How can I improve my Ring Video doorbell sound quality?

Ring Doorbell Sound Quality Improvement

Any home would benefit from having a Ring doorbell. It gives one a sense of security and safety and allows homeowners to speak with visitors at their front door and see who is coming to their house.

However, having a ring doorbell with poor sound quality is inconvenient and vulnerable to residents.

Most ring doorbell sound quality issues are caused by the device’s sound settings and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Don’t worry if you’re wondering how to improve the sound quality of your ring doorbell; we’ll address that in the post.

A Ring Video Doorbell (Why does my Ring Doorbell not record everything?) has features that allow you to communicate with people through a microphone or app.

If the audio quality is bad, try the troubleshooting techniques below.

1. Determine the strength of the signal

Standing next to the doorbell and performing a speed test on your mobile device will give you a rough idea of the network strength. Ensure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network before running the test.

You can use services Like speedof. me,, or to help check the download or upload speeds.

However, measurements from your mobile device might differ from Doorbell Cam since the doorbell cam sits plush against the outer surface. The upload speed should be at least 3 Mbs on the mobile device to ensure great performance.

Remember to check the Wi-Fi RSSI of the Doorbell Cam in the settings.

You can always see when the Ring device receives a great signal by checking Device Health in the application. First, you have to open the app and head to Device Health. Check if the RSSI is in the acceptable range.

If it is not, carry out more tests to figure out where the problem is. Ensure you check the distance from the router and try connecting using your mobile data.

With this, you will figure out what you need to fix.

If the walls surrounding the router or the distance are the problems, you can solve them using two options.

First, you can consider bringing the router closer to the device or using a Wi-Fi-F extender.

If the problem is a network connection or a broken router, you can consider calling your Internet connection provider. Also, consider upgrading your Wi-Fi-F, which will help update the router for a modern model.

2. Check your Internet Speed

Run a speed test to see if the poor video quality is caused by slow download or upload speeds. This can be done by testing directly from your computer or mobile device, as long as it is connected to the same internet network as the Ring.

For example, you can conduct a speed test with the help of

When dealing with the standard 720p Ring video doorbell, the required download and upload speeds must be at least 1 Mbps.

This is because great performance necessitates a high level of speed. However, for Ring devices with a 1080p resolution, 2 Mbps will be required.

If your router supports both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, connecting to the 2.4 GHz band will help your network outside your house run faster.

In addition, the 2.4 GHz frequency easily penetrates the house walls, resulting in a stronger signal at the doorbell location.

3. Make any necessary changes to the router’s settings. 

If two of the factors mentioned above were not to blame for your Ring video doorbell’s poor audio quality, you could move on to more difficult fixes.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to fiddle around with the router settings now.

Check the router channel and make any necessary adjustments

Check if your Ring device is connected to the correct router channel. In case you weren’t aware, wireless networks use various communication channels.

For example, in the United States, the channels for 2.4 GHz range from 1 to 11. 1-13 channels are used in other countries.

Channels 36 to 165 are used if you’re using the 5GHz band. Congested channels could be the cause of poor sound quality from your device.

This could be caused by night vision or interference, which can be easily resolved by changing the router channel.

Change channels to less crowded ones

Consider changing the router’s channel to 1, 6, or 11 if you’re having trouble with congested channels. This ensures that the router never overlaps with other channels, resulting in weak signals in your home’s Wi-Fi-F network.

Think about using the Wi-Fi Analyzer app

You can always use a Wi-Fi signal analyzer for android devices to help you find congested channels. You can also use it when you know how to operate the router.

If you’re having problems with setup, audio, video quality, or notification delays, make sure you do this.

After you’ve tried any of the suggestions above, make sure you reset up the device. There’s a chance it was disconnected from Wi-Fi signals, which you’re mistaking for something else.

Re-connect the Ring video doorbell to the network and repeat the setup process.

Wi-Fi Extenders should be installed.

By extending the range of the network close to the door, you can improve the performance of your doorbell chime (5 Best Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime).

The ideal distance between the video doorbell Cam and the router is usually halfway.

Consider experimenting with different locations and comparing the results to help you decide on the best one.

Plan Upgrade for Internet Service

When you have a slower internet service plan, keep in mind that all of your connected devices share the signal, affecting the video Doorbell Cam connection power.

Conversely, when the overall internet service is strong, there’s a good chance your connection will improve.

Attempt to relocate the wireless router

The distance between the router and the Ring video doorbell is one of the most common reasons your ring doorbell’s poor sound and video quality. Despite having excellent doorbell wiring, they always need a good Wi-Fi chip.

There are times when you may believe yours is not far from the router; however, it may be beneficial to try moving the router closer to the door and seeing if the connection improves.

Moving the wireless router closer to the video doorbell cam will help improve the two-way audio and two-way talk performance in the current setup.

4. Reset the Ring Doorbell to Factory Settings 

If none of the above suggestions work, you can try resetting the device.

The ring doorbell will be disconnected from the Ring app when you do this. All of your settings and data will be erased, so you’ll have to start over.

Make sure you’ve downloaded all of the video recordings you want to keep before proceeding!


Fixing sound quality issues with Ring doorbell wiring can be done from home and takes very little time. First, you have to use the ring app to check the Wi-Fi signal connection and sound control settings.

Then, if you want to restart the device, make sure you press and hold the setup doorbell button down until it restarts.