8 Electric Fences For Home Security – Reviews And Buying Guide

Long gone are the days when a simple sign stating “trespassers prohibited” was enough to keep out unwanted attention. Instead, a fence is the first line of defense that you can easily install and use to effectively safeguard your premises from dangerous intrusions.

We will describe what electric fences are, how they work, and the best brands that offer electric fence installation services. Let’s begin with some basics. 

Understanding the three Ds is essential for home and business security systems and is also highly effective in creating a defense against theft and other disturbances.

What Are The 3 Ds?

1. Deter

Having a sign on your fence that warns intruders of electric current is often enough to deter anyone from trying to scale your fence. An electric security fence is better than barbed wire and an extremely efficient method to prevent theft; an electric security fence gives your property and premises protection from potential trespassers.

2. Detect

Along with passing on a current or pulse of a certain voltage to the intruder’s body, a security fence is connected to an alarm that goes off upon contact. This helps notify the owners, local authorities, and security system companies of the breach.

3. Delay

If a trespasser succeeds in crossing the security perimeter by some stroke of chance, the electric fence significantly delays their access to your space. It also deters them from using the same route to escape, and they end up wasting precious time looking for other modes of exit.

What Is An Electric Fence?

What Is An Electric Fence?
What Is An Electric Fence?

An electric fence may either be a concrete fence on which electric wires are mounted or a wired one with a current passing through its channels. It is an effective security system that electrocutes anyone attempting to touch the wall while sending a report of the breach to the home or business owners and the company that installed the electric fence.

Even if the intruder goes a step ahead and tries to short circuit or cut the electric security system, an alert is immediately sent to a secure channel which will then, either with an alarm or silently, alert the property owners of the attempt.

Where Are Electric Fences Used?

Electric fences have been around for a very long time. Traditionally, an electric fence was used to deter animals from crossing farm lines and military operation bases to keep outsiders out and insiders in.

Similarly, it is used today to secure the perimeter where forest areas merge with highways. Again, this is done to keep wild animals from straying onto highways, potentially hurting themselves or humans.

Using an electric fence for homes or even to secure commercial properties is a great idea, given the uncertain times.

This is especially necessary if you keep valuable items or confidential documents on your premises that may gather the interest of some anti-social elements.

Having an electric fence helps to secure your house and business space, and with its non-lethal voltage, it may not fatally hurt an individual. Still, it might be enough to wound them and also allows you to intimate local authorities of the attempt.

What Kind Of Voltage Does An Electric Security Fence Emit?

What Kind Of Voltage Does An Electric Security Fence Emit?
What Kind Of Voltage Does An Electric Security Fence Emit?

An electric perimeter fence sends out a high-voltage current around the fence, emitting electric shocks to anyone attempting to climb the wall.

It works like an electric guard dog whose look is enough to stop an intruder from trying to break in. The pulse emitted by an electric fence may range from 2500 to 12000 volts, depending on the type you have installed on your property.

How To Select A Good Electric Fence For Perimeter Security

Certain components make a great electric fencing system that protects a house or commercial property from difficult situations.

We shall mention a few points here that may help you decide when investing in perimeter security and setting up the first line of defense on your premises.

Electric fences work best when they are customized according to your needs. Whether you need basic home security or hi-tech walls around your property to protect your valuables, you may choose electrical fencing that suits your requirements.

A Good Conductor

A conductor is an object or material that allows electric current (charge) to flow in one or more directions. Metals are said to be the best conductors of electricity, with pure silver topping the list.

Choosing a perimeter security system with a good conductor is essential. The different conductors used in electric fences are:

Wires with stainless steel as conductors are the best option in a perimeter fence as stainless steel does not rust as easily as copper. This means that your fence will not turn green in places where the copper in the wire and the fence have oxidized and corroded.

A non-corrodible metal conductor also ensures that your electric fencing stays secure and keeps away intruders effectively.


This device absorbs power from an external source (generally a power outlet or a battery) and alternately pushes this power through the fence. This transfer is usually done in short, high voltage pulses through the positive terminal on your electric fencing.

The negative ground terminal reverts the excess energy to the energizer. The pulse is transmitted in short intervals to allow the intruder or animal to detach itself from the fence.

Although strong enough to avoid intrusion, this power pulse is non-lethal to human beings. The kind of energizer you select would depend on the site where you want the security system installed.

Your requirements, along with the height and length of your perimeter fence, will determine whether you need an electric circuit or a battery that powers your energizer.


Unlike a conductor, an insulator is an object or material that does not conduct electricity. In other words, these will ensure that the pulse does not pass on to the ground or any other materials that may come in contact with the fence.

This safety feature is essential to a security fence as it protects from sudden fires and short circuits. For this purpose, insulators are generally made of plastic or porcelain and are attached to the fence before conductors are connected.

Selecting a fencing system with good quality insulators is essential to operating a good and effective electric fence.

Fencing Posts

Usually, the material used to make fencing posts is metal or wood. The function of this post is to provide support to a fence and thus needs to be of sturdy material.

To ensure good connectivity, fencing posts must be placed at regular intervals. This will provide strength and stability while ensuring a good line of defense. Plastic posts are insulated. Hence separate insulators are only required for wooden or metal posts.

Earth Stakes

Many people complain about electric fences, and more often than not, the problem they face is a result of poor grounding.

Install proper earthing is essential to deliver an effective shock and act as a deterrent. Only then can a good flow of current between the energizer, the contact, and the earth be established. If earthing is not proper, unwanted shocks may occur.

The Best Electric Fence Manufacturers and Distributors

We have compiled a list of well-known firms leading the market for electric fences. However, this list is not ranked but rather a general compilation of the 10 best options for perimeter security.

