Why Is My Yale Smart Lock Beeping?

What is the source of the beeping sound coming from my Yale smart lock?

The door lock is the first line of defense for your home, and you want to make sure that that is as powerful as possible.

Unfortunately, an unpleasant succession of beeps from your Yale Smart lock can be extremely irritating, as we are all too familiar with it.

We certainly don’t want to be bothered by that annoying beeping noise all day, or false alarm activation, especially because it indicates a problem with your pricey Smart Lock.

You must inspect your lock quickly and then attempt to resolve the issue causing your Yale smart lock to beep as soon as possible.

Yale smart locks can beep for various reasons, ranging from a low battery life or battery issue, to a simple battery warning, to a defective light to being damaged!

If you encounter this problem and are unsure of what it means or why the Smart Lock is beeping at you, we are here to help!

This post will go over all there is to know about the Yale Smart Lock beep code and how to resolve any issues arising from using it.

The following guide will help with problem shooting for most Yale models, like the Yale Assure Lever, Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave, Yale Assure Lock SL – Key-Free Touchscreen, and the Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi Smart Lock, to mention a few.

Your Yale smart door lock may begin to beep for various reasons.

Still, most of the time, these difficulties are not serious, and you can usually repair these issues on your own without the need for professional assistance.

If you have a Yale smart door lock and it is beeping, the most likely cause of the beeping is a low battery, and you must replace the batteries to address the problem.

However, when it continues to beep even after you have changed the batteries, there may be a problem with your Yale lock.

The most common explanation for this is that you have repeatedly entered the incorrect secret PIN code or inappropriately changed the PIN. We’ll dive into that later.

Make sure your alarm doesn’t have been tampered with. For example, a Yale lock will self-protect itself and warn the neighborhood with an 80db alarm if it thinks someone’s been trying to tamper with it. 

You can put an end to the beeping of your Yale door lock by doing the following:

1. PINCODE issues, also known as “Incorrect PIN Lockout.”

Sometimes we forget our secret PIN code and, in the process of attempting to unlock the door, we wind up inputting the wrong PIN code numerous times, causing the Yale smart door lock to beep several times.

If you enter your PIN incorrectly 5 times in a row, the lock will freeze for 3 minutes. This is indicated by the number [3] flashing on the keypad.

Depending on your model:

  • If you have an App: always double-check that you are using the correct PIN in the lock while using your online account and that your smart door lock is connected to your panel. If the PIN is not already associated with your online account, you can create a new PIN through your control panel or mobile app.
  • If you don’t have an App: present a valid key card or Fob, next press any button on the remote Fob.

If you input the correct PIN code into your Yale smart door lock and the beep sound is still playing, you can try resetting your smart door lock to see if the problem is resolved.

You may easily reset your smart door lock by following these simple instructions:

  1. The first step is to remove the cover that covers the lock on your door.
  2. The second step entails removing the battery from the location in question.
  3. After removing the battery pack, you must wait for approximately one minute before replacing the battery pack; however, you must maintain control of the device by holding down the lock button during this time.
  4. Once the door lock has been reset, it will lock and unlock many times with a beep, and then the door lock will be reset.

2. Quick hack that temporarily makes it stop

To silence the beeping immediately: just quickly disable and reactivate the lock.

This is a temporary method to stop the beeping; however, it is not a long-term solution because the beeping will resume after a short time.

3. Who reads a user manual these days?

Nothing is more fun than installing your newest gadget and perhaps follow the quick guide, at best! We all have been there! 

But when it comes to your safety and investment in an expensive look, you want to resort to the user manuals. Don’t tell your friend or wife about what you did.

That’ll be our little secret.

The user handbook contains all of the information linked to the beeping, such as what the beeping could represent or what light signals what, among other things.

The alarm’s beeping sound can be silenced by pressing the appropriate keys detailed in the user guide.

If you have misplaced your user manual, you can always look for one on the internet.

4. Batteries – the second most likely cause of your problems

Always be sure to check the battery status of your smart door lock because, in most cases, it turns out that low (or defective) batteries are the cause of the beeping of your smart lock.

It is necessary to replace the batteries if they are completely depleted of power.

Anyone can perform the battery replacement technique because it is so straightforward, four steps:

  1. Remove the battery cover from the interior of your door lock, which may need a screwdriver.
  2. Remove the old battery pack and replace it with the new one holding the [R] button.
  3. The lock will beep 12 times, followed by an ascending beep, continue holding the [R] button.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds.
  5. You will hear a new tone, and the master code has been set to 123456, and all codes, cards, tags are wiped.

5. Did you check everything’s plugged in?

When troubleshooting, we often miss the obvious as we assume those are in order. So, first, check the app for errors and notifications (you might have to scroll back a long time ago).

Can I change the volume of the beeps that the Yale lock emits?

There are two options for controlling the loudness of your Yale lock’s beep: on or off. You need to follow these simple steps, and you will be ready to go-

  1. To activate the lock, press the yale button on your keyboard.
  2. Input your secret PIN code into the lock to unlock it.
  3. To do this, click on the gear symbol.
  4. Now, press the “4” button on your keyboard.
  5. To silence the lock, hit the “3” key; use the “1” key on your keyboard to unmute the lock.

My lock emits a strange sound and flashes the numbers 1,3,5,7,9, and the digits on the smart lock flash 1,3,5,7,9. What exactly does this mean?

It’s possible that your Yale smart locks are producing strange noises and that the odd numbers on your lock are flashing in an “x” pattern, which indicates that your door isn’t closing properly!

It is possible that the deadbolt of the lock is unable to close the door, or that there is a problem with the motor of the lock. This is a problem for people who have wooden doors, especially when the weather changes. 

Believe it or not, but can try shaking and juggling the door to see if it helps to alleviate the problem temporarily. Reddit users call it the magic tip.


As previously said, your Yale door lock is the first line of defense in your home. As a result, you must address any issues that arise as soon as possible.

If you cannot fix it on your own, especially after reading the user’s manual, you might get assistance from a Smart Home Specialist. Also, don’t forget Amazon’s generous no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy, so you can always try things out!