4 Best Keyless Fingerprint Door Locks

A keyless entry door lock is a piece of electrical equipment that allows you to unlock your doors without using a physical key.

You may now have the same technology in your home that you have in your car. It was previously only affordable in business settings (such as hotels, banks, and workplaces), but technology has recently become very affordable for safety-conscious people in their own homes.

The keyless fingerprint door locks are security systems that use the most recent smart lock technology, specifically your unique fingerprints, to ensure that no one enters your home without your permission.

There are numerous manufacturers and types of keyless fingerprint smart locks on the market. However, each lock differs in terms of features and price.

As usual, we leave out the overpriced stuff and select the high-quality, yet still affordable finger print door locks.

As technology advances day by day, for example, with the accuracy of fingerprint scanners, there is an increasing number of smart locks that use smart technology, making it difficult to select the finest door lock that meets your needs and preferences.

Here is a list of our favorite best smart locks, each unique feature.

1. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

“Unlock to the future” is Sifely’s tagline, and it’s pretty spot-on. The Sifely is a durable biometric fingerprint door lock and ideal for houses and semi-commercial use, too, like Airbnb and rental properties. It’s very modern and slick. Like Ring is for video doorbells, Sifely is for keyless entry door locks.

The Sifely can store over 200 codes and over 150 fingerprints.

All of these can be finetuned to be: custom codes, recurring codes (like your housekeeper has fixed hours every week, so her code only works during those hours), timed (for example, you have an electrician visiting the house on a planned date) and permanent codes. 

It works with Amazon Alexa, but more importantly, it gives voice responses to you, warning you when the battery level is low, for example.

No cryptic error codes with the Sifely that you have to look up in a manual somewhere online! 

The Sifely comes with a full-featured mobile app and website, where you can manage all your locks together in one place, which is ideal if you have multiple locks/properties to manage.

In addition, unlike some competitors, there are no software fees, and you need to own a Sifely device.

The features of the Sifely smart lock are endless. Ranging from a flexible delay to re-lock, manage access, monitor activity logs, low energy usage, chargeable via USB.

2. ZKTeco Fingerprint Door Lock

The ZK Teco fingerprint door lock is a very cost-effective and feature-rich option for keeping you and your family safe. In addition, it is simple to access these keyless door locks once you have completed the installation process.

The lock blends a conventional deadbolt with modern technologies to maximize your convenience. You can unlock your door using your fingerprint, access card, user-generated password, Bluetooth, or physical key.

A maximum of 100 people may open the door.

Key features:

Electronic Deadbolt with emergency mechanical key: A deadbolt door lock is part of this affordable smart key security system that locks the door when you are not inside and keeps burglars out. When the electronic lock fails, the mechanical key can open the door as a backup system. Keep the mechanical key in a secure location.

Easy to install and set up: You can install it simply with a screwdriver in a few minutes.

Auto-lock: After 5 false attempts, this door will automatically lock, preventing burglars from entering your property.

Random password mode: This functionality makes peeping over your shoulders or someone seeing you use the password very confusing and so very secure. The random password is random digits + correct password + random digits. So if your real password is, for example, 666555, the random password can be 312316665551111 or 6665558899 or 11666555. As long as the real password is in there, the door lock will accept it, even if you enter characters before and after it. This is an awesome feature.

Control access: From fitness trackers to smartwatches, passwords and Mifare cards can be controlled via mobile phones.

Silent mode: When the family is asleep, the sound of the door opening will not wake you up.

Biometric verification:  This lock will recognize your fingerprint in less than 0.4 seconds and can save up to 100 fingerprints so that your family members or staff can access it as well.

Battery failover help: An alert will sound when the battery is running low. Even if you forget to replace the battery, you can change your lock temporarily by using a 9V external alkaline battery (6LR61).


  • Fingerprints can be identified in no time
  • It has a sturdy and solid feel to it
  • It can store 100 fingerprints
  • Auto-lock feature and auto freeze feature.
  • Remote access to your lock.
  • Quick unlock time: 0,4 seconds on average
  • Lifetime warranty from ZKTeco (on all their products)


  • Sensitive keypad if you have big fingers
  • Sometimes doesn’t stay paired with an Android phone
  • The fingerprint scanner will not read when your finger is really cold

3. ULTRALOQ UL3 fingerprint lock

This is a great all-in-one affordable smart door lock from ULTRALOQ, with fantastic fingerprint recognition, the ability to use passwords, codes, knock & shake (more about that below), a mechanical backup key, and a smartphone app control.

It has all of the auto-lock capabilities and a high-quality fingerprint sensor. In addition, the device can be used to open any door or gate, and the reversible handle can be used to open doors on both the left and right sides.

Compatible for both iOS or Android smartphone app users, as well as your Apple Watch, to unlock your door.

Distribute temporary eKeys and establish codes for specified dates and hours with Airbnb guests, housekeepers, or gardeners.


