Best Weatherproof Locks for Gates and Doors 2024

You may be wondering,Β Does a waterproof padlock for gates and does exist?

Or what are the best outdoor waterproof locks to buy for your gates and doors?

Some padlocks are prone to rust, especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain and snow.

While this is 100% true, however, we have some padlocks for your weatherproof and durable gates and can last for a record time without rusting or freezing.

These locks can work perfectly in any weather without rusting or freezing.

It’s no news that constantly changing exterior locks can be both expensive and annoying.

So to avoid a repeated scenario where the weather regularly destroys your padlocks, we’ll show you how to find the best waterproof and weatherproof padlock for your exterior doors, garage, and gates.

We have carefully analyzed the top 5 most effective weatherproof padlocks for exterior gates and doors in 2020 and listed their pros, cons, and key features.

Based on our personal experiences with these locks, we can recommend the best outdoor security padlocks, whether you need a temporary lock for camping or a lock for your gates and doors, or even for long-term storage.

Read on to find out which padlock is best for you and why you should buy it.

After much research, based on personal experiences and reviews from neighbors, I think this weatherproof padlock with a 4-digit combination lock is the best outdoor weatherproof padlock for your gates and storage areas.

It is made of stainless steel, is all-weather, and has a reasonable price.

What are the Best Weather-resistant Padlocks for Outdoor Use?

How do I know which padlock is best for me?

If you are looking for an outdoor padlock, consider one that is at least weather resistant. The body of this padlock will not rust, but the inner springs will rust because they are made of steel.

Inexpensive, weatherproof padlocks are made of low-grade brass or laminate. In addition, such locks have plastic covers to provide some protection.

High-quality padlocks are made of brass, phosphor bronze, or stainless steel materials.

These locks are very sturdy and can withstand changing weather conditions and temperatures.

If you are looking for a padlock for use on a boat or ship, you will need a marine-grade padlock instead of a simple weatherproof padlock.

What are the benefits of weather-resistant padlocks?

Most weatherproof padlocks will work in any weather condition or temperature fluctuation and are made of stainless steel. Such locks are not only great at securing your item or area but can also tolerate changing weather conditions.

5 Best Outdoor Weatherproof Padlock 2022

1. FortLocks – weatherproof padlock with 4 digit combination lock

This is arguably the best padlock for harsh weather conditions, especially in winter, and at a very reasonable price. It also offers over 10,000 unique combinations for maximum security and is made of weatherproof steel.

This 4-digit outdoor combination padlock tops our list of the 5 best weatherproof combination padlocks in the world.

It’s the best lock you can use anywhere, whether in the gym, at school, on a co-worker’s locker, for sports, outdoors, on gates, storage, locking up, and for various other purposes.


  • Your purchase is covered by a 3-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The lock is available in four different colors.
  • It has a thick shackle and is made of weatherproof steel.
  • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • Offers up to 10,000 unique combinations for strong security
  • Weatherproof multipurpose padlock
  • Keyless padlock


  • Combination numbers are on one side, not the front, making them hard to see
  • Those who live in the desert or dry areas may not withstand the corrosive effects of sand.

2. Master Lock 140T Padlock

The 140T padlock from Master Lock s is a very durable lock that is easy to open and close. This lock has a 9-16 inch wide body and a 7-8 inch shackle.

This lock, whose body is stylishly made of brass, has a 4-pin tumbler lock and has a hardened steel shackle that ensures it is hard to cut or break.


  • The lock is very durable and easy to use.
  • It comes with a 4-pin tumbler lock.
  • The shackle is made of hardened steel for cut resistance.
  • It has a solid copper body for a sleek look.
  • No. 3 ABUS All Weather Solid Brass Padlock


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty purposes
  • No combination locks
  • Minimalistic design

3. ABUS All Weather Solid Brass Padlock

The ABUS weatherproof padlock is a pretty good lock when it comes to security and functionality. It has a sealed lock body with a cylinder cover and drainage channels that protect the locking system from water and dirt attacks.

With a paracentric keyway, specifically designed for added protection against tampering by intruders, both the lock and shackle of this weatherproof outdoor padlock are covered with a vinyl cover to increase protection against dust, water, and other debris.


  • The vinyl cover protects against scratches
  • Durable against all weather conditions
  • Paracentric groove means an outsider can’t tamper with it
  • Resistant to salt water, due to high concentration of corrosive salt


  • The manufacturer can only make extra keys in case you lose your keys.

4. SEPOX Laminated Steel Padlock

This padlock is not only weather-resistant but also has an attractive exterior design. The chrome plating gives it a beautiful appearance while protecting the core from corrosion and scratches.

In addition, the strong, laminated steel core provides maximum strength and secure protection for your gear.


  • Hardened steel shackle
    Chrome plated finish
  • 4-pin cylinder lock mechanism


  • Lack of a combination lock

5. Master Lock Magnum Covered Laminated Steel Padlock

This padlock is best for gates, sheds, fences, garages, and other exposed areas specially made with a laminated steel core.

As one of the best weather-resistant padlocks, the steel core is covered with a strong weather-resistant magnum with a rustproof certificate.

A four-pin cylinder and double ball bearing locking mechanism also make it a great choice for maximum security.


  • Coated with steel
  • Double armored construction
  • Rust-Oleum certified protection
  • Rugged octagonal drill carbide shackle


  • Not keyless

3 Things to Consider this When Buying Padlocks for Outdoor Use

1. Weather Resistance

When looking for the best outdoor combination lock, you should first consider whether you want the lock to be weather resistant. If you live in dry temperatures, you don’t have to worry about buying a frost-resistant padlock.

The same is true if you live in a dry place. You don’t have to worry about buying a padlock that can withstand rain and snow.

2. Locking mechanism

There are two main types of locking systems in a padlock. Do you want a key, or do you want a combination lock? The most secure keys are hard to duplicate.

So if you lose your key, the only way to open the lock is to have the lock recut by a professional locksmith.

If you choose a combination lock, make sure you choose a combination that you can always remember.

3. Dust and salt proof

On closer inspection, mud, sand, and grass can cause very different reactions and should be considered and the weather. If you are at the seaside very often and would use your lock by the sea, you should consider the effect of salt.

Salt can be very damaging to any lock, and you should buy the best outdoor padlock you can afford.

Wrapping up

The task of choosing a weatherproof padlock over a modern padlock is the best thing you can do if you really want to protect your belongings.

Unfortunately, finding the best outdoor weatherproof padlocks for your gates and doors can be quite a problem, as many products on the market are not truly weatherproof as claimed.

This article has done a lot to educate you on which weatherproof locks are for you and why you should choose them. We have listed their key features and weaknesses. Go ahead and buy them if they meet your needs.