Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Cold Weather [2023]

Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Cold Weather [2022]

Research has shown that cold weather can affect your security footage. The lenses on your security cameras are more likely to fog and some of the electronics on the camera may begin to fail. These issues cause the camera to save footage incorrectly It is highly recommended that you purchase a robust outdoor camera, which we’ll guide you through in this article.

Alexa Blue Light Spinning? Causes and Fixes!

Alexa Blue Light Spinning? Troubleshooting Guide

An Amazon Alexa blue light spinning usually also implies that Alexa is listening to your command or question. However, a spinning blue light on some Alexa devices sometimes appears, even when people are not using their device. In this article, we address the possible causes and fixes so that you can troubleshoot your favorite smart device!

4 Best Keyless Fingerprint Door Locks

4 Best Keyless Fingerprint Door Locks

A keyless entry door lock allows you to unlock your doors without using a physical key. You have used this technology already in hotels, hostels, and even your own car. Only recently it has become affordable for casual homeowners that care about safety, security, and convenience. They can be a huge improvement in your life!

Why Is My Yale Smart Lock Beeping?

Why Is My Yale Smart Lock Beeping?

Yale smart locks can beep for various reasons, ranging from a low battery life or battery issue, to a simple battery warning, to a defective light to being damaged! If you encounter this problem and are unsure of what it means or why the Smart Lock is beeping at you, we are here to help! The following guide will help with problem shooting for most Yale models.

5 Tips to Detect Or Plant Hidden Cameras Instantly

5 Tips To Plant Or Detect Hidden Cameras instantly

A hidden camera defines a tiny object that is often used to record people without their consent;  it is either not visible to people at all or it is disguised as another object. In this article we provide the best answers to all your questions. If you want to detect hidden cameras or plant them yourself.