5 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier 2023 and How they Work

Buying the best gun-safe dehumidifier is the best thing you can do if you have a gun safe and guns in it that you want to protect.

Protecting your guns from moisture and humidity can be an important factor in preventing your property from rusting, corroding, or growing mold. If left untreated, these problems can worsen and cause serious damage to your guns and safe.

Finding the best dehumidifiers should be at the top of your list as a gun owner who has invested in safes. Any gun can rust if exposed to a humid environment for an extended period.

If you don’t control the humidity in your safe, it can be disastrous for the integrity of your firearms.

Types of Gun Safe Dehumidifiers 

There are two main types of dehumidifiers: an electric dehumidifier and a desiccant dehumidifier.

An electric dehumidifier can provide better heat and humidity control. Plus, you don’t have to worry about much maintenance. The downside of an electric dehumidifier is that you have to drill holes in your best weapon because of the wiring.

An adsorption humidifier doesn’t need wires (except when charging), so they have an advantage over electric units in that regard. The choice between the two is based more on preference. Both options are capable of getting the job done.

The technical difference between the two is the way they reduce moisture. Each type of desiccant dehumidifier works the same in that they all lower relative humidity by removing water from the air through absorption.

Electric dehumidifiers reduce relative humidity by heating the air. This also increases the difference between the dew point and the temperature. This helps reduce the likelihood of condensation forming in the gun box.

What is the best Dehumidifier for Gun Safe to buy?

We recommend The Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Silica Gel Gun Safe Mini Dehumidifier because it’s easy to use, safe, renewable, and can be more powerful than some of the other silica gel dehumidifiers on the market.

However, suppose you need a cordless humidifier for your gun safe.

In that case, we highly recommend the Stack-On Rechargeable Cordless Gun Safe Mini Dehumidifier as the best cordless gun safe humidifier because its charge can last weeks longer than some of the other wireless options.

Recharging it less saves on electricity and hassle.

5 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier 2021

  1. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier
  2. Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier
  3. Gurin DHMD-110
  4. Stack-On PFS-012-BG
  5. Lockdown Silica Gel Canister

Reviews of the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier for your Gun Safe

1. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

For something so small, it has a lot of neat features. That’s why the EvaDry E-333 Renewable Safe Dehumidifier is our overall best safe dehumidifier. It’s easy to use, safe, renewable, and powerful, among other positive features.

This compact product works in rooms up to 333 cubic feet, lasts three to four weeks before needing to be recharged, and the product lasts up to ten years before needing to be replaced.

And it does all this without batteries or electricity during use.

Here are some of the key features that make it the best overall option:

  • Non-toxic; safe around children and pets 100% renewable.
  • Easy to use
    Never leaks or spills liquid, even when full
  • 5-year warranty

While we think this is the best safe dehumidifier, some drawbacks are also.

Since there are no lights in the safe, it may be difficult to see the color of the beads through the display window on some gun safes. Also, the five-year warranty does not live up to the claim that gun safes will last ten years.

Why EvaDry E-333 Renewable Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

The E-333 Renewable Pistol Safe Dehumidifier outperforms both the Stack-On 1500 Rechargeable Safe Wireless Dehumidifier and other dehumidifiers when it comes to the size of the area they can handle to protect your weapons in your gun safes.

This one can handle an area of 333 cubic feet, while the Stack-on can only handle an area of 100 cubic feet.

However, the Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Wireless Gun Safe Dehumidifier is the winner, working in an area of 500 cubic feet, followed by the E-333 with a coverage of 333 cubic feet.

How EvaDry E-333 Renewable Gun Safe Dehumidifier works

This product uses renewable silica gel technology and does not require batteries or electricity during operation.

It uses a renewable solution that can silently absorb moisture and humidity from the air in the safe. The crystals start orange and change to green as they absorb moisture. This process takes about two to four weeks.

When the crystals are completely green, plug the unit in for eight to ten hours. This must be done in a well-ventilated area. Once the crystals turn orange again, they are ready to use again. You can repeat this process for up to 10 years.

2. Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier

The GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier is one of the most powerful electric-powered dehumidifiers available.

Depending on the size you choose for your safe, the wattage ranges from 12 to 38, providing the energy necessary to lower the humidity and slightly raise the air temperature.

For those who have their gun safe in an area without climate control, such as a garage or basement, the GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier had no problem keeping up with the task.

This product was selected as the best electric dehumidifier because the electric bars make it one of the most durable and best gun-safe dehumidifiers. In addition, the four available different sizes are useful in deciding what suits you best.

Finally, the bars never get too hot and are always safe to touch, preventing accidents.

This dehumidifier is available in 4 different sizes:

  • 12-inch locked-in dehumidifier rod protects up to 100 cubic feet and uses 12 watts
  • 18-inch interlocked dehumidifier rod protects up to 200 cubic feet and uses 18 watts
  • 24-inch dehumidifier rod, which protects up to 300 cubic feet and uses 25 watts
  • 36-inch dehumidifier rod, which protects up to 500 cubic feet and uses 38 watts

When choosing a size, make sure to buy the largest one that will fit in your safe. This way, your things will stay as dry as possible. Also, if you have too dry air, electric units can keep the air constant.

