The Ultimate Home Security Guide for The Deaf [2023]

The Ultimate Home Security Guide for The Deaf

Home automation, security cameras, and alerts are some of the essential elements of the security system. For deaf people, these systems need additional features such as strobe lights, radio signals, bed-shakers. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about a home security system for deaf people.

Eufy Video Doorbell: How To Use It With Google Home

The Eufy video doorbell is compatible with Google Home. This article will show you how to connect your smart video doorbell to Google Home and control it from any corner of the world. Moreover, you can access the doorbell camera with Google voice control.

The Amazon Alexa Guide for Elderly [2023 GUIDE]

The Amazon Alexa Guide for Elderly

An Alexa account allows an aged person to connect to numerous smart devices and expand smart home features. A senior person can use Alexa with voice control and connect it to compatible devices. For instance, the Alexa App on your smartphone or even Echo Show can be used to play music, start phone and video calls, and even receive medication reminders and access to-do lists.

How Do You Weatherproof a Security Camera? – 6 Great Tips

Outdoor security cameras need to be weatherproof so that they can withstand the test of time. Many people confuse weatherproof security cameras to be waterproof as well, but it’s not necessary. People use waterproof cameras to capture underwater videos and photos as they’re completely impervious to water.

7 Best Baby Monitor Without WiFi – Our Top Picks [2023]

Best Baby Monitor Without WiFi – Our Top Picks

Whether you want a break from your busy parenting life or a better way to ensure your baby’s safety, a video baby monitor is a device that would serve you well. These allow you to watch your child in a high-quality video feed. There are several options, but many parents opt for the non-wifi baby monitor as it eliminates the risk of cyber hacks and the trouble of setting up an internet connection.

Best Baby Monitor With Wifi – Our Top Picks [2023]

Best Baby Monitor With Wifi – Our Top Picks

Baby monitors are a perfect smart device for any parent as it lets you capture all the precious moments of your little one while providing excellent security. This product has become popular mainly because of its modern tech for protection and functionality. So if you are new to parenting and don’t know where to start, you are at the right place.