Why does my Security Light Flicker at Night?

While security lights with motion sensor cameras are considered one of the best home security gadgets for protecting lives and property, they can sometimes develop problems like motion sensor lights flickering at night.

So many homeowners like you have been searching for the answers to why your security light flickers at night and possible solutions. I have created some of the possibilities and solutions for them.

Security lights with cameras can flicker at night due to lighting or electrical problems, such as faulty light bulbs, faulty light switches.

If a light source is placed too close to a security camera, the light may flicker at night.

This is because light sources are one of the reasons why a security camera may flicker at night.

The camera has an infrared system that works in low light conditions, like at night. This way, they can take pictures even in low light conditions.

However, if there is a light source near the camera, it can damage the camera’s infrared system, which will start to burn because the light will cause the camera to turn its infrared on and off repeatedly.

Also, some light bulbs can operate at a frequency that causes the camera viewing them to flicker.

In addition, the frequency of the power sent to the camera may be incompatible and cause flickering. An inadequate power supply is another possible cause.

Finally, incorrect software settings for the camera or NVR can also cause your security camera to flicker at night.

Why is my security camera flashing at night?

5 reasons why your security camera light flashes at night are:

  1. A bad electrical light circuit
  2. Problems with the power supply
  3. The poor condition of the materials
  4. A bad connection between the diode and the lamp itself
  5. As a defensive measure

A bad electrical light circuit

A faulty electrical circuit can also cause a motion detector light to flash even though the motion detectors themselves are not activated.

For this reason, you should always have security cameras and motion detectors installed by professionals to avoid falling victim to bad wiring.

Problems with the power supply

Sometimes, flickering can be due to a malfunction of the 12-volt transformer. Since cameras are usually powered by 12 volts, they are equipped with adapters to transfer the input voltage to this voltage.

Unfortunately, these transformers degrade over time, and the proper infrared voltage does not reach the camera. This voltage problem causes an intermittent on and off that looks like blinking.

Just as the 12-volt transformer fails, there may also be a problem with the power supply to the camera. The power supply may be for that camera only. If it is not, it may not be getting the correct supply voltage.

This will also cause intermittent flickering.

The poor condition of the materials

It cannot be ruled out that the fault is caused by damage to the cables or connections in poor condition. In many cases, cables can deteriorate over time and in bad weather, including accidental breaks.

As a result, the continuity of the power supply is insufficient, which eventually leads to the well-known flickering of the surveillance camera.

We also need to check the connectors that break or become loose over time and cause the flickering we are talking about.

A bad connection between the diode and the lamp itself

Maybe they’re not making a good connection, maybe something is obscuring the connection, or maybe the connection mechanisms are broken for some reason.

Either way, a problem with the connection between the bulb, the diode, and the fixture can easily cause your security lights to flicker uncontrollably.

As a defensive measure

If you have a security camera installed in your home, you may have noticed that the light from the camera flickers or flashes at night.

There’s no need to panic. This is actually a good sign! Most security cameras have a feature specifically designed to help thieves avoid them.

Security lights are designed to be seen from a distance, so thieves see the light from the camera and think someone is home.

In addition, the light appears to be on all night, and if they see that it’s not actually connected to a security system, they may not risk a break-in.

Wrapping up …

Security cameras are one of the most useful devices today as it helps monitor activity around and in homes and commercial spaces. These cameras help detect anything that is unauthorized and can also deter and prevent various types of criminal activity.

Security cameras can deliver live images directly to televisions, computers, and even cell phones. However, at times, the security lights can flicker at night, which can cause you not to see coverage properly.

If you experience something like this, it is important to know the reason and troubleshoot it. I hope we have solved the issues on why security lights flicker at night.