Best Waterproof and Fireproof Wall Safe for Home and Office

Want to know more about the best waterproof and fireproof wall safe that can protect your documents from being damaged in a fire incident?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading until the end because I’m not only going to show you my favorite inferno-proof wall safes for residential and commercial use but also why they are the best.

So today at Home Security Planet, I’m going to talk about the best fireproof wall safe for home use. Fireproof safes are very important to keep important documents like your property papers, tax payments, IDs, bank statements, etc.

Nowadays, people are looking for the best ways to keep their important things safe. A fireproof wall safe in your home or workplace is the best option. Here, you can conveniently store important things with top-notch security.

All the fireproof safes mentioned here are water and rust-resistant and will last you a lifetime with a top-notch digital security system.

Most of the time, finding the right fireproof wall safe can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know anything about safes.

Nevertheless, most safe manufacturers claim to produce the best safes, but in the long run, they just end up producing tiny pieces of metal that don’t work.

Therefore, in this post, I would like to answer all the pressing questions you may have regarding a fireproof wall safe that can be placed in your home as well as in your office.

Also, I will recommend to you some good waterproof and fireproof wall safes that I have personally tested and seen my friends and family.

We have actually tested all these for a long time, and this is from the actual real-world experience of what they are talking about.

What is a fireproof wall safe?

There are different types of safes, but a fireproof wall safe is a special type of safe that has fireproof material between the steel sides and doors of the safe.

They are mounted between walls. These fireproof wall safes are designed to be positioned between 12″ – 15″ deep behind the wall of your home or office.

There is no specific size of fireproof wall safe as there are different sizes, manufacturers, and uses. Most fireproof wall safes are equipped with digital security protocols such as dial lock, key and digital keypad, and facial recognition.

They can be equipped with either a combination lock or a digital electronic lock.

The aim is to keep your valuables safe and secure in the event of a fire outbreak.

The good thing about this fireproof wall safe is that it is also waterproof and airtight, so your documents will not be soaked by water if a large fire is extinguished.

What is the best fireproof wall safe for home use?

I have five good collections of the most popular wall safes that are both waterproof and fireproof. Considering the materials they are made of and their qualitative over-popularity.

In my topic selection, I have chosen the best waterproof and fireproof safes for small items like documents and cash, jewelry, and larger sizes like fireproof wall safes for larger items like files.

If you are not in a hurry, my recommended best fireproof wall safe is Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe, otherwise, sit tight while I carefully review them one by one to support my point of view so you can make your decisions about which fireproof wall safe to buy without hesitation.

Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe Review

Sturdily built, carpeted inside, portable, and equipped with an electronic keypad, this is my best fireproof wall safe.

In fact, the V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables Safe comes close to this beast. You can check it out.

Need I say it’s burglar-proof, fireproof, waterproof, and easy to install?

How I installed Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

  1. I carefully selected the most secured area to install my brand new fireproof safe.
  2. I carefully made a 12 x 14 opening on the wall with saws and jags
  3. I made sure I have ready, a 16” center studs
  4. I happily slid my fireproof safe in the 12 x 14 opening I made on the wall, drilled starter holes into the studs with the drill from inside the safe and then I put in the screws.
  5. The safe fit into the opening perfectly and I secured it with the screws.
  6. Don’t worry, the safe comes with an installation manual.


SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination

This is a special storage cabinet that is not a wall safe in the true sense, but it is the must-have fireproof safe that I use. This fireproof safe is suitable for larger files and valuables.

This amazing 1.23 cubic foot super safe is my top choice in fireproof wall safes.

Tested and certified by UL (a global independent safety science company) and your faithful is super amazing when it comes to protecting irreplaceable documents and money from a fire incident.

Confirmed to withstand 1 hour of intense fire at a temperature of 1700o F, was able to maintain the proper temperature to preserve documents such as passport, cash, and papers.

Before I forget, it is waterproof, easy to use with both digital keypad and dial safety features.

SentrySafe is a no-nonsense safe manufacturer with the best reputation.



The most important factors to take into consideration

  • Safe build quality: The quality of materials used to build safe really matters. The materials should have high heat resistivity.
  • Fireproof Rating: fireproof rating is about how long can your safe last under burning fire and still retains its contents. The safe mentioned here has been tested to survive under a high temperature of about 1500o
  • Waterproof Rating: Not only did I test for fire resistivity, but I also tested their water resistance. A fireproof safe is airtight, therefore the water cannot enter.
  • Size of safe: I the contents to be put inside the safes.
  • Price of safe: I also looked at their prices and availability on the website. For a safe of good quality and durability, the prices are fair enough.
  • Security: How safe is safe? What are the security measures put in place? I also considered these questions while testing out my findings. I also ensured that the keys and keypads works as claimed by the manufacturers.

All the products listed here ticked well in the above analysis.

Will paper money burn in a fireproof safe?

Your paper money will not burn because fireproof safes are made from high carbon steels and padded high-quality fire-resistant materials which prevent heat from damaging paper contents such as cash and documents.,

Is a fireproof safe worth it?

Yes, fireproof safes are worth every penny. Do you know the pain and anguish of seeing your vital valuables or documents go to ashes just like that?

With a fireproof safe, such situations can be survived without any stress. These safes are not only effective against fire but also against burglary.

Made of high-quality carbon steel and top-notch security systems, they are very difficult to crack, hack or force into.

All the more reason you should get one. Waterproof plus fireproof safe gives you peace of mind.

At Home Security Planet (your home for security and safety awareness), I strive to teach you how to apply security and safety in everything you do.

What should go in a fireproof safe?

A fireproof wall safe, like any other safe, is used mainly for storing vital things. These things are the most valuable things or highly confidential documents. These are some of the things that are usually locked away in a fireproof safe.

  • Cash: One of the valuable things that are hidden away in a fireproof safe is money. You and I both know that money is paper, and if it is exposed to fire, it doesn’t take long for it to burn. This is another reason why you need a safe that can withstand extreme heat and still keep your cash intact.
  • Luxury Jewelry: Luxury jewelry like gold, diamonds, and other gemstones are safer in a fireproof wall safe at home. These things are very expensive and could be stolen if not stored carefully. A fireproof safe is equipped to prevent burglars from entering. Therefore, your jewelry is safe in your wall safe even if there is no fire incident.
  • Special Documents: Special documents like passports, birth certificates, bank records, classified documents from security agencies, case files are better off in a fireproof wall safe than anywhere else.
  • Personal Hardware: Personal defense hardware such as computer drives, USB drives, guns, tasers, etc. can also be stored in a fireproof safe. This way you get them out of the reach of burglars or children.
  • Precious metals: If you have precious metals that you want to store for some time, consider a fireproof wall safe.

Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

The best place for a safe in your hose is behind the walls. The reason for this is that it is better secured and hidden from public view.

Another place suitable to keep a fireproof safe is under your shelf, next to your bed, on your table, etc., but the safest place to put your fireproof safe is behind a wall.

And remember, installing your fireproof safe anywhere other than in a wall or in the floor is risky and open to theft.

Parting words…

As a top security measure, I highly recommend that you get a high-quality fireproof wall safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. This will greatly help you protect your valuables from fire disasters, flooding, burglary, and theft in your home or office.

I consider it my sole responsibility to advise you on your choice of a safe so that you do not fall into the clutches of bad product reviews. Don’t be afraid to invest your money in something realistic and sustainable.