Viking Fence

Viking Fence
Viking Fence

One of the leading names in fencing since 1977, Viking Fences is a fully licensed, family-owned business. Making no compromises on quality, their installations have great reviews from their customers. In addition, they offer on-site fabrication that allows a great range of customizable options.

They claim to source premium quality materials and, apart from electric fences, offer a great variety of materials and styles to choose from.

Carter Fence

Carter Fence
Carter Fence

With a legacy of 30 years of great service, they offer free project evaluation and estimates. Their consultation is also free and helps the customers make an informed decision. 

They promise fair prices and offer a range of services.
The materials used in fencing vary from vinyl to aluminum and wood. Their electric fencing and perimeter security systems are well-reviewed.



With an interesting story behind its inception, this company began in 1938 and had been delivering fencing solutions for a long time. Their website specializes in electric fences alone, allowing customers to build their fences virtually.

This is done through a series of questions about your needs, bringing the best solution to your fencing woes. They also have solar power options and are top-notch in technological innovations that have won various awards.

California Fence and Supply

California Fence and Supply
California Fence and Supply

They have a great record of fencing that they have maintained for over 30 years. The customer reviews on their website reveal their dedication to offering quality service,

This company also designs electric sliding gates to go with your perimeter fence.



This company does not offer home security fences. Instead, their niche is wildlife control, and they specialize in installing fences to keep pests, wild animals, and birds away from your property.

This would be a good option if you require perimeter fencing for your farmlands or live near a forested area.

J & J Fence

J & J Fence
J & J Fence

This is a Los Angeles premiere fencing company established in 1994. They offer the finest quality materials and take care of all the electric installation needs.

Offering free estimates, J & J has a good customer base. They also have a variety of designs to choose from.

Fencer Wire

Fencer Wire
Fencer Wire

This Illinois-based company specializes in wire and mesh fencing. Their customers include homes, businesses, and farms. They also make, import, and distribute their high-quality wires and wire meshes.

Their services also include poultry netting and welded wire fencing options.

Fence Emporium

Fence Emporium
Fence Emporium

Based in Alaska, this company specializes in fencing and distributes fencing products. They allow customization, and their work has great reviews.

Fence Emporium designs everything from dog kennels to electric fences and has a great variety. They are budget-friendly and have 35 years of experience in the field.

How Electric Fences Can Protect You

With the many options available in the market, you can make an informed decision and configure a perimeter security system that helps protect your property from trespassers.

1. Perimeter Security

Installing a perimeter security fence will allow you to integrate it with the available security system of your premises or building. This offers multi-level protection from anyone or anything that seeks to harm you.

2. Access Control

Integrating these will give you a complete access control system for buildings that can be controlled either by a security executive or yourself.

3. Intruder Alarms

This can detect any breach of your security systems, including any attempt to scale a wall, wrestle a door, or tamper with the electric system.

Electric Fence For Home Security

Even if you feel you live in a safe area, installing an electric security fence at your residence is a smart choice. This is especially the case if you have young children or older parents living alone.
Along with providing a sense of security, this removes unwanted intrusions and attention from your home.

Maintaining Your Electric Security Fence

Scheduling regular maintenance and checks on your security fence is essential for its smooth functioning. Unfortunately, electric current is not a power that you can reckon with, and hence we recommend getting professionals to check on your fence regularly.

These maintenance checks will need to test all the aspects of the security system involved, including the alarms, insulators, conductors, and earth.

A voltage check will also ascertain whether a proper pulse is emitted at correct intervals. Finally, the condition of the wires will be checked to see if there are any breakage, corrosion, or bare wire issues along the length of your fence.

Will Electric Fences Hurt People?

Will Electric Fences Hurt People?
Will Electric Fences Hurt People?

This is not a possibility. Although these fences were historically used to hurt, the energizers in use today do not lethally harm humans. However, they may be detrimental to small animals in close contact.

It is recommended that you educate your family and staff members extensively about this system before installing it. This will ensure that no untoward incidents occur and no false alarms are set off by improper use.

Will It Kill Animals?

OThesefences fatally harm animals or humans. Only when improperly installed or maintained. The function of the energizer and insulator is very important. This is why we advise having your fence professionally installed and maintained.

Some Hard No’s

Some Hard No’s When It Comes To Electric Fences
Some Hard No’s When It Comes To Electric Fences
  1. Traditionally, barbed wires and broken glass were used for perimeter security. However, we should not power barbed wire fences when it comes to electric fences.
  2. Similarly, barbed wires should not be used on gates. Again, getting limbs stuck in the barbed wire will prevent the perpetrator from being able to remove their hand before the next pulse of current hits them.
  3. Gate wires should not be used to transfer pulse from one brace to the other.
  4. During the installation process, care should be taken to ensure that the wires are not overtightened.
  5. Tightened wires may make contact during winter and pull the braces out of line.
  6. Always ensure that only electric fence-trained cattle are kept in the enclosures. Improperly trained cattle may try to run through the fence.
  7. The electric wire should not be placed in conjunction with barbed wire. This may result in tears and damage.
  8. Avoid using easily corrodible wires like the ones made of copper.
  9. Do not invest in a system that may seem considerably cheaper than others. It could mean that the materials used are not of good quality, which would lead to problems like power-robbing and glitches constantly.

Final Words

Investing in electric fencing is the need of the hour and with sustainability and avoiding power wastage, we hope you will stick to the greener options. This includes choosing solar-powered panels or choosing options that use a lesser current.

Additionally, it is best to let the fencing company conduct an evaluation of your property and needs and present you with solutions rather than going to them with your selection.

This is to avoid potential underperformance or over-the-top setups that may not align with your requirements and space. We hope this article helped clear your doubts and educated you about the best choices you can make.