Best Legal Self Defense Weapons for Minors

For the safety of your teenage children, there are some special weapons kids can use for self-defense and protection. Therefore, I will reveal to you a good number of legal self-defense weapons for minors.

So far, it is legally certified, it is okay for kids to be taught some self-defense skills, which include how to handle and use self-defense weapons.

The truth is that, as a parent or guardian, you may not always be there to protect your wards from a bully, rapists, and kidnappers 24/7.

There will always be a time when your kid will be expected to stand up for himself, to save his/her siblings from harm.

This is why you need to equip them and teach them how to use simple self-defense weapons for children, especially teenagers.

It’s a great advantage for your kids when you train them to have confidence and self-awareness.

Aside from arming your child with adequate knowledge through education, it is also good parenting to you teach them how to be self-reliant in the face of danger or harm.

In the light of the above, we have organized a list of the top legal self-defense weapons children can comfortably use in the face of impending danger.

Since kids and children aren’t that strong physically, the tools mentioned are quite comfortable and easy to use, are not deadly weapons, and will only cause mild bodily injury.

They are specifically chosen for situations when your teenager needs to escape a dangerous situation, but can also not cause any severe harm that would get you or them into legal trouble.

8 Legal self-defense weapons for Kids and Teenagers

Below are the top self-defense tools kids can use, they are the best self-defense weapons for children under the age of 18 to carry and defend themselves.

1. Tactical Pen

In a friendly environment like a classroom, a tactical pen is just another everyday writing tool.

But with a tactical pen can do so so much more than just write. It is concealable and easily carried in your pocket. So while it can be used in taking down notes in class, it can also be a vital self-defense tool for minors.


Tactical pens are built to withstand great force, while the end cap can be used as a glass-breaker and also fight attackers. It really is a concealed multipurpose self-defense weapon at its best. The model we chose is the top-selling item on Amazon, with 6 functions it: the self-defense tip, a pen, bottle opener, screwdriver, and a hexagonal wrench.

In order for your child to use this tool, he/she needs to be trained on how to use it against an attacker.

Before just handing them one, train them and give them instructions on where to target their assailants’ soft tissue and nerve endings for quick and precise damage.

A tactical pen has two main uses:

  1. Your kid can use a tactical pen to protect themselves by simply striking it at the attacker.
  2. By pressing the tip of the pen against the attacker’s neck combined with pressure from the thumb.

I personally have my two sons (age 12 and 14) carry one in their backpack. You never know!

2. Slingshot

The slingshot is a self-defense weapon designed for little and frail children. It looks like your traditional catapult, but it is not.

This one is not allowed in schools. If your child is caught with this weapon in school they might be in trouble.

But it’s ideal and also fun for general outside carrying.

Always remind your child that a slingshot is a self-defense weapon and definitely not a toy to play with. This tool is the ideal self-defense tool for boys and girls. It can be categorized as a lethal children’s self-defense weapon.

A child in imminent danger can quickly assemble a slingshot filled with bullets or stones to guard off attackers that are at a further away distance.

This is in contrast with the tactical pen – which is to be used for very up and close situations – a slingshot can be used to protect yourself from the danger that’s coming at you from long distances.

3. Keychain Alarm

Alarms are not really weapons but efficient self-defense tools against child molesters and bullies. This alarm will quickly confuse and scare any attacker with just a press of a button.

It is one of the best easy-to-carry Self Defense Weapons for kids, and actually adults too.

If you really care about the safety of your kids whenever they’re out of sight, I really recommend you get them a keychain alarm. They are cheap and harmless to themselves.

A keychain alarm is well known for creating loud noises and drawing attention whenever the button is pressed. Just instruct your child or teenager to always simply hit the large button whenever he/she suspects an attack is upcoming. The sound from this little keychain alarm is very loud and will be disorienting and surprising to any attacker, and scare him away.

The great part is that it is allowed in schools, the fun part is that this “weapon” is very concealable and can be operated even inside their pocket or backpack.

Secondly, and maybe just as important, having your children carry a keychain alarm is an effective way to find them if they go missing or get lost during for example a camping vacation, or even at the local mall.

4. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray as a nonlethal self-defense weapon has proven in many times to be effective in keeping rapists away.

This weapon is a must-buy if you have a young teenage daughter. It could be the right self-defense weapon against pedophiles and child traffickers.

This self-defense weapon for adolescents (ages between 10 and 19 years old) is composed of a blend of chili pepper extracts packaged in an aerosol bottle.

It is easy to use, just like a body spray, but this time your child can spray it in the direction of the attacker’s face. Causing serious irritation to his eyes, nose, and throat. That will disable them for a few minutes.

It is not only useful for teenagers, but it’s also a great self-defense weapon for women, guys who are not physically strong, or anyone who wants to feel protected with a non-lethal self-defense device.

Note of warning: your kids are not permitted to go to school with this weapon.

5. Keychain Kubotan

Children will find this innocent-looking self-defense equipment extremely useful while trying to release themselves from a hold.

An attacker’s pressure points and sensitive soft tissue can be struck with the kubotan to help a youngster break free.

Kubotans are made up of two parts: a hard plastic handle and a rubber ball attached by a string. Their about 5.5 inches long and half an inch in diameter, so about the same dimensions as a tall marker pen.

Kubotans come in different sizes and shapes so there will always be something suitable for your kid. You can choose between metal ones, wooden ones and plastic/rubber ones.