High-quality fingerprint sensor: Its sensor is dust- and scratch-resistant. It is great to use in high-traffic locations, and you will notice no decrease in quality thanks to the self-learning fingerprint technology.

Anti-peep password: This is the same functionality as ZKTeco’s Random password mode, as described earlier. One can add random numbers before and after their real code, and the smart lock will detect it, confusing anyone trying to peep over your shoulders.

A lot of unlocking options: It provides a lot of auto-unlock features. Fingerprint and PIN are common in all smart locks. But UltraLOQ has a unique technology that “Shake to Open”: To unlock your door, wake up your smartphone’s screen and shake it! There is even no need to launch the U-tec app, Android-only folks.

Superfast timeless authentication: This lock will identify your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds, and you will be IN in no time.

Multiple users can access it. It can store up to 95 fingerprints so that you can grant access to all employees and family members.


  • Well-made, simple to assemble, and simple to use.
  • Provide quick access in 0.5 seconds.
  • Can store up to 95 fingerprints.
  • The app is easy for fingerprint access to access smart home device
  • Water-resistant and dirt-resistant.


  • Bad Bluetooth technology
  • Some users complain about the battery life indicator not always being accurate;
  • A bit time-consuming for initial setup

4. AIGURD f18 Fingerprint Door Lock

This smart lock is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and waterproof.

Therefore, it is very suitable for use in houses and apartments on the coast, where seawater is highly corrosive, to desert-like areas where the sunburns, requiring a high level of security.

Do you not feel safe unlocking your door next to strangers? Use the anti-peep password feature. Then, there is no need to worry! Even if you enter 1 to 6 random numbers before or after the correct password, you can gain access.

Fine-grain user-level control: You can set it to unlock when you do not need it. You can program multiple users and multiple passwords, and multiple fingerprints. It can store 200 fingerprints ID. This includes 10 admins and 140 normal users, and 50 guest accounts. Administrators have full access to the lock, and normal users can only open/use the lock, and guests can only use the lock at certain times. This makes it perfect for offices and larger households.

Combination Open Mode: This is a fantastic feature. You can set it up so that a single person can not unlock the smart lock by themselves, as the mode requires two people. So, for example, an employee can unlock the lock only when the boss is present.

Provide temporary access: You can provide a temporary code to the lock. For example, your guests can visit your home, Airbnb, or spa when you are not there.

Timeless authentication: This lock will identify your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds, and you will be IN in no time.

It also has a USB port for emergency backup data and emergency battery power, which is quite cool, and not many of the competitors solve this problem like this.


  • Can store up to 200 users.
  • Long-life battery power + USB backup
  • Durable in bad weather conditions thanks to quality steel
  • Provide extra security due to “open combination mode.”
  • Can read all ages fingerprints: from 4 to 80-year-olds


  • Some users complain about the visibility of the screen because it’s in LED during day time
  • The instructions are somewhat confusing some users
  • You have to choose a left or a right handle (it can not be reversed later)

Overall, Fingerprint Smart Lock benefits

Convenient Keyless Entry:

Keyless entry systems are becoming increasingly popular. They literally allow you to open your door without using a key. The convenience of getting into your house so quickly without using your hands is hard to beat.

A good quality keyless entry system should include several different security measures.

These include biometric eye and fingerprint scanners, ranging from simple things like deadbolts to more complex options.

Advanced Fingerprint Identification:

It is an advanced biometric technology. It is being used in education systems, smartphones, and police stations.

But, unfortunately, fingerprints are unique for every person, so fingerprint identification isn’t easy to copy or simulate.

Easy Installation:

Most of these electronic locks are easy to install. A screwdriver is all that is needed to attach them to the door. Some fingerprint locks require wiring, but even that is not difficult.

Access and Remote Access for Multiple Users:

Unlike a physical lock, these fingerprint door locks do not require a key, unlike a physical lock where you have to wait for another family member to come home if you forget your key, they can also permit you via remote access.

You can access the biometric lock remotely using your fingerprint with a mobile app. If a family member or guest wants to come to your home and far away, you can use the mobile app to give them remote access.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use them inside as well as outside doors?

No, you can not use all of them inside and outside. Some have LED screens that you can only use on the inside. Also, some are waterproof, and some are not.

So it is not possible to use them both inside and outside because of the technology using their smart functions.

What is the life span of a fingerprint sensor?

The life span of a fingerprint sensor can be many years. Manufacturers’ warranties range from 1 year to a lifetime, so this is certainly something to look out for. In addition, the average battery time is about a year without charging.

Is it possible to hack fingerprint locks?

Yes, it is possible. But not so much because of the fingerprint mechanism, but more because of the classic security bugs, like a simple password on your phone or app.


The main benefit of these biometric fingerprint keyless door locks is that no one can copy your fingerprint and cannot access your homes unless you grant them.

But, of course, this comes with the added benefit that you can not forget your keys anymore or lock yourself out.