5 Best Outdoor Wall Lights with Motion Sensor for 2024

Whether you’re looking to illuminate your home, driveway, or swimming pool, a motion sensor outdoor wall lighting is a must when it comes to security and safety on your property at night.

If you’re not in the know, movement triggers lights like these, so they work best in areas that don’t require continuous illumination.

If you have a well-lit yard, you can spot intruders before they get too close and cause damage. Motion-sensor lights can help you keep track of what’s happening outside if you have a dark yard.

It’s not easy to find the right outdoor wall lights with motion (Why Does My Motion Sensor Light Stay On? [Answer + Solution]) lights with a motion sensor.

Sure, tons of outdoor wall lights have motion detectors and even some that detect movement well at a distance.

But, finding ones with motion sensors that pick up subtle movements (like a human walking by) without being oversensitive (like going off every time a plant sways in the breeze) is another story.

So, we’ve put together this guide of the best motion sensor-enabled outdoor (Best Outdoor Motion Sensor with Text Alert wall lanterns and lights.

Best Outdoor Wall Lights with Motion Detector Reviews

Suppose you are always looking for ways to increase the security of your home, especially at night.

We have researched the top 5  outdoor security wall lights with motion sensors.

1. Mr. Beams MB390, 400 Lumen Version, Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered Led Ultra Bright Spotlight with Motion Sensor

If you hate seeing wires lying around your appliances, we recommend this product. However, we know that electrical wiring can be quite confusing, so you may prefer to buy a cordless outdoor wall light that is easier to install.

In this case, one of the best products you can buy is the Mr. Beams Outdoor LED Ultra Bright Spot Light, a motion-activated light that runs on four D batteries.

This motion-activated LED spotlight can detect motion up to 12 feet away and automatically turns on the light to illuminate areas up to 400 square feet. The light turns off after 20 seconds to conserve battery power.

With an average use of eight to ten activations per day, the batteries last about one year.

This outdoor wall light with motion sensor installs in minutes with the included mounting hardware, and its weather-resistant design lets you place it anywhere in your yard, garage, porch, or patio.

2. Exterior Outdoor Wall Lantern with Motion Sensor

Many motion sensor lights are quite classical, with a simple design and limited colors.

However, if you want outdoor lighting for your porch or landscape lighting, you can opt for something more visually appealing.

In this case, we recommend the Heath-Zenith Mission-Style Security wall light, which features a motion sensor and a beautiful exterior that will match almost any decor.

These lights have an oil-rubbed bronze finish and sawn glass, making them a classic addition to the exterior of your home.

They detect motion up to 40 feet away at a 220-degree angle, and you can use them with 60-watt bulbs (which you’ll need to purchase separately). Once the light is on, you can choose whether it turns off after one, five, or ten minutes.

It also has a manual override that allows it to function as a standard lighting fixture.

3. GLORIOUS-LITE LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Outdoor

The GLORIOUS -LITE Solar Security Light is solar powered. The solar panel is separate from the main light. The LED lights are in three adjustable heads. The lights are weather-resistant. They can withstand rain, snow, and sub-zero temperatures.

This is an excellent all-purpose outdoor wall light with a motion sensor.

The GLORIOUS -LITE Solar Security Light has a wide angle of detection. It detects motion up to 15 meters away.

This makes it an excellent security light for large driveways and yards.

The lights are on three light heads, which gives you a good distribution of illumination.

This is another security light with a separate solar panel. Having a separate solar panel means you can mount the panel differently than the lights. This is useful to mount the lights in places with little daylight.

However, it also means running a cable between the lamps and the solar panel.

The GLORIOUS -LITE Outdoor Solar Security Light is super bright.

It shines at 1,500 lumens, putting it at the top of the brightness scale for this type of light. In addition, the three light heads of this light cast the light in a wide arc. So you get a great lighting effect when the light comes on.

The GLORIOUS -LITE Solar Security Light is a top-of-the-line security light. It is well made and gets excellent customer reviews. This is a home security light that is great for illuminating large spaces.

It would also be good for outbuildings like workshops and separate garages.

4. PARTPHONER Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Lights

This outdoor wall with advanced IC photocell and PIR motion sensor  (Why Does My Motion Sensor Light Stay On? [Answer + Solution]) technology automatically turns off at night, turns on to 30% brightness at dusk, turns on to full brightness when motion is detected, automatically turns off after 120 seconds of no motion.

The wall light is made of solid glass and rustproof die-cast metal, which can withstand weather conditions such as cloudy, heavy rain, snow, icing, hot weather, and so on.

This outdoor wall light is ideal for outdoor occasions such as porch, garage, patio, hallway, entrance, door, foyer, corridor, balcony, terrace, street, restaurant, etc.

5. Mr. Beams Solar Wedge 8 LED Security Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light

If you’re looking to install some motion sensor lights outside your home, you may be looking for a cost-effective option – and this choice will help you with your goals.

It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing light, but it’s very functional and won’t make a dent in your wallet.

These lights are solar-powered with a backup battery, so you don’t have to plug them into your house.

They come with 8 LED lights with a 120-degree illumination range, 50 percent more than most competitors. In addition, the lights have a motion sensor that can detect movement up to 26 feet away.

The lights are heat-resistant and waterproof so that you can mount them in your garage or other uncovered areas. Another benefit is the high-efficiency solar panel, which allows them to charge faster than regular solar lights.


What should you pay attention to with an outdoor wall light with a motion sensor?

  1. Place: Where you want to place your motion sensor light will often determine which one fits best. For example, if you’re placing it on the porch, you may want a wall or ceiling-mounted unit, while lights in the garage often benefit from dual-head sensors. There are also pole lights that are perfect for walkways and other areas of your yard.
  2. Wiring: Consider whether you prefer a wired motion sensor light or a battery-powered device. Hardwired products tend to be more complicated to install, but you never have to replace the battery. On the other hand, battery-powered devices can be placed anywhere and are usually much easier to install.
  3. Design: Depending on where your motion sensor light is located, you should consider how important the design is to you. For example, some devices look like regular outdoor lights and fit in with your home’s esthetic, while other products are simpler and more user-friendly.
  4. Durability: An outdoor security light needs to be weather resistant. Most outdoor lights are, but it’s worth checking. The lighting may need to withstand extreme temperatures depending on where you live. Therefore, check the specifications before you buy an outdoor light.
  5. Entry points to your property: Motion detector security lights use passive infrared detectors (PIR) to detect movement. To be effective, they must have a clear view of the access routes to your property. When installing motion detection lights, make sure nothing is blocking the sensor. If you install your lights in the winter, don’t forget about trees or plants that may grow in the summer.
  6. Easy installation: Most solar security lights are easy to install compared to other outdoor lamps. First, you need to screw them into a wall. Security lights with a separate solar panel require a wire between the solar panel and the light unit. Apart from this, installing solar-powered security lights does not require much effort.

Wrapping up: Outdoor Wall Lights with Motion Sensor

No matter if you are looking to add extra security to your home or keep an eye out for your pets after dark, motion-activated wall lights are a great way to go.

Their sensors can be set to detect motion from up to 40 feet away, which means you can easily catch a prowler or other unwanted guest in the act.