So as long as your unit is set properly, you won’t have to worry about the air being drier than it needs to be.

Some of the benefits you will see with this dehumidifier are:

  • Rods don’t get warmer than 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them safe to touch at all times
  • Nothing to empty or refill
  • Lifetime warranty, so you will last a long time
  • Made in the United States of America

However, as with any choice, there are some downsides. Some of the possible drawbacks for the user are:

  • You will have to drill holes in your safe if you don’t already have one
  • The included mounting brackets are a bit unstable

Why Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier?

This dehumidifier is designed to solve some of the worst problems and provide your firearm with the perfect environment for storing valuable firearms.

The GoldenRod Dehumidifier Bars can deliver more power than many of the other best gun-safe dehumidifiers on the market today electrically. Since it is an electric unit, there is always constant power available.

This helps to maintain a more constant humidity and temperature.

Models that run and require batteries or renewable desiccants may stop working or reduce efficiency without you noticing.

Still, desiccant humidifiers can be just as efficient as electric humidifiers. Read on to see for yourself. The GoldenRod is for electric-safe dehumidifiers, like the Gurin DHMD-110 renewable cordless dehumidifier for safe desiccant dehumidifiers.

How Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier works

The dehumidifier uses a sealed electrical element to safely heat the surface to a temperature just under 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps the warm air inside the unit slightly warmer than the outside temperature.

The warm air helps to remove the moisture and humidity from the air.

If you choose the GoldenRod dehumidifier, here are some additional helpful tips:

If your dehumidifier has trouble removing all the moisture and humidity from the air, some people have put a mini desk fan in their safe. This helps to circulate the air and lower the humidity.

This dehumidifier comes with an adjustable cord length, making it less nuisance.
People have reported great customer service, so don’t be afraid to contact them if there is a problem.

3. Gurin DHMD-110 – Best Wireless Dehumidifier for gun safe

One of the main reasons the Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Cordless Dehumidifier was named the best dehumidifier in its category is that it can operate in a 500 cubic foot room without batteries or cords.

This quiet and compact dehumidifier is 100 percent renewable and lasts up to 10 years, just like the renewable dehumidifier. In addition, the unit can absorb up to eight to ten ounces of moisture and humidity before it needs to be recharged.

This usually happens after six to eight weeks of use.

To give you an idea of how well this dehumidifier can work, it should be used in a bathroom with a shower to avoid mold and condensation. Keeping your gun safely dry should not be a problem if this dehumidifier can work in such an environment.

Some of the highlights of the Gurin dehumidifier are:

  • Leak and stain-free; moisture and humidity go into the globules and cannot drip out.
  • Non-toxic; safe to use with children and pets.
  • It has a power cord instead of a retractable plug; more flexibility when plugging into an outlet
  • 5-year warranty

A few drawbacks of this product include:

  • Longer charging time than other models available
  • It gets hot while charging; although there are no reports of damage, they do get hotter than is comfortable for some people.

Why Gurin DHMD wireless gun safe dehumidifier?

The Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Cordless Dehumidifier can operate in a range of 500 cubic feet.

However, the Renewable Dehumidifier can only handle 333 cubic feet, the Stack-On 1500 Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier 100, and the SnapSafe SGD57 Silica Gel Model only 57.

The Gurin also stays charged for up to eight weeks, compared to other models after four weeks, Stack-On after six weeks, and SnapSafe after four weeks.

How Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Cordless Dehumidifier works

There is a display window where you can see the crystals. They change from blue to pink to tell you that you need to charge the device.

Plug the device into a wall outlet for 12 to 14 hours to fully charge it.

The built-in heater heats the crystals, causing them to expand and release moisture and humidity into the outside air. After that, the crystals turn blue again to let you know that the device is ready to use again.

Tip: If you read elsewhere that this dehumidifier doesn’t last long before it needs to be recharged. See if it lists where it should be used. If it is used in an area with airflow, the granules will saturate very quickly.

Therefore, this dehumidifier will last longest in areas with stagnant air, such as gun safes and closets.

4. Stack-On PFS-012-BG

The Stack-On PFS-012- BG rechargeable cordless dehumidifier was voted the best cordless dehumidifier for its lower maintenance. Many other cordless dehumidifiers are out there, but many usually need to be recharged in two to four weeks.

This one lasts a maximum of six weeks.

Charging can be done by plugging the unit into a regular outlet. It usually takes about eight to ten hours for the unit to fully charge. Once ready, the dehumidifier can absorb moisture and humidity from the air from a range of 100 cubic feet. Some of the highlights of this cordless dehumidifier include:

  • It needs to be charged less often
  • Easy to read moisture meter
  • Compact, ideal for small spaces

Overall, this is a pretty good option for a cordless dehumidifier, except it takes longer to charge.