Easily being carried in their pockets, when used properly, these weapons will give your kids easy relief when being held down. The targets to aim for are sensitive parts like knuckles, neck, eyes, and ribs.

Kubotans are legal everywhere in the United States, they are only not allowed as carry-on luggage on a plane.

Kubotans are a Japanese invention but were popularised in California when the Los Angeles PD started using them for training police officers.

6. Air Horn Alarm

Just like a keychain alarm, the Air Horn Alarm is an effective self-defense weapon for minors of any age.

It is used to draw immense attention instantly, which in turn deters an attacker.

When activated, the sounds emitted by this device are so intense and sudden that they can scare off any attacker.

The nice thing about this kind of weapon is that they are small so they can’t hurt your own kids nor other people, plus are unnoticeable in the pockets or backpack.

The air horn alarm is not only an ideal self-defense instrument for minors, but it is also very valuable for any person that is in danger of being attacked by other humans or animals.

Finally, this device is quite small, harmless, and lightweight; easily concealable in the pocket or backpack; making it a perfect weapon for getting out of any dangerous situation.

7. Lipstick Stun Gun

A Lipstick Stun Gun is most likely one of the best concealable self-defense weapons for teenage girls.

This weapon disguised as a normal lipstick can pass a high voltage of electric current into an attacker’s body, thereby incapacitating him.

The stun gun works through a simple principle; electricity flows from one object to another until it reaches its destination.

The Lipstick Stun Gun is very efficient: being very effective, concealable, and unobtrusive at the same time. Any girl or woman can always carry one in their purse or backpack without anyone asking questions.

A lipstick stun gun is one of the best non-lethal self-defense tools for female minors, effective against robbers and rapists, and useful in any imminent dangerous situation.

8. Tactical flashlights

A tactical flashlight is a state-of-the-art legal self-defense tool for the 21st century.

This type of flashlight is specially designed to help protect people in dangerous situations.

Compared to a normal flashlight, they have strobe lights added to them, which are absolutely useful when trying to escape or fight back against an attacker.

Moreover, the powerful LED bulb in these flashlights emanates high levels of illumination in all types of settings, which is why they are widely used by law enforcement agencies everywhere in the world.

This type of weapon is great for any minor who wants to be prepared in case an attack ever happens. They are completely legal and allowed in schools.

FAQ on Lawful Self defense Devices for Children

What self-defense weapons could a teenager own?

As a teenager, when your strength may come under intense test when this happens, it is useless to try out your strength.

The best self-defense weapon to own for a teenage girl is the Lipstick stun gun and Pepper spray.

Trust me; it is difficult to differentiate a lipstick stun gun from the normal makeup lipstick.

For a teenage boy, the best self-defense tool to use against an attacker is the slingshot and the tactical pen. Using these weapons the right way has many advantages; they help get you out of a harmful situation.

Finally, the best self-defense weapon for minors that you must always be conscious about is their voice. Always teach your children to be vocal, especially when they’re with strangers.

With their voice as a self-defense weapon, they can easily disorient an attacker by screaming loud. This will help draw attention faster than some self-defense weapons.

Are tasers legal in new york?

Tasers as good self-defense devices have become a common tool for law enforcement officers, private security officials, and even parents who want to protect themselves and their children. The first thing you should know is that, in New York, it is legal for citizens to own a taser. However, some laws limit how they can be used.

The device fires two small probes that carry electrical currents to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. The shock from a Taser immediately overwhelms the nervous system, causes loss of balance and muscle control, and leaves the victim unable to resist arrest.

Are tasers legal in Chicago, Illinois?

As a self-defense tool, a taser is much more controversial than a gun. Varying state laws regarding the devices have confused about whether or not they are legal to use outside of your home.

But is the device legal anywhere?

Some state laws do not forbid using a taser in situations other than self-defense; in fact, some even allow the devices to be carried in public. Tasers are legal in Chicago, Illinois.  Using a stun gun to defend yourself is legal in your own home or place of business.  You can use it against an attacker in any location.

That being said, using a stun gun can give a false sense of security.  It is a good idea to check local laws before purchasing a stun gun. If you reside in Chicago, you should be aware of the state law.

What age do you have to be to carry pepper spray?

Pepper spray has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last decade. It was initially popular with women, who felt more secure carrying this in public, but many men now also carry pepper spray for self-defense.

So, at what age should a person carry pepper spray in the USA?

“How old do you have to be to carry pepper spray in Illinois?” or “How old do you have to be to carry pepper spray in Florida or California?” are common inquiries.

Pepper spray is lawful in the United States, however it can only be purchased and used by those aged 18 and over who are not felons.

Pepper spray can be carried by minors under the age of 18 with written authorization from their parents or guardians. Felons are prohibited from possessing pepper sprays that contain more than 4 ounces of chemical material.

What is the difference between mace and pepper spray?

Bear mace and pepper spray are both self-defense weapons that work on similar principles. Both can be used to temporarily disable an attacker by causing severe irritation to the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract.

The main difference between them is that mace is a spray that contains the same chemical as tear gas:  oleoresin capsicum (OC).

On the other hand, Pepper spray is a gel formula containing oleoresin capsicum and a thickener, usually related to polyacrylamide.

Pepper spray and Bear mace are both powerful forms of self-defense, but you need to know how to use these weapons correctly for them to be effective.