The best affordable tips to improve your home security massively for just $200

You’re reading this because you want to know how to improve the security of your home or because you’re a homeowner and want to make sure your family, property, and possessions are safe.

Home security systems are an essential part of any household. They protect your family and property from potential burglars, fire, and other threats. They also allow you to monitor your home remotely and protect your family from intruders.

However, these devices are often quite expensive. They can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We’ve put together a guide of important tools and tips that are quick and easy to install and use. We guarantee that for less than $200, your home will be ten times safer than the average home!

If you want to save money and increase the efficiency of your home security system quickly and inexpensively, here are 12 easy and inexpensive ways to improve it.

These tips will also help deter thieves from targeting your home and going to another target instead.

In addition, they’ll give the impression that they’re about to enter a well-protected home (from someone concerned with home security), which will discourage them from trying and moving on to another house or apartment.

Home security doesn’t have to be expensive, and with these few simple and affordable tips, you will increase your security tremendously. So let’s get started!

Here are the 12 easiest and affordable ways you can improve your home security without breaking the bank!

1. Install fake dummy cameras
(cost: less than $20)

Fake cameras are a popular way for homeowners to scare away thieves. These fake devices, which feature an enticing flashing red LED light instead of actual surveillance capabilities, make most potential burglars think twice before entering your home and rifling through your belongings.

Criminals will think it’s a real device and stay away from your home at night since the red LED light is only illuminating during nighttime hours.

They also have a built-in photoelectric sensor that activates when someone approaches, looking realistic up close even during the day.

They have dummy cameras for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other than some essential tools like a drill or screwdriver, you do not need anything else. However, make sure you position these things so that intruders will see them first when they enter your property.

2. Buy some fake “Security by” stickers and “No Trespassing” signs (cost: less than $10).

There are many ways to make your home appear less vulnerable, but one of the most effective solutions is to apply fake security stickers. You can buy them at various stores or on Amazon, and they come in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find something suitable. Please put them in highly visible places, such as your front door, windows (all the windows around your house, so they can not be missed), or even your mailbox.

The “No trespassing” signs are slightly more advanced, which are solar-powered and, just like the traffic signs, catch your eye in the evening. You can not miss them!

3. Use motion sensors lights in your yard or garden
(cost: less than $20)

Motion sensor lights are great for deterrence because they automatically turn on when someone approaches the area around them. However, they should be installed to point outward toward potential intruders, giving people a sense of security by illuminating dark areas where an intruder might be hiding or lying in wait. LED bulbs are inexpensive and easy to install in these circumstances, even if no power source is available – use battery-powered bulbs instead!

Motion sensor lights are essential for scaring away potential intruders: they light up areas where people might be hiding, letting them know that it would be better to go to another house! Install several different motion sensor light setups (both inside of the house as well as outside ) so that a thief scouting possible targets will think twice before visiting your home. The backyard is often forgotten; make sure you have some motion sensors lights set up over here too.

4. Put a guard dog sign in a prominent place, even if you do not own a dog!
(cost: less than $15)

With just one purchase, you can make your home a lot less appealing to thieves. Put a guard dog sign on your home’s window, fence, or door, and you’ll be surprised at how effective it is at deterring potential criminals—or scaring the mailman about your new purchase.

Guard dogs are known to be the best deterrent for thieves in the world, and that’s no surprise!

They are known for their bravery because they will fight back if anyone tries to mess with them or their family – and that’s what makes putting up watchdog signs of typical guard dogs like German Shepherds or Dobermans so compelling – even if you do not own a dog for protection yourself.

These signs can be purchased at any pet store and placed visibly to passersby, such as the front door, front gate, back porch, or windows.

Placing these highly regarded guard dog symbols near your vehicle or entrance as well will not only show how much you care about security in general, but it will also deter bad guys because you will not look like an easy target since you probably have other security measures in place beside the dog.

5. Hide the spare “hide-a-key” really well
(cost: free to $10).

This one is free. People often think they hide their spare key in a good place, such as under a flowerpot or rug, or they don’t think about it.

However, crime statistics show that most people hide their spare keys in the most horrible obvious places. Thieves know this too, and they know exactly where people will look for those keys, and they’ll almost certainly find them.

So instead of hiding them right next to the front door under a pot or a rug, come up with some creative ideas on where to hide them.

Amazon also offers Fake Rocks, Garden Art Decoy Turtles (with a hidden key pocket), and so on.

