Secure your Ring from getting stolen with an Anti-Theft Video Doorbell Mount

When installing your smart doorbell, it is generally recommended that:

You securely mount your ring doorbell (or other video doorbell) to the wall so that it cannot be easily removed by anyone. Mounting the doorbell on a sturdy and reliable wall is an effective way to deter theft.

But what if you can not do that?
Because you’re renting and can not drill into the walls of the apartment or house?
What then?

Well, then we have a great solution for you, the anti-theft video doorbell mount.

What is a video doorbell mount?

With these brackets, you can attach your video doorbell to your door, and now you can enjoy the benefits of securing your home without having to drill holes in the walls.

So your landlord or homeowner will have nothing to complain about.

You put your Ring in a secure box that can be attached to your door.

Who are they for?

You are not allowed to drill holes in those of you who live in a house, apartment, or dorm.

What’s more, they even make your video doorbell portable!

So you can take it with you on vacation when you travel to less secure places or to where you are staying temporarily.

Do they work with my video doorbell?

Yes, Β they will most normal-sized, non-wired, battery-operated video doorbells.

The bracket (sturdy container) can be adjusted and the doorbell held in place with foam or cotton, and essentially 360 can be wrapped around your doorbell, so it’s nice and tight in the box.

All common brands like Eufy Wifi Battery Doorbell 2K, all of the Ring series (Ring 1, 2, 3, 3 plus, 4, Pro), Amazon Blink Cam, Arlo Video Doorbell, Lorex 2K, which use normal dimensions, are supported.

To give you an idea, we analyzed the dimensions of the mounts from 7 manufacturers, and they were all a maximum of 4 inches wide, 6.5 inches high, and 1.75 inches deep.

So if you do not have anything extraordinary in terms of size, you should be good.

One important thing to note is that the door you are mounting the bracket to must swing inward. However, this should be normal for any front door.


These mounts are so easy to install that anyone can do it.

4 simple steps:

  1. Put your (Ring) Doorbell in the mount bracket box, nicely centered
  2. Use the foam or cotton that comes with it to align the bell properly
  3. Tighten the security screws
  4. Mount, or click on the door

That’s it. You’re done!


These doorbells are affordable. All prices we checked and researched are around $30 on Amazon.

Which one to choose?

The mounts are generally available in 2 different colors: black and white. So you can match them with your door’s color.

Next up are your personal preferences about the design and aesthetics of the box.

Some have a more modern look like the DG-Direct Anti-Theft Doorbell Mount.

And others a more traditional look, as this popular “Doorbell Boa Anti-Theft Video Doorbell Door Mount” with at the moment of writing almost 4000 Amazon reviews and a 4,5-star rating.

Another added benefit: your Ring Video Doorbell stays in mint condition!

Thanks to the anti-theft design, your Ring Video Doorbell remains in perfect shape after installation. It doesn’t matter how often you take it out from its case because it won’t scratch or damage at all.

This makes it great if you ever want to sell it, in almost “unused condition,” and get a good price for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on my metal door?

If you have a modern metal door that tightly closes, the chances are that the doorbell mount will not fit.

What are the materials used?

UV-resistant ABS container with steel brackets.

Can the bracket be put on a security door?

As security doors by regulation swing outward, it will not work.

Can I attach it to my wired doorbell?

These mounts are not compatible (at least not without a workaround). In addition, they must be battery operated (because of the wires).