Where to hide a key in an Apartment Building

Be sure to hide your spare keys in an unusual place in your home for safety. You don’t want to lock yourself out of your property because you’ve misplaced your keys, do you?

That’s why we’re going to discuss the best place to hide a key in an apartment building without anyone knowing.

In general, hiding a key can be intimidating because it appears to be psychologically risky to do so anywhere.

Now comes the question of where you can hide your extra key without anybody discovering it, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; we’ve discovered the perfect spots and devices to hide a key in your home without anyone noticing it.

Furthermore, we demonstrate how to conceal a key in an apartment building.

There are several places where you can keep your keys so that you and your family members can access your apartment. However, some places to hide a key outside apartments or houses are more obvious than others. If these hiding places are obvious to you, a criminal will not need to find these places and successfully break into your home.

Some of the safest places to hide a key or a spare key in an apartment building are:

  • Fake clock with a hidden safe
  • Fake Rocks
  • Electrical plug wall safe
  • Under your foot mat or carpet
  • Under your Car floor mat
  • Use a car key vault
  • Behind The Lights along the Corridor
  • Magnetic key holder

If you’re looking for ideas on how to hide a key outside, you need to find a balance between implementing smart ways to hide a key outside but not so hidden that you can’t remember the location when you need it.

How can I hide a key outside my apartment?

Hiding a key outside the house can be a handy way to get into the house after work when you can’t find anyone to stand in for you. But just hiding the key isn’t enough.

You also need to make sure it’s not seen by anyone else. (Especially if you live in an apartment where there are frequent visitors).

The key needs to be hidden, but not buried – especially in the winter, when a metal key can easily fill with ice and become difficult to use—also, the more inconspicuous the hiding place, the better.

A key hidden somewhere outside your home provides a last line of defense against a burglar who has overcome all other security measures.

In addition, a well-placed key can buy you much-needed time to call the police or grab a weapon and defend yourself.

But you don’t want it to be too obvious, or it won’t be effective.

Whether you want to hide a spare key under a mat, above a door frame, or on a tree, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best places to hide a key outside your home.

Where to hide a Spare Key in an Apartment Building

1. Fake clock with a hidden safe

Hiding your key on a fake wall clock outside your door could be the best way to hide a key in an apartment building.

To you, it’s a clock with a hidden safe, while to a stranger, it’s just a timepiece.

In addition, these particular safes are secured with a lock and key, so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking open the safe.

A fake clock with a hidden safe is an elegant and fully functional wall clock with a space behind it where you can hide your key in an apartment building.

2. Fake Rocks

Fakes rocks is another place to hide your spare key in an apartment building. Nobody is going to find out you hide your key in a rock without you telling them.

The rocks are not only ideal for keeping your key safe but also for all your other valuables. The rock safe can also secured with a key, and has enough space to store your apartment key.

3. Electrical plug wall safe

This electrical plug wall-safe product simulates an electrical outlet, which, once installed, can be rotated to reveal a hidden compartment to hide valuables.

This hidden compartment is the perfect place to hide your spare key.

The outlet is effortless to install and can be done in minutes to provide the perfect hideaway in your apartment building.

4. Under your foot mat or carpet

Have you ever thought of hiding your key under your carpet or floor mat? Trust me, and no one is going to suspect that a key is there.

5. Under your Car floor mat

One of the safest places to hide your key in an apartment building is under the floor mat of your car.

If you have a car that you park outside your apartment or in a garage, make sure you keep your spare key inside to prevent anyone else from finding it.

6. Magnetic key holder and Use a car key vault

A magnetic key case is a compact, slim, and unobtrusive key holder that can be attached to any metal surface. Many of these cases are rust-resistant and long-lasting. These are special safes that you can use to hide your key outside of your house.

Magnetic key holders and car key safes are nearly identical. They can be strongly attracted to your car’s metal parts.

7. Behind The Lights along the Corridor

Nobody will ever suspect you hide your keys behind corridor lights. However, you may want to take up this idea. You can tape your key behind the lights, and they will stay there for a long period of time.

How to Hide a Key outside an Apartment without forgetting the spot

One of the difficulties involved in hiding a spare key is the fear of forgetfulness.

You don’t want to forget where you hid your key so as not to lock yourself or family members out of the apartment, right?

Here are some tips on how to hide a key outside without forgetting the spot.

1. By hiding your key beneath your car floor mat.

Your car floor mat is one of the best spots to hide your key without forgetting. The fun part is that you will never lose your spare key as long as you don’t lose your car.

Your car’s floor mat is a smart place to keep your key or just about anything else you might need in certain emergencies. You don’t even have to worry about losing your spare tire because your car is practical wherever you are.

2. By hiding your key in a fake hornet nest

Most people care less about the hornet’s nest that is lying around outside the home, which means that their attention must not be drawn there. This hornet nest is a clever disguise to keep predators and predators from accessing your home.

Even if they know fake nests exist, they certainly won’t stick their hand in a tempting nest.

You can even construct one yourself by mixing water and newspaper in a blender and letting it dry. Then cover the kit with the meaty newspaper mixture. Finally, paint everything with clear brown paint.

You can also save yourself the stress by buying a fake hornet’s nest to hide your spare key.

3. By hiding Your Key at a Neighbor’s House

There’s no way you will forget this… giving your most trusted neighbor your key to holding for you is one of the best ways to hide your key outside your apartment. Even when you forget, your neighbor won’t forget.

4. Get a Lockbox key safe.

You cannot forget where you hide your key if you put it in a lockbox key safe. A key safe is a perfect place to hide your key in an apartment building.

You can install this handy secure device next to your front door and set a passcode to reveal the key. Of course, you can always change your passcode anytime you want.

5. In your wallet

You will never forget that you have a spare key in your wallet. Wallets are created in a variety of ways, and most contain an extra slot where you can store your spare key.

If you don’t have many options for storing your spare key at your apartment building, your wallet might be the best solution.

Wrapping up…

Hiding your spare keys under your doormats has been considered one of the oldest ways to hide keys safely. Most homeowners admitted to hiding their spare key under the doormat outside their door. This may be surprising, but it works for many people.

However, some attested that they flower pots safe as a haven for their keys. These are sealed containers that guarantee the concealment of your keys.

When you decide to look for places to hide your spare parts, make sure you’re not too obvious. Don’t forget to change the hiding place from time to time. It takes a little creativity to come up with brilliant ways to hide your spare key.

When the time comes when you need it, let’s hope you remember where to find it.