We don’t recommend buying a Lockbox and using it. This is asking for trouble with it. However, they’re the ultimate decoy if you don’t use them or put some fake keys in them!

6. Lock your gates!
(cost: free)

It may be too obvious, but it’s statistically proven: Many homeowners neglect to secure their gates, but this can prove to be very dangerous.

If you leave them open, potential burglars will have an easy time without having to break into anything else first.

Consider installing new deadbolts or bars on gates – such as garage entrances – so thieves are forced to try harder when targeting your belongings and maybe deterred.

7. Hide important documents
(cost: free – $60)

Let’s say you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your home burglarized. In this case, getting your important papers back, such as passports, cash receipts from almost any store, birth certificates, and other identification documents you need when traveling, can be a headache and will cost you time and money – assuming you get them back. Unfortunately, this is an often-underestimated consequence of a burglary.

The best thing you can do is invest in a safe, which doesn’t have to be expensive. This not only keeps it out of sight but also protects it when needed.

If investing isn’t possible or practical for whatever reason, then make sure they’re hidden in an unexpected place that’s hard to find and access, or spread the papers out over multiple hiding places.

Don’t hide them in the central drawer of your office in a folder called “important papers.” It would help if you thought like a thief: imagine you’ve got a few minutes to find valuable items. Then, you’ll go to the obvious places.

You can get an excellent safe that you can attach with screws for as little as $60 from Amazon.

8. Hide your valuables from the eyes of others
(cost: free)

It’s much easier to keep valuables hidden if you don’t leave them out in the open. After all, if they’re visible from the outside, thieves can see what you’ve and are encouraged to break in!

This can range from your apartment screen TV to your Xbox to shiny gold items and jewelry.

So try to avoid them being visible from the street or looking in the windows.

All real valuables should be kept in a locked room (in a drawer or jewelry box – or preferably in a safe).

9. Invest in a smart video doorbell
(cost: $60)

Video doorbells are the perfect home security solution. So there should be no question whether or not you invest in one of these nifty devices! These devices monitor any movement at the front of your home and alert you if someone is snooping around or trying to break in, recording their movements as well.

Just as importantly, this can also serve as protection from thieves who know how effective video doorbell cameras like these can be, deterring thieves and encouraging them to move on to another property after first seeing what’s going on at your place. Video doorbells used to cost nearly $300, but some models are now available for under $60.

The best budget no-name brand with a 4/5 star rating on Amazon you can find here for less than $60, upwards to the top model of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

10. Use timers for lights that stay on overnight
(cost: $10)

Give the appearance that your home is occupied by using a timer for lights that stay on overnight. Nighttime burglars prefer to break into homes with no lights on. So make it look like someone lives in your house to ward them off!

Thieves are wary of homes with no lights on. So make them think they’ve picked the wrong target by putting timers on all exterior lights that automatically go out after a few hours.

A camouflaged exterior also helps disguise doors with large windows, as burglars can’t see what might be behind those curtains!


11. Invest in good locks
(cost: $10)

With burglaries on the rise, it’s important to invest your money wisely in quality locks for your property, a deadbolt. A properly installed deadbolt should deter even the most determined burglar.

It’s essential to invest in good security for your property if you want it to be safe, but many homeowners don’t realize how much more this secures their home.

High-quality locks are available cheaply on Amazon and make all the difference in keeping burglars out.

12. Protect your windows with window locks and window sensors
(cost: $5 and $10)

There are many ways you can protect your windows from break-ins.

For example, you can install window locks that keep people out of the house and use a flashlight to look for gaps in the frame, so criminals don’t have a chance to pry or pry open your window without making noise.

In addition, it’s wise to invest in a few Window Sensors that can detect movement up to six inches from the house and send alerts directly to your phone or watch. They’re also easy and inexpensive to install yourself!

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, installing both types of window locks can help prevent break-ins.

Amazon link to recommended window lock and our recommended Window Sensor


Your home security is about your peace of mind. You want to know that you and your family are safe at all times, even when you’re not there. That’s why homeowners need to proactively protect their property from burglars and thieves.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your home, the tips above are cheap, affordable, and effective without having to invest hundreds of dollars.

You can implement them all for less than $ 200, and they’ll be a massive improvement to your primary home security.

Later, you can always upgrade with cameras, night vision keypad sensors, and so on. But our tips above will bring security to your home at a value that can’t be beaten…