camera, make sure that it’s in working condition. Let it record a short video and watch it to see if the viewing angle is satisfactory. Make adjustments if needed and test the setup again. It’ll allow you to make sure your security camera works as intended, and you can monitor all the activities in your absence.

Tips for Hiding Security Cameras

Please pay attention to the following tips to hide the spy camera so that no one can notice it. 

  • If your bedroom doesn’t offer spots to hide cables, look for wireless cameras. You can also use objects like a coffee mug, clock, and radio with a spy camera installed.
  • If you can easily manage wires, using a wired camera will come in handy as you can connect it to a power outlet. In addition, it’ll provide your camera with an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Ensure that you have installed a hard drive or micro-SD card where your security camera can store recorded videos.
  • Choose a security camera that can record videos in dark environments.
  • Make sure that your camera is well-hidden. Otherwise, people will act differently, and you won’t be able to identify if they’re hiding something.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Any Law About Hidden Video Surveillance?

You can use a hidden camera to record anyone in your house in some states, even if the person doesn’t know that s/he is being recorded. However, the same practice is illegal in many states if it’s not related to security reasons. So, it’s best to find out the laws of your area before you install a security camera in your bedroom or any other place in your house.

Can I Put a Hidden Camera in My Bedroom?

You can place hidden cameras anywhere you want in your house if you intend to monitor your property for security reasons. However, spying on someone without their consent is illegal in many states, and they can sue you if you use that recording in public.

Final Words

The great thing about spy cameras is that you can install them anywhere you want in your house, including your bedroom, without being noticed. It’ll allow you to monitor everything in your private area while away.

You can buy a hidden camera easily from online markets like Amazon and eBay at an affordable price. Make sure that you choose the right product based on your needs and use any of the ways mentioned in this guide to hide a camera in your bedroom.