Why Stack-On PFS-012-BG rechargeable cordless dehumidifier?

The Stack-On rechargeable cordless dehumidifier lasts up to six weeks before needing to be recharged. While both the SnapSafe dehumidifier and the EvaDry regenerative dehumidifier usually only last four weeks.

However, the Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Wireless Dehumidifier surpasses them all with a lifespan of up to eight weeks.

How Stack-On PFS-012-BG rechargeable cordless dehumidifier works

The granules in the unit can absorb excess moisture and humidity from the air. When the granules are saturated, the moisture meter on the front of the unit indicates when it needs to be recharged.

To recharge the beads, plug the unit into an electrical outlet overnight.

5. Lockdown Silica Gel Canister

This is our first recommendation for those looking to purchase a gun safe dehumidifier. It is perfect for smaller gun safes, such as revolvers. Also, it can be charged in a household oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Lockdown Gel Can gets four stars on most consumer websites. This is because it contains silica beads that change color when they have absorbed all the moisture, so you know when the moisture is gone.

The silica gel can usually be sold cheaper than other brands.

If you choose this option, make sure you charge it before storing it in your safe. The beads should be dark blue to indicate that it is ready to absorb. When the color changes to orange, it’s time to charge.


How Gun Safe Humidifiers Work

Humidity in the air can damage metal objects over time. Rust and corrosion can take over if you are not careful. Mold and mildew thrive in damp spaces, which are common culprits in damp rooms. This is why weaponized humidifiers come into play.

Whether electric or desiccant, any dehumidifier needs to be able to handle these situations:

1. Reduce rust

These two nightmares can cause major problems in your safe if you are not vigilant. For example, a dehumidifier in your gun safe can prevent rust and corrosion from taking over.

But, if not avoided, it could end in costly repairs or irreparable damage to your security and property.

It doesn’t always occur to everyone, but rust and corrosion don’t just affect your guns. Your gun safe is also made of metal and can be damaged.

Ammunition can also be exposed to the dangers of corrosion if it is not stored in a dry place. This can affect the safety of the bullets. It is a good idea to have a safe dehumidifier to avoid accidents.

2. Less mold and mildew

Using a dehumidifier is a great way to keep your guns in top condition and reduce mold formation and mildew in your gun. It’s easier to prevent mold than trying to get rid of it. Unfortunately, an unpleasant odor in your safe can also be the result.

7 Steps How to Install a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe

These are the steps to install your dehumidifier in a gun safe to protect your shooting gear.

  1. Make sure you identify all parts before you begin the installation. Check that your product comes with an instruction manual to help you operate your recording equipment. Before you begin, make sure you are working on a dry, level surface.
  2. First, place the dehumidifier level and as low as possible.
  3. Feed the power cord through the wall. Then push the desired end of the cord out through the wall from the inside. Most gun safes have a pre-drilled electrical access hole on the bottom. It is usually located in the rear area.
  4. If your model came without access holes, you need to drill one. Some gun safes have an internal electrical outlet, so you need to run the cord through the wall. Then attach the mounting brackets to hold the rod in place. The rod should be mounted horizontally and as low as possible.
  5. Check beforehand that the rod does not collide with the hinges or locking lugs. Then fasten the clips to the inside with the screws provided. Then click the rod into the mounting clips.
  6. One more note: Make sure the end of the wire has a clean end. Remember never to split the wires. The connector housing has a back cover that you will need to remove. Once you remove the cover, you will see 2 teeth. Place the wire in the cavity with the pins and check that you insert the card as far into the housing as possible.
  7. Replace the housing cover and make sure it is completely closed. The cord should snap into the connector housing. Finally, plug the wand into an outlet if you want, and it should start working.

How to Connect a Dehumidifier Rod in a Gun Safe

Rod dehumidifiers are very popular with gun owners and work very effectively against moisture and rust to protect your shooting equipment. The warming air inside rises, as does the temperature, and the rod dissipates heat and carries moisture.

Installing a rod dehumidifier is easy. Here’s how in 3 easy steps

  1. Find a convenient location where the contents and your shooting gear will not obstruct good air circulation between the firearms, the bottom of your safe, and the top of the safe.
  2. Disconnect the cable from the dehumidification rod. Place the rod on the bottom of the safe, facing forward. Thread the cable through the hole in the back of the safe and reattach it to the rod. If there is no hole, you may need to drill one.
  3. Turn on the rod, and it should work properly. Next, cheque to ensure the electric dehumidifier is working properly and perform some scheduled maintenance to ensure it is still working.

Wrapping up…

Finding the best gun-safe dehumidifier takes some doing. That’s why we’ve provided you with our reviews and a detailed buying guide to make your life as stress-free as possible without compromising on buying the right dehumidifier.

Our reviews have also listed the many reasons why a dehumidifier is safe for your gun. We hope this guide helps you with your next gun-safe dehumidifier purchase.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what the best gun-safe dehumidifier is for you. Whichever gun-safe dehumidifier you choose, you will most likely be happy with your decision. All of the safe options listed here have some great features.