Best Personal Safety Alarms for Kids for your Child’s Security

Personal alarms for children are devices that make a loud sound to alert you to a possible emergency. These alarms are used to protect your child in situations where you cannot be in immediate contact with them.

Personal alarms for children can also be used to send a silent distress signal.

These alarms are good to have on hand if you live in a dangerous area or live or travel in an area with wild animals.

For example, if you live on a ranch, you can use these alarms to send an alert if a cow gets stuck in a fence.

Keeping your child safe should be your number one goal as a parent. For this reason, personal alarms for children and women can be the right tool and handy to scare away bullies and attackers of your children.

The need for personal alarms for children is of great importance considering the extent of violence against children in the world today.

It would be a great injustice to your children if you could not guarantee their safety as the parent that you are.

In addition, since personal distress beacons are among the best non-lethal self-defense weapons, they are ideal for protecting children at school or on field trips.


The best part is that personal alarms are legal to carry in all 50 states of the U.S., and you can even take them on a plane when you travel, giving you a choice to keep your child protected.

In times of child abuse, kidnapping, and violence, there are quite a few safety gadgets for kids, such as alarm pendants for kids, GPS tracking bracelets for kids, and other self-defense gadgets for kids.

These personal alarms can be activated with just a single push of a button. When a child presses this button, these alarms trigger a loud sound that alerts the parents or scares away the attacker.

Most of these personal alarms for children come in pendants, key chains, and bracelets. However, some child alarms also come with GPS trackers.

In most cases, parents attach these child safety alarms to their child’s backpack so that the pen cannot be easily removed or lost.

However, it is best to attach these personal alarms to your children by wearing them as pendants, bracelets, or key chains. This way, they can be reached by the child more quickly than if they are attached to the backpack.

Some GPS trackers for kids can come in different forms.

  • Gps tracking bracelet for kids
  • Gps tracking pendant for kids
  • Gps tracker for kids shoes

What is the purpose of a personal safety alarm for Kids?

In a sentence, the sole purpose of the personal alarm for your child is to frighten, confuse, drive away from the attackers and alert those around. This is very important as it gives the child the time needed to escape an attacker.

To activate some of these alarms, they have to push a button or pull a pin.

These mini safety alarms sound loud enough to disorient an attacker and alert people nearby for an emergency.

A child locator device is needed when it is difficult for even the most attentive parents to know where their children are at a particular time or place. For example, you can find your child faster if they get lost in a crowd or the woods while camping.

What are the most effective personal safety alarms for kids?

The most effective self-defense keychain alarms for kids are mentioned here; you can read through this unbiased review and make your choices.

But I’d recommend Personal Alarm, Safe Sound Security, Personal Alarm for Kids, and as a good alternative Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm as the best personal alarms for kids.

The most effective self-defense keychains for kids are mentioned here; you can read through this unbiased review and make your choice.

But I would recommend Personal Alarm, Safe Sound Security, Personal Alarm for Kids, and a good alternative Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm as the best personal alarms for kids.

Best Personal Alarms for Kids for your child’s Security (Top 3)

1. Personal Alarm, Safe Sound Security Personal Alarm for Kids

This is one of the loudest personal alarms for children and women, at 130dbs; this alarm is capable of disorienting an attacker while attracting the attention of people far away from your child and alerting them for emergency assistance.

It’s easy to take anywhere; it comes with a keychain that you can attach to your backpack or belt line. This device emits a shrill sound that can rattle anyone in the vicinity by simply pulling the pin.

It also comes with a LED flashlight design that can help you walk in areas without light or power.

How to use the Personal Alarm Safe Sound Emergency:

  1. Pull the contact pinout of the personal alarm device, a super loud alarm will be heard over distances.
  2. Put the stylus back into the device to stop the alarm.
  3. Press the button to turn on the LED flashlight in the dark.
  4. Release the button to turn off the LED flashlight.

2. Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm

This could be the best personal safety alarm for children 3 years and older, in my opinion.

It comes with powerful replaceable AA batteries that last longer.

It is highly recommended for both your girl and boy against kidnappers, rapists, and burglars.

This personal alarm is more suitable to be hung on the backpack or in the pockets of your kids. This personal security alarm is activated by simply pulling the pin attached to the strap.

The 130db sound not only deters attackers or intruders but also works to draw attention to you when you need urgent safety or medical attention.

Raising awareness through personal alarms becomes one of the best safety measures for minors. The Vigilant 130 dB personal alarm is the ideal personal alarm for children, women, and teens.

3. Safesound Security Personal Alarm Keychain

Since criminals don’t like to draw unnecessary attention to themselves, the manufacturers of this security alarm have made it so that this high-pitched alarm key fob emits a 130 dB siren that can be associated with a train’s horn heard up to 100 meters away.

The shrill tones of this alarm can last up to 40 minutes without leaving the office. The longer the alarm sounds, the more confused the attacker becomes and the more attention is drawn to them.

As a plus, this keychain alarm for kids is also equipped with a LED flashlight to light up dark places with just one touch.

Best GPS Tracker for kids

Equipping your child with a personalized key fob is great, but what about knowing where your child is at a certain time and on a certain day? That’s why you also need to equip your kids with a GPS tracker to know when they are out of their secure zone.

The advantage of using a tracker is that with a personal GPS tracker for your kids, you can actually pinpoint the exact location and position of the person you are looking for using a map on your smartphone or tablet. Verizon’s GizmoWatch is one of the most effective GPS trackers for kids.

It is designed just like other smartwatches but with a built-in tracker to track your child under 18 with two-way calling and messaging capabilities between child and parent or 9 additional contacts.

Also worth mentioning is the Jiobit GPS tracker for kids. It is the deserving alternative to Gizmowatch. Jiobit is probably one of the smallest tracker devices.

It integrates well with Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, and GPS technology and boasts a week of battery life on a single charge.

Wrapping up…

Personal alarms for kids are an essential item for any family with young children.

These devices can help keep your child safe in various situations, ranging from using the bathroom alone to walking to school, and are an essential part of a child’s safety plan.