Best Window Locks for Double Hung Windows

For those of us who use pivot windows, one of the challenges is how to secure a pivot window tightly with a lock. That’s why today we’re going to show you the best window locks for double hung windows for home security.

While a good percentage of burglars prefer to break in through doors, many others find it safer and easier to break in through windows, especially those on the ground floor of homes.

You should learn how to secure your windows against burglars with special locks for your type of window.

Double-hung windows are said to be among the easiest windows for burglars to break into.

These types of windows have two panes on top of each other and are usually secured with a half-moon.

While using a half-moon lock to secure a double-hung door seems like a good idea, it is not the safest way to secure a double-hung window.

A simple tool, such as a small knife, can easily pry open the half-moon lock.

Before buying a lock for your double-hung window, you need to consider the size of your window, your budget, and the level of security you want the locks to provide for you and your family. Also, consider whether you want the locks to provide extra security, protection for children, or peace of mind.

3 Best window locks for double-hung windows

1. Andersen Double-Hung Window Opening Control Device Kit

Andersen’s double-hung window locks are for anyone who has a double-hung window. If both the top and bottom sash can move, this is your best choice for added security.

Anderson devices are designed to hold both the top and bottom, or both sides of your window are installed this way, closed at once or separately.

This requires some installation. First, install parts on both side sashes with screws so you can flip the device to allow 4 inches of ventilation, no ventilation, or fully open windows.

These locks are specifically designed for two sash windows only.

As one of the best window locks for double-hung windows, Andersen comes in different styles and colors for double-hung window locks. So if you don’t like this exact one, don’t worry! Just click through to their profile to see all your options.

They are a little more expensive, but of high quality.

2. Defender Security U 9929 Double Hung Window Lock

This double-leaf window lock is made of steel with an antique brass finish. This lock is designed to be easy to install and operate for use on vertically sliding wood windows.

When this lock is installed on the vertical plane towards the bottom of the upper sash, a wedge is created between the upper and lower sashes, preventing the lower sash from being lifted.

The hinged wedge design can be unfolded to allow the bottom sash to be opened. This item is intended to use single or double-hung vertical sliding wood windows for ventilation or secondary latching.

3. Window Wedge

They prevent a window from opening fully or prevent a partially opened window from opening further. Instead, the window opens only to the point where the wedge is installed.

This window wedge barrier is easiest to install without drilling or the use of tools.

It works well for holding double-hung, single-hung, and horizontal hung windows in place.

Then, you can place the wedge along the 8-inch loop strip to stop your window at the desired opening to allow ventilation while protecting your window from external break-ins.

This window wedge is designed to be quickly removed from the interior window in case of emergency; therefore, it is safe for your home and children.

How do you secure a double-hung window?

How to properly lock double-hung windows: If you are having trouble locking your windows, this may be the solution.

To secure a double-hung window against illegal entry by burglars, you need a good window lock. Although we have carefully selected the top 3 best window locks for double-hung windows, there are still some inexpensive DIY ways to secure your double-hung window from thieves.

You can secure your window by pinning all of your downstairs windows. To securely pin your hinged windows, you will need special tools such as a drill and some nails, rods, bolts, or other available pinning material.

If you have children at home, it is only reasonable and necessary to reserve one window as an emergency exit.

Another way to secure your double window is to use window bars, wire mesh, and grills.

Placing grills outside where they are more visible can deter burglars and keep them from breaking in.

Boarding up windows can be an effective way to secure hinged windows. However, if you add muntins to your window, we recommend installing windows with a quick-release system. The authorities widely accept Quick-release muntins.

Wrapping up…

For maximum security, without leaving anything to chance, secure your windows.

Get a reliable lock for insulated glass windows and prevent burglars from gaining access to your property.

Although there are many ways to secure your windows and keep them well protected from intruders, the above methods primarily delay tactics to buy time for the police to arrive.

The best way to get help from the police when you are in trouble is to install a home alarm system in your home to monitor it 24/7.