5 Best Wall Mounted Lock Box for Keys

Yes, I’ve been in situations where I’ve locked myself out of my house. After being a victim of it countless times, I’ve used an external locker to hide a spare key.

So, if you have been a victim of being locked out, I would share some of the best wall-mounted lockers for keys that you can use externally.

A spare key can come in handy, whether you’ve locked yourself outside your house in the cold or you’ve assigned your friends to watch your pets while you eat delicious food in another country.

But where should you keep that spare key?

In a potted plant? Under your doormat? In a fake plastic rock? In an outdoor cabinet?

If you were trying to break into someone else’s house, those would probably be the first places you would look.

Gone are the days of hiding your keys under the doormat.

You can now keep the keys to your home or building safe, thanks to key lockers.

These robust options may require a password combination to be opened: This way, you can ensure that your home is safe from intruders.

Our Top Picks on the Best Outdoor Lockboxes For Keys

When choosing the best wall-mounted key box for your needs and budget, you should look at the ease of use, the mounting options of the box, and its storage capacity. This list of top picks can help you make the right choice for your home.

Master Lock Electronic Wall Locker securely stores fewer keys and AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet to store more keys.

While most of the products listed here are wall-mounted combination lock boxes, if you’re happy with a key-enabled outdoor lockbox for keys, you can try the First Alert 3060F Steel Wall Mount Key Cabinet.

It is great for storing up to 25 keys and has a rotary knob for easy access.

These recommendations are strictly my opinion bourne on personal use and research.

Best Wall Mounted Combination Lock Box for Keys

1. Master Lock Box Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

This wall-mounted electronic key safe from Master Lock has some great features for the convenience of a key cabinet.

The safe functions as a stand-alone keypad (without WiFi or Bluetooth) but has other accessibility features.

For example, box owners can update key codes, access via Bluetooth, and track who has used the key safe via the free app.

This is great for those with busy schedules who need to access a dog walker or family member. By simply sending a code through the app, a visitor has real-time access.

The safe also has plenty of storage space inside, so users can store multiple keys at once, including smart car keys if needed. This unit is suitable for wall mounting only.

2. Rudy Run Key Lock Box for Outside Wall Mount 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive wall mount key box, check out this Rudy Run outdoor key box.

This lesser-known key box takes a page or two out of some industry leaders’ books to deliver a secure, durable, easy-to-use key box that stays put. It has a large capacity, holds up to five keys, and can be set for 10,000 combinations.

The collapsible dust cover protects the number of wheels from the elements to stay on the house for a long time. Rudy Run says this lockbox is also heat resistant.

However, the size and appearance can be noticeable, which will affect the location chosen for this lockbox.

3. AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Wall Mounted Lockbox


This is probably the best wall key box for storing many keys.

Those who have many toys like project cars, four-wheelers, boats, and other important pursuits can use the AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet to keep the keys to all their prized possessions safe and organized.

The capacity of this sturdy key Cabinet makes it a one-stop shop for various key storage needs. In addition, the digital clock can be easily programmed with a positive lock to go back when the code is entered.

It even has a drop lock on the side so guests and visitors can leave a spare set of keys when they leave. Unfortunately, this key box is not weatherproof, so that it will require some planning for installation.

Nonetheless, the box works well in addition to a garage or shed, providing access to the property.

4. XOOL Wall Mounted Password Lock Box with Mounting kits

This manufacturer guarantees that it will not jam during use like other lockers. In addition, the high-quality hard aluminum makes it rustproof and durable.

Since it works with the simple 4-digit Combination, anyone can operate it. Therefore, it is also suitable for children or older people. This locker is available in both wall-mounted and portable versions.

And there are also 2 colors for you to choose from.

There is enough storage space for 5 keys. There is a small push button to access the 4-digit combination lock.

5. MOFUT Key Lock Box With 4-Digit Combination


If you’re having trouble organizing your spare keys, you can keep them all in one place with MOFUT’s 4-digit combination key box. This key box is large enough to hold multiple keys, cards, or other important items.

It uses a four-digit code entered via the rolling number wheels and can be easily reset at any time. Also included is all the hardware to mount the key box on the outside of a home.

The hinged dust cover protects the box from the elements. The large capacity also makes this lockbox obvious, which can be good for some applications but might worry those who want a less obvious way to access it.


Where should you place your house key box?

While a good lockbox is very difficult to open without a combination or code, don’t point out a key that is kept outside your home.

Find a place to install it that is not easily visible to passersby.

For example, consider placing your lockbox behind a post or plant or on the side of your home rather than next to the front door.

Is a lockbox secure?

A lockbox is an inexpensive, secure storage option if you’re not ready to commit to an expensive smart door lock.

Still, even the best lockbox is not a foolproof security solution. A skilled and dedicated burglar can crack the code or break into the box.

If you use a lockbox to store keys outside, we highly recommend installing motion sensor security lights and a doorbell video camera so you can see who comes and goes while you’re gone.

Most doorbell cameras even allow you to communicate with visitors.

This puts you at ease, deters potential burglars, and makes it easier for guests to check on you.

Wrapping Up…

Keeping a spare key outside the house is among the smartest things you can do.

After reading up on the best closets for keys, consider installing a permanent key cabinet outside your home so that a spare key is always available for those who need it, whether you’ve rented out your house through Airbnb or accidentally locked yourself out in sub-zero temperatures.

You’ll never lock yourself out of your home again because you keep your spare key in an outdoor key cabinet.