Does Eufy support motion detection notifications with Alexa?

For your Amazon Alexa device (or a compatible device such as your SONOS speakers) to support a Eufy Security camera or video doorbell, you must install the Alexa Skill in your Alexa App.

The skill page is available here. The page description states,

“The EufySecurity Skill lets you activate and watch your Eufy Security cameras live by saying voice commands to Alexa.”

It turns out we need to take that sentence literally.

And that’s with ranking/score for this Alexa Skill of only 2.5 out of 5 stars. So you may have an idea where this article is going.

Also, the compatibility list has not been updated in a while: Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire tablets, 7th generation and up, all generations of Fire TV, second generations of Fire TV stick only, Fire TV, Edition smart TVs.

For me, Amazon Alexa (Also see: 5 Best Door Sensors that work with Alexa) works fine with my SONOS ONE speaker (which is great because you can easily switch between multiple voice assistants there).

Likewise, you can easily switch between Google Assistant and Alexa with a few clicks.

SONOS ONE: Choose your voice assistant
The luxury of SONOS ONE: Choose your voice assistant: Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

It took me half a day to figure out the truth.

The confusing thing was that my Eufy 2k video doorbell works fine with the Alexa Skill, at least as far as Ringing goes.

However, no motion detector detection (Also see: Eufy Video Doorbell Not Detecting Motion – Troubleshooting) came through.

They appeared fully functional in the Eufy App on my phone but not on my Alexa-enabled device. Super confusing, is not it? Also, no warnings or notifications were not working or not supported, as shown below.

No motion detected on Alexa with eufy
No motion was detected on Alexa with eufy.


What was I doing wrong?

After doing research, I decided to contact Eufy customer service. I got the answer that motion detection is not supported on non-Eufy hardware.

And I got the vague explanation that they might support it in the future. 

Come to think of it, and motion detection notifications are not even supported for Eufy’s Homebase either! So also not on Alexa devices.

Many threads on the internet and Eufy’s forums ask for this feature. But unfortunately, I think we will only get motion detection for Alexa once they support this for their Homebase.

At the time I am writing this article: August 8, 2021, I can save you some time and trouble:

Currently, motion detection notifications are only available through Eufy’s own mobile app. 
They are not even supported on your own Homebase, and thus not for Amazon Alexa devices.

How to install the EufySecurity Skill on your Alexa device?

We round up the article with a quick guide on how you can still install the EufySecurity Skill on your Amazon Alexa compatible device for your 2k video doorbell. Know that it will only work for Ringing and not for motion detection.

Step 1, make sure your video doorbell works correctly with the Eufy app. Double-check everything at this time; otherwise, there may be some confusion later. Is everything working correctly?

Step 2 If you have not already, install the Alexa app on your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Step 3. In the Alexa app, search for “EufySecurity” under Skills. And activate it by connecting to your Alexa account. The apps require a few verification clicks, but the whole process should only take a few minutes.

And you are all set. Your Eufy video doorbell will work for Ringing – but not for motion detection.

By the way, what is good to know is that you can have your Homebase AND Amazon Alexa devices simultaneously for Ringing for doorbell notifications.